Why Are 5G Towers Dangerous

Why Are 5G Towers Dangerous

The popularity of 5G has been steadily rising for the last some months, thanks to its promise of breathtaking data speeds and the true realization of IoT.

If you aren’t familiar, 5G is commonly referred to as the fifth generation of cellular telephony and is the brand new innovation that is set to be standard in a few years.

The current generation of telecom networks, the 4G, is getting obsolete in more ways than one which is why we need to adopt the newest generation at the earliest.

With data prices falling sharply all over the world and more and more people getting online, the 4G spectrum is getting crowded and cannot thus function to deliver its promised bandwidth.

To counter this, we have 5G which can easily accommodate the growing number of users around the world and promises a speed that is nearly 100x that of 4G.

However, 5G is not without its shortcomings. There are serious concerns about radiation from it and what it can do to our health.

There are also growing concerns over close proximity towers that the cellular vendors will have to put up in order to facilitate 5G communication.

We have already discussed 5G, its effects, and the dangers of it, however in this article we will focus solely on 5G towers and why they are dangerous to our health and wellbeing.

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5G is not new tech

Believe it or not, 5G has been in development for close to ten years! The only reason it has taken us so long since the advent of 4G is because of the nature of the radiation that 5G uses.

Because of its huge bandwidth capability, 5G needs to use very high energy radiations. Unfortunately, the higher the energy level of a waveform is, the lesser it can travel. Thus with 5G, the radiations would start to die down in just about 20 feet or so.

Imagine you being on the 5G network and talking to someone sitting 30 feet from you. In the present configuration, there is a good chance that half of the messages you send or receive will not make it through to either of your phones.

The reason for it is simple – when the radiation starts dying down, the information that it carries also gets lost, and only partial information gets delivered.

Scientists have been wrestling with this quandary for years, trying to come up with an elegant solution to this behemoth of a problem but there really seems to be no getting around the laws of physics.

However, the move towards 5G has been recently renewed because telecom companies realize that it is impractical to support everyone on the 4G network and it is high time that they made the transition.

They have therefore come up with a working solution that will enable us to enjoy the speeds offered by 5G without a drop in connection. Their solution is simple – to populate local areas with mini cellular towers that will help in picking up the weak incoming signals and amplifying it.

Projects of this nature have already been underway. If you live in London or Los Angeles/San Diego, you will have noticed several small structures erected along the sidewalks and road dividers.

Those are in actuality 5G towers. These are often camouflaged as palm trees (in Los Angeles) or billboards (in London) so as to not stick out from its immediate environment.

However, that doesn’t negate the fact that these are 5G towers and a serious discussion is to be had on the impact that they can have on our health.

The risk of radiation from 5G towers

If you’ve been to this website before, I’m sure you’re well-acquainted with just how passionate I am about radiation. I am always looking out for the safekeeping of my audience and to that end have penned several articles on 5G and its ill effects. Here are 3 bellow.

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I won’t go into too much detail here but it is safe to say that 5G is dangerous for our health and can have long term effects on us that we may never recover from.

With side effects from insomnia and loss of focus to more chronic conditions like diabetes and even cancer, the risk of radiation is truly massive for our general health.

It will be furthermore amplified when whole cities are wrapped in these mini cellphone towers.

These towers are designed to absorb weak 5G radiation and blast out an amplified version of it. They also need to be in close proximity to one another so that the connectivity is seamless. That being said, it will take a significant toll on our radiation exposure.

Studies predict that we will be exposed to as much as 30 times more radiation as we do today by the year 2035. This is truly disturbing, especially when you consider the magnitude of damage these high levels of exposure can cause.

It is thus in our best interest to be informed right now and take all the necessary precautions possible so as to shield us as much as we can from this terrible menace.

The 5G towers are equipped to generate both magnetic as well as radio waves since a lot of newer phone models use VoLTE for making calls.

Thus we will not only be exposing ourselves to really high levels of magnetic radiation but also radio frequency which is terrible for our health in the long run.

Once entire cities are wrapped with these towers, there will essentially be no escaping radiation whatsoever. Radiation will be omnipresent and that will be the reality we are forced to live in.

Because radiation also causes thermal activity, some environmentalists predict that the average temperature of the planet earth is also expected to grow by 2 degrees Celsius in 5 years of 5G operation. This is truly stunning and needs deep introspection.

As I’ve categorically pointed out, the risks of 5G radiation far outweigh its benefits. And the towers are especially bad since they will be hotbeds of radiation that’ll continually douse us till the end of time. Unfortunately, there is no stopping 5G.

It is set to be the next standard for mobile telephony and there is very little opposition to it on a governmental level. The governments of the world are not interested in vetting what these telecom tycoons are offering and the tycoons themselves have no real responsibility towards the society.

They are only interested in lining their own pocket. Thus we stand at an important junction.

No matter if you like it or not, we cannot stop 5G. But what we can do is protect against it as best as we can and hope everything turns out alright.

Or a prominent community/world power speaks up and some real research is done into the dangers of 5G radiation. Till then, I include a handful of tips that are going to help you lower your radiation exposure from 5G towers.

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Tips to lower your 5G radiation levels

These are some of the handy tips that you can use to lower your 5G radiation levels. Adopt one or do them all and I can guarantee you that you’ll lower your radiation levels significantly.

Move to the suburbs

I know this seems a little far-fetched by hearing me out. It costs a lot of money to put up a string of those towers and telecom operators are not really looking to install them everywhere.

They are incentivized to install them in densely populated areas like metropolitan cities and popular downtowns. Thus you can well and truly escape the onslaught of radiation if you just choose to move pout of the city and live in the suburbs.

Besides – the open air, the greenery, the quiet neighborhoods – what’s not to like?

Make your home EMF free

There is no way you can stop yourself from getting exposed to radiation when outside but you can definitely control how much radiation you’re exposed to while you’re in the comforts of your own home.

Thus, chuck out all the wireless devices and go old-school. Sure it will be a little bothersome at first but with the time you’ll get used to it.

But most importantly you would be exposing yourself to practically zero radiation when at home. This will give your body time to fix the damages it sustained when it was exposed to radiation on the outside.

Invest in good quality anti-radiation products

If you are serious about radiation and want to steer clear of this 5G nonsense, investing in good quality anti-radiation products is absolutely crucial.

It will not only give you protection when you venture outside but can also be of great help when you’re inside and really want to use that wireless gaming console or play music over the Wi-Fi.

However, beware of fraudsters selling bad products in the name of anti-radiation.

This is still a niche market and as such is very loosely regulated. This has enabled many subpar vendors to market their anti-radiation products as well which do not have any credibility and absolutely zero research behind it.

Thus it is imperative that if you wish to buy anti-radiation products, you do so from a brand that has clearly published the research they’ve undertaken, the accreditations they have, and the reviews that previous customers have left for them.

If you need recommendations, I have some great choices to get you started. These are ones that I personally use and can therefore wholeheartedly recommend to you. I have a detailed article on this website for your perusal.

Related questions

  1. Can 5G radiation give me cancer?

There is no physical evidence to back it up since 5G technically hasn’t rolled out yet and there need to be long term researches done on this subject before we can conclusively state yes or no.

That being said, there is plenty of evidence that points us in that direction. In a purely theoretical sense, it is entirely possible.

Preliminary data shows that the high levels of radiation can change the dynamics of our DNA and even split them – which is really bad news since that means we are one step closer to cancer.

We do not have conclusive evidence yet but the data we have should give us pause and take all the necessary precautions that we can take to avoid contracting such deadly and chronic diseases.