Are 5G Routers Dangerous?

Are 5G Routers Dangerous

Are 5G Routers Dangerous? I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

The world has been taken by storm with recent developments in telecom technology.

The latest thing on the map is this futuristic new innovation called 5G which promises incredible speeds and unmatched broadband performance.

5G is an acronym for the fifth generation of telecom technology and is set to be the game-changer when it comes to how we consume data and interact with machines.

5G is especially touted to be the go-to for IoT – or Internet of Things – which basically means smart everyday appliances. Smart homes are a pig part of the 5G appeal and are a massive hit with regular folk.

Imagine waking up in the morning to find your coffee already brewed or coming home to an air-conditioned living room because the car alerted your arrival fifteen minutes prior.

While these are very luxurious perks, they are also poised to hog a ton of bandwidth, something our existing 4G framework just can’t handle.

That aside, more and more people are now getting online. 4G has a limited bandwidth and with increase in demand, it just isn’t sufficient in providing everyone with their required bandwidths.

Therefore we need a higher bandwidth that could accommodate the growing user base and yet deliver top-notch speed.

And that is exactly the selling point of 5G. Connections that are 5G enabled can be up to 1000 times faster than our current 4G systems and handle 16 different communication streams at once.

This is because of the fact that 5G uses a higher frequency stream that enables more data packing capabilities. However, they have a serious drawback in that these higher frequency waveforms cannot travel very far and die out.

To counter that, we need to place multiple towers in a short distance to amplify the frequency and keep it moving.

In this article, we take a look at the fundamentals of 5G technology, the drawbacks, health risks, and possible safety measures you can take to protect yourself from 5G radiation.

Understanding 5G

Understanding 5G

On the off chance that you purchased and used a cellphone in the last decade or so, odds are you’ve known about the different ages of wireless tech.

It began right from 1G and now we’re gradually creeping towards 5G. Fortuitously, many individuals mistake 5G for 5GHz which, let’s get straight, is a totally different thing. The 5 in 5G is implying the fifth era of our telecom wireless innovation.

The telecom business began with 1G which fundamentally enabled voice calls over the air between two individuals simultaneously. The subsequent age presented in the mid 90s, named 2G, permitted us to send information over the air as instant messages.

We truly started this change in perspective towards portable mobile-based applications with the introduction of 3G. 3G was a great advancement that let our cellphones interface straightforwardly to the internet, henceforth opening up a totally new world for what can be accomplished through cell phones alone.

4G developed the 3G tech and made information available quicker, along these lines permitting us to do media-intensive tasks such as streaming and video calls.

This likewise made the internet progressively open and assumed an immense role in determining what content we were consuming and how.

4G LTE came out almost 10 years ago and there hasn’t been any other revolutionary innovation in the world of wireless communication since. That is until we started testing out 5G.

4G LTE is a reliable network and has worked quite well for us over the years. However, with more and more people getting on the internet, we’re quickly running out of frequency real estate for 4G which sort of forces our hand in opening up to and innovating on 5G.

The other important aspect to keep in mind is data speed.

While 4G LTE is very stable, the speeds we can get out of 4G is quickly becoming insufficient when compared to our technological demands. With the advent of AI and with integrating IoT with more and more of our daily drivers such as autonomous cars and self-serving shopping counters, these speeds are just not going to cut it.

An autonomous car that’s driving on a chip in the real world not only needs faster speed and bandwidth but also decreased latency in its decision-making.

5G will settle this issue for years to come. It will be blasting quickly and have a lot higher transfer speed, empowering you to browse at speeds up to a hundred times quicker than what you can achieve today.

To offer an example, if you happened to download an HD film of the internet on a 5G connection, with a standard exchange pace of 10GBPS it will finish the undertaking in a matter of two or three seconds.

Added to that, 5G is ready to have a lot lower latency period than 4G LTE. Numerically, 4G LTE latency is around 40-50 milliseconds. 5G, then again, has a latency of 5 milliseconds.

This is extraordinary for AI-controlled tech such as self-driving vehicles since it’ll essentially let the vehicle choose its best course of action nearly in real-time.

Challenges of 5G and the dangers

5G is intended to utilize millimeter waves in the 30-300 GHz frequency which are progressive and never been utilized before. These waves have fundamentally shorter frequencies and are far more hazardous than the ones produced by 4G LTE.

These shorter frequencies additionally don’t have the ability to travel too far which is attributable to their properties. They are additionally infamous for not having the capability to travel through physical obstructions.

What that implies for an innovative usage viewpoint is that 5G will require a lot many towers to make up for this inadequacy. Therefore it is conceivable that the telecom organizations will put these towers anyplace they can and as close by as is possible.

That implies that not exclusively will you need to take a gander at these scaled-down phone towers surrounding you yet in addition that you will be presented to a whole lot more of EMF radiation, thanks to the towers.

5G routers and its risks

Right now many people are confounded and terrified about the 5GHz Wi-Fi network that is installed in their homes. To clarify, this isn’t 5G in any way. 5 GHz and 2.4Ghz, are the frequencies of the most generally recognized framework that Wi-Fi has been using for a long time, and has nothing to do with 5G.

5G concerning this article speaks to the fifth generation of telecom tech and has nothing to do with the frequencies it will use.

That doesn’t imply that your router won’t, over the long term, be utilizing 5G frameworks to give internet in your home.  In fact, many specialists envision that this will be unbelievably normal in the next decade.

Since the 4G LTE that your telephone uses has speeds faster than various homes, and 5G will be up to 100x speedier, you can foresee a number of homes and business anticipating using this.

We may see new routers that push this framework, or even our current devices be altered to push these rates.

Regardless, what we can make certain of is, that we’ll have to shield ourselves from these 5G routers. There are various ways to deal with this, and I will address this briefly.

The best thing you can do is to use a wired connection for your internet needs. Although it adds the extra hassle of taking care of a wire, it also means a much faster and more stable internet connection while eliminating any risk of radiation that may occur because of the Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, there is a large selection of anti-radiation products available on the internet that you can use to protect yourself from the ill effects of radiation that may be caused by exposing yourself to the Wi-Fi radiation. There are several good choices on Amazon that you can buy if you so choose.

We have a detailed guide on these anti-radiation products for your perusal.

Protective measures you can take to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

You can always take preventive measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from harmful radiation generated by 5G.

However, the technology is still in development so we do not quite know yet the exact challenges it will bring or the hardware we will require to use to harvest that increased speed.

That said, some things are for certain such as it will generate way more RF radiation because of the nature of the waveform and we will be exposing ourselves to multiple times the radiation level. Here are a few basic tips that would go a long way in protecting us should be chosen to adopt them:

Keep your distance.

Owing to the properties of 5G radiation, they are harmful but can’t travel very far. Therefore it can be a lifesaver if you put some distance between you and the router.

Stay at least 10 feet away and the risks should minimize significantly. Also, make sure you maintain distance from any smart device that connects to 5G over the air since they can be a source of radiation too.

Go for wired internet

Wired internet is old school but it works. It provides better network stability than wireless and has zero risks of radiation.

Therefore you should seriously consider overlooking the wiring aspect of it and just go for a wired connection instead. It is safer, better, and does not have any health risks. Want to know how to hardWire your home using powerline adapters? Click this link.

Get an EMF meter

 Trifield – EMF Meter Model TF2.

If you are serious about EMF, you’d need to invest in a good quality EMF meter. These meters help in understanding just how much EMF we are exposing ourselves to thus giving invaluable insight into our immediate environment and helping us take an educated approach in eliminating those polluting sources.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, we have a detailed article on EMF meters for your reference.

My personal favorite EMF detection and protection products.

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Related questions

Should I get a 5G router?

The short answer to this is no. 5G routers are designed to blast off very strong radiation every second or so to enable you to connect to the internet wirelessly over a bigger radius.

This is very harmful since it is exceedingly dangerous to be living in an environment with such high degrees of radiation activity. Radiation exposure is cumulative and if exposed to these high levels of radiation on a regular basis, it can severely affect the health of individuals living in that environment.