How To Protect Your Bedroom From EMF Radiation

How To Protect Your Bedroom From EMF Radiation

How To Protect Your Bedroom From EMF Radiation? I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

The quick answer is:

  1. Turn your cellphone off, Or put it on airplane mode.
  2. Use a smart meter shield.
  3. Use an earthing grounding mattress sheet.
  4. Remove watches sleep monitors.
  5. Turn your WiFi off at night.
  6. Turn off all electronics in the bedroom.
  7. Use a mechanical alarm clock.
  8. Set a timer to turn off the TV when asleep.
  9. Don’t use laptops/Ipads in bed.
  10. Keep baby monitor way from the bed.
  11. Turn off wireless chargers.
  12. Don’t have a gaming console in your bedroom.

Getting quality regular sleep guarantees you are prepared to handle everything the following day and is compulsory for ideal wellbeing. In this article, we take a look at EMF radiation and how it can affect your sleep.

We also dive into what you can do to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of radiation exposure. Even your pets. I have written a post on this site called: Can your dog get sick from EMF radiation, you can find it here.

Things that emit EMf radiation in the bedroom

  • Tv
  • Bedside Clocks that are pluged in (use a wind up clock)
  • Heated blankets
  • Extention cords
  • Baby monitors
  • Fans
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Wifi routers turned on
  • Stereo
  • Wireless speakers
  • Light bulbs
  • hairdryers

The best way for protecting against EMF radiation in the bedroom

The best way to know the amount of EMF radiation you are being presented to is by utilizing an EMF meter to gauge the levels in your living environment.

Regardless of whether you have access to an EMF meter or not, there are a few known wellsprings of EMF radiation that we can find a way to alleviate.

  • Turn your cellphone off. But if you need it for an alarm in the morning turn it on phone on airplane mode around evening time. Remember to kill “location services,” which remains on even in standalone mode.
  • Utilize a wifi clock to naturally kill your wifi around evening time (and back on in the early hours of the day). As another option, you could simply plug your switch into this Power Bank that you flick off before bed and turn on again toward the beginning of the day.
  • Abstain from sleeping in a bed near smart meters if you do use a smart meter guard EMF Shield Cover . In the event that you have access to your breaker board, turn the power to your room off around evening time and use battery fueled light in your room.
  • There are a few organizations, for example, Magnetico, which produces protective sleep cushions. The static magnetic field made by the 300 lb magnets in the sleep cushion that goes under your bedding avoids a significant number of the EMF radiation made by home gadgets.

The dangers of EMF radiation in your bedroom

The dangers of EMF radiation in your bedroom

EMF radiation is discharged from mobile phones, PCs, microwaves, wifi, and for all intents and purposes all other electronic gadgets.

Here are a few articles about the dangers and ways to stop radiation n your home.

Gadgets that emanate electromagnetic frequencies have totally penetrated our general public; the vast majority of us have EMF radiation in all rooms of our home—including the principal bedroom. Maybe because of the novelty of late tech improvements, for example, wifi and mobile phones, EMF-emanating gadgets immediately turned into a staple of current life.

Lamentably, these gadgets quickly picked up prevalence before we knew the full extent of their life-changing forces. Through broad research and studies directed on the impacts of EMF radiation presentation, we currently know the wellbeing challenges that these frequencies present.

EMF radiation can actually modify your DNA and gene expression. Think of EMF radiation like a microwave for your body- – which works by warming the water atoms with high-frequency vibration.

As you may know, our bodies are over half water. The mellowest ramifications of EMF radiation is feeling tired constantly, because of the steady pressure the radiation causes on a cellular level. In progressively outrageous cases, these frequencies are thought to lead to tumors and cancer.

EMF radiation effects while sleeping

The greater part of us has gotten so familiar with the side effects of being around EMF all the time that we don’t understand it. Migraines, fogginess, and irritation are largely side effects of EMF exposure. This radiation influences you on a cellular level, which really harms your immunity system.

What’s more, researchers have discovered that EMF radiation may really sterilize men by diminishing the quality and portability of sperm.

Keeping your wireless electronics in your pocket or utilizing a laptop on your lap puts the radiation directly by “your products,” which can cause prostate cancer and other diseases, leading to infertility. Check out this DefenderPad laptop EMF radiation + Heat shield it helps to block radiation from your laptop to your body.

EMF Protection: Measures for Better Sleep

Turn your phone off when you go to bed, Leave it in a different room. If you use it for an alarm clock then buy a stand-alone one. When sleeping, while our body is recalibrating, we are the most defenseless to the troublesome impacts of EMF radiation. Avoid sleeping in a bed close to smart meters or live wires. This includes turning off the WIFI router.

Earthing bed sheets are a great way to help normalize your circadian biology by providing your body the grounding frequencies we have evolved with for millennia. You can find them online.

Reduce Sources of Light in the BLUE LIGHT Spectrum. Cut down on screen time. Taking regular breaks from computer or TV screens rests your eyes and limits blue light exposure. Having your mobile phone in your bedroom is a no-no. Screen breaks are most important in the evening. Also, do Not Wear Watches or Sleep Monitors to Bed.

Avoid fluorescent or LED lights as the sun starts to set. LED and fluorescents not only have a high blue light spectrum, they have a high flicker rate

Blue light and controlling exposure to it

Notwithstanding EMF radiation, blue light (a part of the electromagnetic range) is produced from most lights, tablets, phones, TVs, PCs, and different hardware with screens and lights.

Blue light emission signs to your cerebrum that it’s time to be alert since it is the same light color signature as daylight. Consider this: the sun radiates light in the cool (blue) range during the day, while the night dusk is warm (made out of red and yellow light).

Firelight is likewise in the warm range, which is the main wellspring of ‘man-made’ light our precursors would have seen after the sun went down!

The blue light around evening time befuddles the body and modifies our circadian rhythm by keeping melatonin from being created around evening time and endangers your general quality of sleep.

  1. Decrease your blue light exposure after the sun goes down to abstain from imperiling your melatonin creation.
  2. In the event that you need to take a gander at a screen around evening time, there are applications that cutoff the blue range of your gadget emissions, as f.lux for your PC and Night Shift on the iPhone.
  3. On the off chance that you can’t modify blue light sources, wear blue-blocking glasses after the sun goes down. . As a side note, they are good for gaming too.
  4. Maintain a strategic distance from fluorescent or LED lights as the sun begins to set. LEDs and fluorescents not just have a high blue light range, they have a high glimmer rate too, which additionally upsets your organic chemistry by presenting you to very high frequencies (100-120 cycles for each second). Switch to incandescent lights for your night and evening lighting for an increasingly normal, warm range, low gleam rate lighting. Candles are the best alternative and the most normal type of lighting for our bodies.
  5. Do not have an Xbox or any other gaming console in your bedroom. For an explanation on that reed, my post on Does an Xbox emit EMF radiation, you can find it here.

I think the best protection you can get from blue light is Blue light glasses.

  • Each pair of glasses comes with two precise fit clip-on filters for daytime and nighttime (50% and 99% blue light blocking)
  • Made of Ultem, an advanced, ultra-thin, light, and flexible material used by the aerospace industry
  • CR-90 lenses with magnification options from 0 up to +3.0 are lightweight and shatterproof

You can order a pair direct from Defendershield here.

Establishing good sleep practices in the bedroom

Establishing good sleep practices

Abstain from exercising just before bed. While exercising during the day will assist you with getting incredible sleep that night, working out just before bedtime isn’t in accordance with your circadian rhythm and will cause endorphin support that makes it difficult to nod off.

Abstain from drinking liquor, espresso, tea, and other energizers at least 6-8 hours before sleep time.

Remember, caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours and can remain in your body for as long as 12 hours, so give yourself a proper cutoff time.

Use drapes and conceal any wellsprings of light. While blue light disturbs your melatonin and circadian rhythm, any light that hits your body around evening time (even your skin because of its photoreceptors) can keep you from getting profound sleep.

Maintain a strategic distance from light-up clocks, turn off anything in your room that produces light, and utilize two or three layers of tape over any little lights that you can’t unplug. Keep the room cool as it is normal for your internal heat level to drop a couple of degrees during the night.

Having a cool room will indicate to your body that it’s a great opportunity to sleep. Focus on a temperature in the mid-60s, the perfect range helpful for sleep.

Finish eating a couple of hours before sleep time as it ruins your body’s capacity to designate its energy to detoxification and recovery. In the old days, people would ordinarily eat their last meals as the sun was setting, which is generally lined up with our biological clock.

Defending against EMF radiation in the bedroom

In this day and age, it is inevitable that we would be exposed to EMF radiation. If you are concerned for yourself and your family regarding EMF exposure, these underlined three steps should help you defend yourself against the perils of radiation.

Keep our electronics out of your bedroom. Your bedroom should be completely sanitized and have no electronic presence at all. As underscored above, your body is the most vulnerable when sleeping and therefore it is essential that we allow ourselves the utmost care and protection during that time.

Keeping your electronics in a separate room allows you to reduce radiation exposure, decrease blue light emission in the room and keep you less distracted. It is a win-win for all!

Shift to a more old-school wired approach. Not many people like wires anymore, since they get clumpy and can create a mess if not tied down properly.

But what wires absolutely do not do is emit EMF radiation. Shift to a more wired approach for everything you use, including your internet and gaming console controllers and you’ll begin to see a significant drop in EMF radiation.

Buy an alarm clock. Many people use their phones as their alarms. Thus that gives them a reason to bring the phone to bed with them.

Once in bed, we often tend to check the phone to see what’s going on around us, thus unintentionally bombarding ourselves with EMF radiation and blue light. This makes falling asleep harder. Thus, it is wise to invest in an alarm clock. They are super cheap and available everywhere so you wouldn’t have a problem finding or affording them. Just buy one and you’d be set for quality sleep.

Should I charge my phone in the bedroom with my wireless charger?

You should avoid charging your phone in the bedroom because of the EMF radiation cesspool it creates. The phone itself emits quite a bit of radiation but when you couple that with the magnetic field generated by the wireless charger, things only get worse.

Moreover, keeping the phone in your bedroom would increase your chances of fiddling with it around bedtime which is horrible for your sleep quality. The best thing to do is to charge your phone in a separate room and only use it again in the morning.