Do Smart Devices For Children Emit Radiation

Do Smart Devices For Children Emit Radiation

Do Smart Devices For Children Emit Radiation? We will go into detail in this article to tell you the whole truth.

Radiation is a huge problem in today’s world. The electronic revolution has bettered out life to infinite proportions but it has also unleashed upon us this menace of radiation which can be fatal if exposed for long periods of time.

However, since the data on this isn’t 100% clear just yet, the stakeholders of these electronic innovations do everything they can to hide the negative effects EMF can have.

Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the harsh realities if EMF exposure and taking necessary precautions to safeguard themselves from this danger.

The severity of the problem is truly only realized once you get an EMF meter and measure the readings of your home. It’s astounding to know that you are literally living in an ocean of radiation.

Just because you cannot see it, you don’t immediately realize the gravity of the situation. But when quantified in numbers, people really start to wonder whether these hi-tech devices really measure up to the risks that they pose.

Since the radiation is all around you, they interact with your biological functioning at all times, all without your knowledge. Exposure to radiation has been linked with several short term conditions such as headache, sleeplessness, and irritation.

People who are on their phones or laptops at all times often complain of these exact symptoms. There are several chronic conditions linked to EMF radiation as well, such as heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

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The radiation waves are not in the visible spectrum of frequency and can easily penetrate physical objects. That is a testament to its high energy and we can only imagine what exposing ourselves to such high-frequency energy will do to our cellular structure.

They are mostly non-ionizing (meaning they are not energetic enough to split atoms) but continuous and regular exposure can put a lot of stress on our bodies because of the thermal effect of these radiations on our cells.

Under such pressure, the cells cannot perform their replication process perfectly, thus creating weaker and weaker cells, bringing about chronic health conditions in us.

The most at risk in regards to EMF radiation are children under the age of 10. They are not fully developed and their bones aren’t strong enough to withstand continuous barrages of EMF regularly. This can cause a lot of issues in children, including hormonal imbalances, improper pituitary function and even brain damage.

This is because when we are kids our brains are constantly growing and adding cells. When we are subjected to such high degrees of radiation, the brain comes under a lot of pressure and since the skull isn’t as strong in kids as they are in adults, the radiation interacts directly with the brain cells, making them imperfect in the process.

High levels of EMF have also been liked with autism and other mental disorders but we do not have sufficient data to convincingly point to radiation as a factor in developing those conditions.

However, two experiments done on rats did suggest that autism could be linked with high degrees of radiation exposure and that reasons enough for me to take precaution.

Smart devices are everywhere now and even simple appliances like refrigerators are now programmed to be ‘smart’. Taking this even further, manufacturers have even come out with smart products intended for babies that aid in parenting.

Things like smart monitors, e-readers, interactive playsets, etc. have gotten significant notoriety in these past few years.

More and more people are turning to these devices to parent their kids better and not realizing the dangers that they are subjecting their kids to by introducing such devices this early in their lives. Let’s break it down.

Do Smart Devices For Children Emit Radiation?

Do smart devices for kids generate EMF radiation?

All devices that run on electricity generate EMF. There is no way around it and there are literally zero devices that do not emit radiation.

However, some devices generate significantly more than others and even use that radiation in communicating with other smart devices in the home.

Electrical devices do not differentiate between adults and kids and therefore subjects everyone to the same levels of EMF regardless of who they are or what their age is.

Smart devices for kids generate considerable amounts of radiation which is terrible for the kids and getting exposed for long periods without correction can cause irreparable cell damage in them.

Therefore it is essential for parents to understand the risks of introducing these devices to the lives of their children and take necessary measures in correcting such past mistakes.  

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Popular smart devices for children that emit EMF radiation

Here we list the most popular smart devices that manufacturers market as children-friendly.

We break down each one’s function and tell you why it is a bad idea to be using such a device in your parenting.

Wireless baby monitors and EMF risks.

Wireless baby monitors and EMF risks.

These are by far the most common smart devices that parents introduce to their children. These wireless baby monitors help parents keep a tab on the baby while they take care of chores around the house. While it is incredibly handy, it also comes with its fair share of risks.

The device operates on a Bluetooth connection, meaning it is constantly sending and receiving signal pulses to communicate with its paired device. This puts both the baby and the parent at risk since now both of them are getting heavily exposed to these unwanted radiation.

The baby however is much more at risk since it has no defense mechanism yet and the radiation can severely mess with their biological cell multiplication function.

This can be dangerous and should be rejected as a parenting tool. This can put everyone involved at risk and the function it provides is not worth the health risks.

E-readers and EMF.

Another very popular device with parents, the e-readers for kids are specially designed to look like children’s storybooks which they can browse through and read hundreds of stories from.

At the outset, this looks like a perfect innovation – one device that can contain thousands of books within it. It is super economical and saves a ton of paper as well. However, when you take into account the EMF it generates, the picture suddenly becomes a lot bleaker.

For starters, these e-readers will almost always need an internet connection to download new books and even browse through existing ones. This is because most of these e-readers store the books on the cloud and only download one chapter at a time to save space in the hard drive.

In any case, these e-readers emit a lot of RF radiation while being connected to the internet which directly interacts with the baby.

This is quite dangerous if it is a regular occurrence and these exposures can quickly add up to cause serious health problems for the child. I have written an article called Do Kindles Emit EMF Radiation? you can read it here.

Interactive play sets.

These are quite popular at present since they promise to ‘increase the IQ’ of a kid using interactive methods. There is no proof that that actually works and this is simply a marketing ploy to sell these playsets.

They often are mathematics-based and aimed to improve hand-eye coordination, and while it can be a lot of fun to spend time on these playsets, they do have their own set of risks. The first and obvious problem is EMF radiation.

They generate a ton of radiation that can be very dangerous and using the playset frequently can put your child’s body under a lot of stress unbeknownst to them.

The second problem is addiction. These playsets work by ‘gamification’, meaning each correct answer gives out a reward to the player. The reward stimulates our brain to release dopamine, which is a feel-good hormone.

Interestingly, people who use drugs or are alcoholics also get a release of dopamine every time they do those things. A release of such heavy amounts of dopamine in a child’s brain can cause significant damage and it is very difficult to reverse the course of that effect.

In actuality, your child will be addicted to these games in the same way that drug users are addicted to the drugs of their choice.

The only difference will be that in the case of your child, they will have no external indicators of addiction.

However, they will constantly suffer from a lack of focus and will spend ridiculous amounts of time staring at screens, whether it be video game consoles, computers, or their interactive playsets.

This is obviously an undesirable scenario and therefore parents must make sure not to introduce such devices into the lives of their children while they are still very young.

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Related questions

What can I use instead of interactive playsets to keep the attention of my kids?

Well, interactive playsets are a recent invention. Go back to old school parenting and introduce your kids to things like puzzles and games like checkers and chess.

Unlike interactive playsets, playing a game of chess has actually been linked with improved IQ and brain stimulus which your kid can benefit from and go forward.