Protecting Yourself From 5G Radiation

Protecting Yourself From 5G Radiation

Protecting Yourself From 5G Radiation. I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

5G is all anyone in the field of technology can talk about now. It’s been positioned as one of the greatest innovations of this century and is certainly poised to completely change how we consume data and interact with machines forever.

5G is an acronym for the fifth generation of telecom operation and it will likely see more and more integration of our daily lives with IoT devices.

If this all feels like scientific jargon to you, don’t fret.

I’ve written this article to demystify the scary 5G technology, how it’s going to impact us all and how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from its harmful effects if any.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of it all, let us first start with the basics. In this article, I’ve aimed to start by explaining what 5G is and how it works.

The potential benefits of adopting this technology, the level of radiation that it is expected to generate and the damage that we estimate it will do to us in the long run.

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What is 5G?

5G is an acronym for the fifth generation. The telecom operators use specific radio frequency spectrums to enable us to communicate and transfer data. It started with 1G, which was basically analog voice communication, and then progressed onto 2G all the way to 4G LTE which we currently have.

However, with more and more people getting connected to the internet every day and with the massive increase in our appetite for data consumption and the sheer number of new devices getting connected to the internet.

We will be unable to fulfill the data transfer needs at the current state. To counter this, we introduce 5G, the next generation of telecom wavelength, to facilitate this surge of new traffic.

5G is designed to use millimeter waves in the 30-300 GHz frequency which are revolutionary and never been used in the past. These waves have significantly shorter wavelengths and are way more dangerous than the ones generated by 4G LTE.

These shorter wavelengths also do not have the capability to travel far owing to their properties. They are also notorious for not being able to travel well through different objects. What that means for a technological implementation standpoint is that 5G will need several hundreds of towers to compensate for this shortcoming.

Therefore, it is not unlikely that the telecom companies will place these towers anywhere they can and as close by as is possible. That means that not only will you have to look at these miniature telephone towers all around you but also that you will be exposed to a whole lot more EMF radiation, courtesy the towers.

Let’s examine the bottom line here, we’ll get high-speed internet that is almost 10-20 times faster than what we have today but we’ll also be exposed to very high-frequency short-wavelength EMF radiation that is being emitted from closer proximity thus increasing the health risks significantly.

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The idea behind 5G

If you bought and used a cellphone in the last decade or so, chances are you’ve heard of the various generations of wireless tech. It started all the way from 1G and now we’re slowly inching towards 5G.

The telecom industry started off with 1G which basically facilitated voice calls over the air between two people at the same time. The second generation introduced in the early 90s, dubbed 2G, allowed us to send data over the air in the form of text messages.

We really began this paradigm shift towards mobile-based applications with the introduction of 3G. 3G was a monumental innovation that let our cellphones connect directly to the internet, hence opening up a completely new world for what can be achieved through smartphones alone.

4G expanded on the 3G tech and made data transfers faster, thus allowing us to do multimedia-heavy tasks like streaming and video calls. This also made social media more accessible and played a huge role in determining what content we were consuming and how.

4G LTE came out almost 10 years ago and there hasn’t been any other revolutionary innovation in the world of wireless communication since.

That is, until we started testing out 5G.

4G LTE is a reliable network and has worked quite well for us over the years. However, with more and more people getting on the internet, we’re quickly running out of frequency real estate for 4G which sort of forces our hand in opening up to and innovating on 5G.

The other important aspect to keep in mind is data speed. While 4G LTE is very stable, the speeds we can get out of 4G is quickly becoming insufficient when compared to our technological demands.

With the advent of AI and with integrating IoT with more and more of our daily drivers such as autonomous cars and self-serving shopping counters, these speeds are just not going to cut it. An autonomous car that’s driving on a chip in the real world not only needs faster speed and bandwidth but also decreased latency in its decision-making.

This brings us to 5G which has been in the pipelines for about a decade or so but only being tested out recently.

A number of telecom operators are running tests with 5G in selected cities and there are phones now rolling out which will support 5G technology out of the box. However, it is still time before it becomes mainstream.

The primary challenge is an infrastructure one since 5G won’t be serviced by the ones that we already have and we’ve got to build new ones that are specialized in receiving and transmitting 5G wavelengths.

Speed capacity of 5G wireless

As we’ve discussed above, 4G LTE is quickly becoming obsolete with ever so emergent technology, and with more and more people getting on the internet, we’re quickly running out of frequency bandwidth. 5G will solve this issue for the foreseeable future.

It’s going to be blazing fast and have a much higher bandwidth, enabling you to reach speeds up to 100 times faster than what you can accomplish today. To give context to this, if you were to download an HD movie off the internet on a 5G connection, with a standard transfer rate of 10GBPS it will complete the task in a matter of a couple of seconds.

Added to that, 5G is poised to have much lower latency than 4G LTE. Numerically, 4G LTE latency is about 40-50 milliseconds. 5G, on the other hand, has a latency of 5 milliseconds. This is great for AI-powered tech like self-driving cars since it’ll basically let the car decide its next moves almost in real-time.

5G radiation and your home environment

5G will require the utilization of new frequency transmission capacities not presently utilized by 4G LTE. Despite the fact that these frequencies give the speed this new system needs, they are incredibly poor at traveling long distances or infiltrating physical obstructions like homes, trees, structures, mountains, and so on.

Along these lines, our present system works for the most part off of huge cell towers that are far separated. 5G will use a huge number of little, miniaturized towers. In this way, rather than an enormous structure, you’ll see these little gadgets on road signs, utility poles, sides of structures, and pretty much anyplace else they can pull off putting them.

This means it will get harder and harder to get away from direct exposure to 5G radiation as more and more of these frameworks are assembled and installed. What this implies for your house, is that this will be hard to keep out.

A major reason why we as a society are moving towards 5G is that now we have these smart devices that can all talk to each other to make our lives easier.

In order to do that, they need better speeds and greater bandwidth. But what we are discounting is the massive surge in EMF radiation that will cause in our homes and the potential risks it has on our health and wellbeing.

Along these lines, a standout method we can adopt to shield our homes from 5G, or just EMF radiation, as a rule, is to attempt to be astute about which gadgets we are bringing into our homes.

Do you truly require a smart fridge or a smart toaster?

Simply consider whether the expanded radiation introduction merits the comfort that these new gadgets will bring.

Protecting yourself and your home from 5G routers

Presently, a lot of people are confused and scared about the 5GhzWiFi network that is as of now in their homes. To explain, this isn’t 5G at all. 5Ghz, alongside 2.4Ghz, are the frequencies of the most widely recognized system that WiFi has been utilizing for quite a while, and has nothing to do with 5G.

5G with regards to this article represents the fifth era of the telecom network and has nothing to do with the frequencies it will utilize. That doesn’t imply that your router won’t, in the long run, be using 5G systems to give internet in your home, indeed, numerous specialists anticipate that this will be incredibly common in the following 5 years or so.

Since the 4G LTE that your phone comes with has speeds quicker than numerous homes, and 5G will be up to multiple times quicker, you can anticipate how many homes and businesses are looking forward to utilizing this.

We may see new routers that push this system, or it may be the case that our present gadgets can push these rates, we aren’t certain yet. In any case, what we can be sure of is, that we’ll need to shield ourselves from these 5G routers.

There are numerous approaches to do this, and I would prefer not to take up the entire post with it, but I will address this briefly. The best thing you can do is to introduce the internet to your home with wires as opposed to utilizing WiFi.

This implies you will at present have the option to get faster internet, and you won’t be presented to the RF radiation from the router. There are likewise some good products available that you can use to shield yourself from your home router if hardwiring is a problem for you.

There are plenty of solutions available on Amazon that should be able to help.

At last, I’ll direct you towards my article on WiFi radiation for you to better understand what you need to do in order to protect yourself from harmful RF radiation.

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Some general tips to protect yourself from 5G radiation

We don’t quite have 5G implemented at a large scale yet to study the effects its radiation has on people’s health and wellbeing. There are some studies ongoing right now that aims to find its effects.

However, they are far from complete and cannot provide us with details just yet. Till the time we learn more, it is important we implement what we already know to be working safeguards to give ourselves a better chance at not facing the brunt of radiation exposure.

Distance is your friend

I’ve repeated this over and over and I’ll say it again – when it comes to radiation, you can literally drop your risks to zero if you just add distance between yourself and the electronic device.

Please make sure that you are at least 10 feet away from any smart device that connects to the web wirelessly (including those that use 5G).

A positive aspect of the 5G radiation waves is that they can’t really travel very far on their own which is why adding distance can be very helpful in minimizing risk.

Chuck wireless

If you are seriously concerned about EMF radiation and the effect it can have on your physical and emotional wellbeing, you’d chuck out wireless at once.

Sure it gives you more flexibility and saves you the hassle of arranging all those wires in order, they also flood your home with EMF radiation that is completely unnecessary and can be totally avoided.

Take a look at this for more information. HardWiring Your Home Using Powerline Adapters.

Say no to 5G routers

As we’ve pointed out before, the wavelength used by 5G is short which means it can’t travel very farther. It is compensated for in the real world by placing multiple miniaturized towers that relay the signal. However, in a home environment, there is no scope of installing phone towers.

Therefore to make up for it, the 5G routers are designed to blast off very strong radiation every second or so to enable you to connect to the internet wirelessly over a bigger radius.

This is very harmful since it is exceedingly dangerous to be living in an environment with such high degrees of radiation activity. Radiation exposure is cumulative and if exposed to these high levels of radiation on a regular basis, it can severely affect the health of individuals living in that environment.

Get an EMF meter

EMF meters are a lifesaver if you are concerned about radiation and its effect on our bodies. EMF meters enable you not only to measure the current EMF situation in your home but also helps you understand if the protective solutions adopted by you are actually working.

There are some great ones available online and you should definitely get one if you’re looking to make changes to lower your home EMF levels.

My favorite is :

TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

EMF Meter, Advanced GQ EMF-390

If you want more information on what is the best meter then check out my other two articles below.

Make your bedroom EMF free

Finally, sanitize your bedroom so that no radiation is present there at all. Turn off your WiFi when you go to sleep (if you cannot at all shift to a wired connection) and keep all smart devices away.

A clean radiation-free environment will give your body enough time to heal the damage done during the day and will thus maximize your chances of reducing health risks relating to radiation exposure. For more on this, check out my other article: How To Protect Your Bedroom From EMF Radiation

Related questions

Should I be worried about 5G?

You should definitely be concerned and read up on all you can to better equip yourself against this deadly technological innovation.

However, 5G is still in its testing phase and you don’t need to be worried right away. For more up to date information about 5G, its effects, and how you can protect yourself better from it.

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