Best EMF Protection Blankets

Best EMF Protection Blankets

What are the best EMF protection blankets? I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

The quick answer is:

Popular EMF Protection Blankets are defendershield EMF Protection Blanket,

My number 1 EMF protection blanket is

Defendershield EMF protection blanket.

Of late, I’ve been actively researching practical ways of EMF radiation protection, nothing has caught my eye as much as EMF protection blankets that are available to buy online.

These are anti-radiation blankets and are designed to protect your body from exposure when you wrap them around you.

It’s a smart product, is sensible and definitely has its use in particular situations.

The more and more I delved into this exciting world of anti-radiation blankets, the better I understood what makes for a good protective blanket and what you should be looking for when buying one for yourself.

In this article, I share the wisdom I’ve gained from countless hours of research so that you have it right at your fingertips when you need it.

Before we begin, it is important to stress that there are quite a number of products out there that claim to be anti emf radiation and it’s very hard to know what to look for.

This is why we will first take a look at the design of these blankets and how they’re supposed to work.

The second most important thing is the quality of material used to manufacture said blanket so we’ll also spend some time talking about key things to look for when you’re buying your own.

How do these blankets work?

If you want to understand how these EMF blankets protect you from radiation, you first have to understand radiation itself. Let’s simplify this so that you can understand it without having to go too deep into science. The fundamental concept of physics is that everything in this world is energy.

This means everything you see around you is some form of energy consolidated into the matter. On the other hand, the conservation of energy law states that energy can be neither created, nor destroyed.

This effectively means that all energy in the universe is constant.

We cannot create new energy, nor can we destroy it. All we can do is transfer it on from one medium to another. Keeping this in mind, let’s do a thought experiment – let’s imagine there is a complex circuit getting powered by a 110V electrical source.

Now most components in electrical circuits have very low voltage requirements. Plus, they are almost always all powered by DC current. So if we connect this circuit directly to the wall socket, the high voltage is going to straight-up burn through the board.

To counter this, we use what is commonly called a step-down transformer. The way it works is, it steps the voltage down to an amicable 12 Volts and then it is converted to DC with the help of a bridge.

Now the power going into the transformer is 110V but the output is only 12V. What is happening to the rest of the voltage? It gets dissipated through a complex electromechanical process.

However, not all of it gets dissipated. Some just don’t and radiate out to the immediate environment as an energy pulse. These energy pulses can be electromagnetic in nature, in which case they’re called MF radiation, or they can be microwaved. That completely depends on the size of the wave generated.

They have high energy and can easily penetrate through walls and other physical objects.

There are other types of radiation too, such as your WiFi. In that case, your router blasts off a signal pulse every second through a special device called a transmitter. Your smart devices are equipped with complementary receivers that receive and decode the transmission, thus establishing a network connection.

The only real way of stopping radiation is to create what is known in physics to be a Faraday cage. Faraday cages are the brainchild of Michael Faraday, a genius of his time, who proposed and demonstrated that if we simply put an interlinked cage in the path of the radiation

They are actually absorbed by the cage and the subjects inside are left untouched. The same concept is implemented in the case of these protective blankets. If you’re wondering how to let me explain.

The outer shell of the blanket is often made of a specialized durable cloth instead of cotton and metal is introduced in the form of patchwork on the cloth. In most cases, the blankets use silver and have silver strings sewed in end to end, thus effectively forming a Faraday cage.

Now, if you’re thinking how just a string can deflect such harmful radiation, let me clarify.

The silver strings are sewn in close to each other thus forming a link of metal threads that absorb the radiation as a whole. Cumulatively, they distribute the energy of the radiation within their framework, thus leaving you unaffected.

My top two, best EMF radiation blankets are

The best all-around blanket is. Defendershield EMF best Protection Blanket.

The comfiest blanket is. Adult EMF Protective Blanket by BreezyBaby.

So do they eliminate the risk of radiation?

The answer to that is yes and no. The radiation is attenuated by not completely eliminated. Attenuation is the process of reducing something in a gradual and deliberate manner.

Even solid metal sheets cannot eliminate radiation completely from affecting you, forget metal threads. All we can do is attenuate the radiation enough so that it does not pose a serious risk to the safety and wellbeing of us and our loved ones.

How to understand which blankets are good?

Usually, protective apparel will have a label on them that mentions their attenuation level. As we discussed above, attenuation is the process by which we gradually and deliberately interfere with the energy of the radiation so that it is slowed down and does not end up harming us.

When buying protective apparel such as anti-radiation blankets, always be at the lookout for these labels.

The attenuation will be given in Decibel units and anything that is 30 dB or more is good for you. 30 dB is basically when your blanket attenuates about 99.9% of the radiation so you’re at very low risk of exposure at this point if you’re using a blanket that is rated for 30 dB.

There are plenty of reasons to choose to use an anti-radiation blanket such as pregnancy or general concern but whatever the case may be, here is a list of some of the wonderful EMF protection blankets that I found online for your buying pleasure.

My recommendations

Defendershield EMF Protection Blanket

This is a fairly new offering but shows a lot of promise. From design to build quality to the feel of the radiation blanket, everything seems to have been well thought out and executed.

They definitely don’t compromise on the quality of the materials used and you can see it as soon as you lay your hands on this thing of beauty.

DefenderShield review video.

The cloth is a special organic material made of cotton and bamboo that has texture but is also super soft and has a comfy feel to it.

It’s made to be hypoallergenic and is non-toxic which makes it kid-friendly as well.


Most importantly, it does a phenomenal job of protecting against EMF radiation and I can’t recommend it highly enough. We have found the best price here and the reviews here.

ShieldGreen Shielding EMF protection Blanket

This is definitely a unique blanket that takes a different approach towards protecting you from the dangerous EMF radiation.

Most such protection products use silver thread that the blanket is lined with.

Earthing therapy review video.

However, the ShieldGreen Shielding Blanket uses a stainless steel mesh fabric on the inside that offers a similar type of protection.

  • Earthing Therapy blankets has better EMF,RF shielding performance than normal shielding blanket.
  • Materials: Shielding side: Eco-friendly Stainless steel wire fiber (30%) + Cotton (40%) + Polyester (30%) – No metal plating, No nano metal & heavy metal pollution, Other side: High quality compact cotton.
  • Fabric care: 1. Washing at gentle cycle 30°C & Use neutral detergent 2. Roll and wash the earthing side inside.

It is a much more practical actuation of the concept of Faraday cages and is claimed to attenuate up to 99.99% of radiation. The EMF blanket is designed to be tough and durable with its major manufacturing parts being 41% cotton, 34% polyester, and 25% stainless steel fiber. Find the latest price and customer reviews here.

EMF radiation Fabric Blanket by Nasafes

My next recommendation is an interesting pick.

Manufactured from aerospace material used to shield aircraft interiors, the EMF Protection Fabric Blanket by Nasafes is a wonderful buy for anyone who’s looking for a protective clothing solution in a budget.

Nasafes faraday fabric video review.

Made out of super-thin conductive threads, this one creates a robust Faraday cage with small interlinked squares for better energy dissipation.

Added to that, the built quality is sturdy and it is tear-resistant which adds even more value.

  • HIGH QUALITY EARTHING PRODUCTS ✔ For a better sleep and well-being.
  • COMES WITH EARTHING BODY BAND KIT ✔ The conductivity of the grounding mattress pad, earthing pad is <5 ohm / inch and therefore ideal for grounding the body

Countless people on Amazon testify to its quality and effectiveness so you are in the great company should you choose to get one for yourself. Find it on Amazon here.

Adult EMF Protection Blanket by BreezyBaby

This twin-sized adult EMF protective blanket by BreezyBaby is a must-buy for anyone who’s looking to get a real comfy blanket with these added protections. The blanket is manufactured using radiation shielding fabric and real silver threading.

Pure silver is the best blocker of radiation we’d be normally exposed to like from cellphones or WiFi and this blanket by BreezyBaby does a phenomenal job protecting you from these harmful rays.

Best EMF Protection Blanket

It claims to attenuate up to 99.99% of radiation so there is really nothing you should be worried about if you have them on while working on your computer or are near a known source of such radiation. It is also made to be very versatile and portable so you can use it to cover yourself no matter if you are sleeping on your bed or are on the couch.

It’s lightweight too and therefore it is easy to carry around and take with you if you’re planning a trip somewhere. You are also protected with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer which makes it an even better buy. Find price and customer reviews here on Amazon.

Armshield, Anti EMF Radiation Baby Blanket

If you have a baby in the house then this listing is perfect for you. The anti-radiation baby blanket by Armshield is well thought out, carefully designed, and wonderfully executed.

The blanket is made of a durable non-toxic textile paired with pure silver threading to complete the Faraday cage. The manufacturer claims the blanket protects 99.9% of all radiation in a day-to-day scenario. It has an attenuation rate of 50 dB and does a good job of blocking out regular RF radiation generated from cellphones and WiFi.

  • Size of this Anti Radiation Blanket: 30 inches x 35 inches (77-90CM).
  • Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness Made with 100% Pure Silver.
  • How to Care: Machine washing, Use cold water. Air dry. Do not use bleach.

It also comes in a number of color choices so that you get the fun along with the protection. Latest price here.

Related questions

Do I need to get an EMF protection blanket if I am pregnant?

It is a good idea to get yourself one. Pregnancy can be tricky for everyone concerned and a little carelessness can lead to a whole lot of wrongs. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. It has been shown in tests that children (and especially unborn children) can absorb up to 50 times more radiation than an adult.

That is because their bones haven’t hardened yet and can’t obstruct the radiation from entering. This means, radiation can reach far-flung corners of the brain, and if repeated consistently, can impact a child’s brain function. This often manifests itself in the form of learning disorders in children.

Now, I’m not suggesting that using a phone or computer while you’re pregnant will make your child develop learning disorders but they surely do increase the risk of it overall.

Therefore, it is best if we just invest in a good EMF protective blanket and take the necessary precautions beforehand so that we can minimize the health risk of our unborn children and make sure that they come to this world healthy as ever.