Do Refrigerators Emit EMF Radiation

Do Refrigerators Emit EMF Radiation

So do refrigerators emit EMF radiation? I have been finding the answers so I can answer them in this article.

The quick answer is..

Every electronic device produces EMF as a byproduct which is considered radiation. Smart refrigerators do emit more radiation.

There is a lot more to understand, so please read on.

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Technology has progressed at breakneck speeds over the last few decades and the whole of humankind has massively benefitted from it.

Whether it be in the field of medical research or astronomy, advanced tech innovations have changed how we do things. This is perhaps most true in the case of home electronics.

With all of these innovations, ‘smart appliances’ are the flavor of the year. Now everything needs to be smart.

It started from our phones but has slowly progressed to other more regular appliances like televisions, refrigerators, and house lighting systems.

In this article, we focus on refrigerators and discuss the changes that being ‘smart’ has brought about to the trusted appliance. Smart fridges have been quite a rage these few years with more and more functionality being added with every iteration.

There are even some models now that come equipped with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant. It can actively scan your fridge for ingredients you currently have and recommend dishes that you can cook along with the recipe.

If you think about it, that is a wonderful innovation and deserves accolades for ingenuity but it must be examined as to what price we must pay to have these functions at our disposal.

If you’ve been a reader for some time now, you will know just how strongly I feel about EMF radiation and the dangers it poses to our health. Anything that is smart generally emits out a lot of radiation and smart refrigerators are no different.

I have several articles on this blog about the dangers of EMF radiation if you want to familiarize yourself with it first.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Smart refrigerators are increasingly looking to be standard with more and more manufacturers jumping in the game.

They make for great sale pitches and people are usually wowed by the novelty of it so much that they often do not stop and reflect on the increased risk that they’re subjecting themselves to by going forward with the sale.

In this article, we take a look at regular refrigerators versus their smart counterparts, the radiation they emit, the risks of it all, and finally, how we can protect against this deadly radiation.

The innovation of refrigerators

Artificial refrigerators were invented in the late 1700s and have been widely used in all vistas of business and life since 1834 when it started being produced en masse.

When it came out, refrigerators were an invention like no other. They seemed to bend the laws of equilibrium by cooling hot air and thus creating an enclosed space with the temperature that is significantly below the outside temperature.

The innovation was mind-boggling at the time and still stands to be one of the most valuable innovations in all of human history.

The compressor used for cooling the hot air has been behind some of our most used appliances today including air conditioners and water temperature regulators (geysers).

They were an incredible invention because the low temperature helped preserve food for longer without adding anything to it. Our best bet before refrigerators were to add a load of salt onto the food and preserve it in the form of pickle.

With refrigerators, that problem was taken care of and this helped preserve flavor in food better. With time, we’ve constantly made improvements to our designs of the fridge including introducing an icebox that cools the temperature down to the freezing point of water, separate racks for storing different food items such as milk or eggs and temperature controls that allow users to control how cold they want their fridges to be.

However, for the longest time we were more or less stuck with the same basic version of refrigerators, with only incremental changes in terms of design, performance, and efficiency. That all went for a toss with the advent of ‘smart’ tech.

The refrigerator manufacturers too jumped on the bandwagon and started producing models that incorporate smart features to enable the user to be more efficient. We will discuss smart fridges in detail in the section below.

Smart fridges

The jump to smart didn’t leave the refrigeration industry behind. They were quick to jump the bandwagon and promptly came up with a plethora of new models that incorporated smart features such as variable temperature adjustment (for example, your juices would be cooled at a certain temperature and vegetable at another), auto ice dispenser and others.

This ignited public curiosity which further nudged the manufacturers to push the boundaries of AI incorporation even further. Soon, models started coming up with AI assistants installed that you could talk to and which could talk back to you.

Earlier iterations of this model readout calorie counts for each of the ingredients that are in your fridge but soon they had been technologically modified to not only do that but also suggest recipes based on those ingredients.

They also came with LCD displays that could play videos off the internet of that recipe being cooked so that you could follow along.

Truly it is astonishing just how far we’ve come in terms of technological advancement. If we were to travel back in time to even 20 years and tell people that in the future we will have fridges that can talk to us, we’d be considered crazy.

However, the smart device drive has enabled us to do just that and more. But we need to really stop here and take stock of what it is that we are going for. We know of the serious risks that these smart devices can pose for us.

There are countless studies out there that point to the terrible ramifications brought about by exposing ourselves to these radiations. But do these fridges really emit radiation? We discuss that in the next section.

Radiation in fridges

Radiation can simply be defined as electromagnetic waves generated because of electromagnetic action. Radiation isn’t new to us – in fact, the majority of devices in your house emit some quantity of radiation.

If you’ve ever owned an electronic device, you’ve been exposed to radiation. Every electronic device produces EMF as a byproduct which is considered radiation.

However, the radiation produced by everyday appliances is so weak that it cannot travel beyond a few meters from its source of origin. Even then, it is very mild and does not possess real physical harm to our biological systems.

However, the smart fridges that connect with your phone and Wi-Fi are a completely different beast.

They emit out a ton of radiation every minute. Let’s understand why – they connect to your Wi-Fi for Alexa to work. Now, in order to connect to Wi-Fi and stay connected, they need to constantly emit out radio frequency (RF).

This amount quadruples when there is data downloading and/or uploading going on. For example, if you are using your fridge to get a recipe, the machine first has to catalog all the ingredients in your fridge and then upload it to its servers on the cloud.

This process is very data-intensive and generates a lot of radiation in the process. Then, once there is a recipe for you, the fridge now needs to download and stream all that data which again leads to a big emittance of radiation.

Our bodies are capable of recovering from radiation on their own. All they need is some time and they can pretty much fix themselves. However, if you are constantly exposing yourself to radiation, the body finds it very hard to do its job.

The constant onslaught of these high energy RF radiations put a serious strain on our bodies and cause it to multiply cells imperfectly. This ultimately leaves our immune systems weakened and we are thus more likely to contract diseases that we’d otherwise be protected against.

This constant stress also manifests itself in the form of insomnia, loss of appetite, and mood swings. In the long term it is hypothesized that this can also lead to a contraction of chronic diseases such as diabetes as a side effect.

How to protect against these EMF radiations

To be honest with you, there is no real protection that I can recommend from a huge appliance such as a fridge. The absolute best thing would be to switch your smart fridge with a regular one and use that instead.

Sure, you won’t get recipes displayed to you on an LCD screen but who really needs that? The old school refrigerators are perfect and come with zero life-threatening risks.

They cool food just the same, give you ice when you want, and do not emit RF radiation that can cause health conditions. Besides, you don’t need to speak to your fridge, there are friends and family just for that. So if you have a smart fridge, my advice will be to throw it out and just get a regular one instead.

If that is not a choice you have then you can probably go for anti-EMF paint. Just paint the wall adjacent to the fridge to lower the total radiation that is circulated in the immediate surrounding.

Else, you can also get yourself an anti-EMF blanket and cover the appliance head-to-toe with it so that the emitted radiation does not proliferate into your home environment. If you are interested in anti-radiation products, we have a detailed article about it on this website for your perusal. You can find it here.

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Related questions

  1. Should I buy a smart fridge?

No. You should absolutely not. Sure, they have their novelty and the whole voice command thing seems nice but you’ll be bored with it pretty soon and stop using that feature anyway.

What will remain, however, is the increased radiation in your home environment and the increased health risk that you will have put yourself and your loved ones under. Thus, it is best if you stick to the regular old refrigerator instead.