Best Way To Minimize EMF From A Cell Tower Located Nearby

Human exposure to man-made Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) has reached unseen levels, resulting in an increase in a variety of health issues. A growing number of research have indicated that there is a link.

Electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS) symptoms are commonly found, especially in urban areas. Even though concerns are arising, there are measures that may be done to actually reduce exposure.

You can minimize your exposure from a cell tower by installing metal grids around your home. Some metals, such as steel and copper, can repel the EMF waves emitted from the cell tower. Wearing EMF-blocking apparel can also protect you against emissions when going outside.

While living near a cell tower is not easily fixed, there are several small tricks that you can implement in your routine to minimize their impact on you.

Keep reading if you are interested in knowing the best ways of protecting yourself against cell tower radiation!

The Best Method To Minimize Your EMF Exposure

The best way to shield yourself against EMF radiation is to use EMF blocking equipment.

Several companies, like Defendershield, have created technologically advanced gears that can block up to 99% of all EMF waves in your surroundings. They provide EMF blocking apparel that you can wear, including blankets, scarves, gloves, and Phone cases, to protect the vulnerable parts of your body.

These apparels are ideal as they are close to your body, leaving little to no space to allow EMF waves to reach you. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), EMF waves are classified as Group 2B, meaning that it is a potential human carcinogen.

In the IARC study in 2011, the researchers found a link between the EMF radiation and cancers among people, mostly glioma; a malignant brain cancer. To make matters worse, cell towers emit a larger amount of EMF as the waves need to reach people in a large radius.

Therefore, living next to a cell tower can be significantly detrimental to your health. With the new 5G era, cell towers are expected to increase in number among residential areas due to the shorter wavelengths of the new technology.

This means that the population will have a higher exposure to EMF radiation in the near future.

Other Approaches To Reduce Your Exposure

There are other tips that you can use to decrease your exposure to cell towers, including installing metal grids around your house or increasing the distance between you and the cell tower.

EMF waves can enter your house mostly through windows or doors. Walls, especially brick or concrete walls, are too thick for EMF to penetrate your living space. While metal grids are not aesthetically pleasing, you can install them at the largest window panes in your house.

This will reflect any EMF waves coming from the cell tower away from your home. If you are seriously concerned about the effects of EMF on your health and your family, the best option would be to move further away from the tower if financially possible.

However, EMF radiation is also emitted from smaller devices in your home. To reduce your exposure, it is recommended to keep a distance between you and the electrical devices.

Also, reducing the time spent using them will significantly decrease the EMF absorbed in your body over time.

What Is The Minimum Safest Distance From A Cell Tower?

The recommended distance between you and your cell tower is at least 500 m from your house. However, it will also depend on the type of antenna used in the tower.

 A receiving antenna and a transmitting antenna are two different things. The shape of the antenna can help you determine which type it is. A receiving antenna is usually circular or elliptical. A transmitting antenna, on the other hand, is cuboid, squarish, or rectangular in shape.

Bear in mind that some cell towers are hidden behind smaller units but may be found in unexpected places. Once the person finds them, he or she may use a map to calculate the exact distance among them and where he/she lives and works.

Any distance closer than 500 meters needs more examination, possibly with the help of an EMF expert. It is also recommended to buy an EMF meter so that you can know the exact amount of EMF radiation is present in your house.

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How To Protect Your House?

Private companies and individuals encourage people to protect themselves from man-made EMFs by using metal shielding equipment.

However, there are reasonable concerns about their protective efficacy and safety. Indeed, any metal shielding method, when used properly, decreases not only the man-made fully polarized EMFs responsible for health problems but also the natural non-polarized EMFs.

You can protect your house by using electric filters, shielding paint, using window EMF/RF shielding film, and radiation shields for appliances.

These methods can be useful as shielding paint can deflect EMF waves from entering your house. Shielding paint can prevent up to 99% of microwave frequency radiation.

These paints are meant to use as a primer in the interior and might even be painted over with ordinary latex paint. Shielding paint contains metal particles that act as a barrier between the outside EMF radiation and your house.

The Health Impacts Of EMF

The impacts of EMF is a polarizing subject among the authorities and researchers.

While several governments and scientists claim that there is nothing to worry about with EMF radiation, recent studies have demonstrated important correlations between cancer and EMF waves.

According to some papers, the frequencies of EMF produced by cell towers are too low to damage live cells or harm DNA.

However, other evidence suggests that excessive exposure to magnetic fields from power lines and phone towers increases the risk of development of some neurodegenerative diseases.

Some research also concluded that excessive exposure to RF radiation increases risk of leukemia, male infertility, and neurobehavioral abnormalities.

Therefore, it is best to be on our guards against EMF waves until a conclusion is made.