Protecting Your Home From EMF Radiation

Protecting Your Home From EMF Radiation

Protecting Your Home From EMF Radiation. I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

Today it is almost impossible to escape the devastating effects of EMF radiation, thanks to the myriad number of electronic devices that run our lives.

In this article we go over:

  • Is my home really at risk?
  • Health risks.
  • Reducing EMF radiation in your bedroom.
  • what is dirty electricity?
  • Protecting your home against dirty electricity.
  • Reducing EMF radiation in your kitchen.
  • Reducing EMF radiation in your living space.
  • The choice of meters.
  • Buying an EMF meter.
  • My personal favorite EMF detection and protection products.

We have gone on to become heavily dependent on these gadgets for our living conveniences, which has not only changed how we interact with electronics around us but also the impact these machines have on our physical health and wellbeing.

Needless to say, our exposure to electromagnetic radiation has skyrocketed since the introduction of these devices.

They are all built around electrical circuits which means they radiate EMF radiation and radiation from such close quarters can be severely detrimental to our wellbeing.

A home is a place we consider to be a sanctuary, somewhere we feel protected, and yet we’re right in the middle of radiation onslaught.

In this article, we take a deep dive and figure out the radiation risks at home and how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from its ill effects.

But first I want to tell you y personal must have EMF detection and protection products.

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Is my home really at risk?

In the years past, we had nothing to worry about in terms of EMF radiation and how it affected our health in our own homes.

Advanced electronics have also put us right at the edge of getting exposed to extreme levels of radiation the likes of which our previous generation didn’t even anticipate.

These radiations are real dangers and can lead to several health concerns if we are exposed too much.

As tech evolves, we must address these concerns.

This article on protecting your home from EMF radiation is a little way of recognizing the problem and addressing some solutions so that you have at least one place where you can escape from the constant onslaught of radiation.

At this moment, you are at risk of getting exposed to radiation in your own home, perhaps even more so than the outside world.

In a moment, we will take a look at how to reduce our EMF exposure and how we can actively counter it.

Throughout this article, I will cover a wide range of topics, many of which I’ve written at length about in other articles.

If you come across a topic that is new to you, I encourage you to look it up on our website since there’s a good chance I’ve already written extensively about it.

In that case, it is a good idea to complete reading this article and then opening those topics in a new tab and reading them in detail.

The best practice is to come back to this article again once you’re done with the detailed explanations since that will give you a newfound perspective on the information I’m going to share in this article.

I will also focus individually on each room of the house to give you a better understanding of the levels of radiation you can expect from each room and how to deal with it in a way that is effective and non-disruptive to your daily conveniences.

Health risks of EMF radiation.

There are three primary health risks that you should be concerned about. The first one is thermal abnormalities within our cells.

Radiation is basically strong invisible frequencies.

They can usually penetrate our bodies easily and bounce off our internal cells, thus raising our core body temperature.

Raising temperature automatically makes the body more alert. This makes sleeping very difficult just after using an electronic device.

The higher level of alertness also exhausts our bodies which means we suffer from attention drops and tiredness. The second most important health risk is your immunity system.

Too much radiation can significantly weaken it, thus reducing your body’s power to fend off even common seasonal diseases, resulting in you getting sick more often.

Some say this can also lead to moodiness and depression, both of which are clinical issues and need medical attention.

The third and perhaps most devastating effect radiation can have on your body is a compromised cell and DNA structure.

RF frequencies are small enough to penetrate our bodies but large enough to interact with our internal organs at a cellular level.

Such interference has been shown in theory to be powerful enough to create mutations in our cell and DNA structures which can thus significantly change our body chemistry.

In extreme cases, this can lead to malignancy in cells and thus result in cancer.

We must emphasize here that no cases have yet come to light indicating a direct correlation of EMF radiation with cancer.

However theoretical studies have shown that it is entirely possible thus making it be it a credible threat to our lives and to those of our loved ones.

Reducing EMF radiation in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is where you sleep and thus it is of vital importance that the room is sanitized of all EMF interferences.

You must do everything you can to reduce the effects of EMF radiation in your bedroom and make an effort to change your lifestyle habits that are more inclusive of a gadget-free evening when you come home at night.

For now, here are a few pointers that would be helpful in reducing bedroom radiation:

Limit your cellphone use.

When in your bedroom, you should ideally avoid using your cellphone altogether.

People today have the habit of sleeping with their cellphones which is a terrible habit since you are bombarded with radiation at your most vulnerable – when you’re deep asleep.

A lot of people reason that they need their cell phones with them because it doubles as an alarm.

Alarms are really inexpensive and you can pick up a decent one under ten bucks from any retail store all across America.

Therefore it is not reason enough to stick to your cellphone especially knowing the devastating effects that it can have on the body.

If you must have the phone with you while you sleep, make sure that it is switched over to airplane mode and that you keep it in one corner of the room away from your bed and other electronic gadgets.

This way it can still act as your alarm and not be right next to you.

The best practice, of course, would be to keep the phone in a separate room and keep your bedroom completely radiation-free for optimum safety.

Change your lights. Most of our homes have florescent lights that are harsh and have negative effects on our sleep patterns and attention span.

You are much better off with incandescent lights that would resemble more of natural lighting conditions and wouldn’t be disruptive to your daily schedule.

I have written an article about the best cell phones that emit the least radiation.

It gives you a list of cell phones and their radiation levels. You can find it here.

Turn off your WiFi.

Most of us tend to never turn off our WiFi because of its menial nature.

But keeping your WiFi turned on means radiation since the router connects with your devices wirelessly over it.

Turning off your WIFi when you’re sleeping gives your body an opportunity to rest and repair the damage done to it by radiation from the outside world.

Be wary of ambient EMF radiation. Ambient EMF is basically indirect radiation that is not a result of the direct use of a gadget.

There are several forms of ambient radiation like power lines, dirty electricity, for more on this read How To Protect Yourself From Dirty Electricity. And cell towers find more here Everything You Need To Know About 5G Towers and EMF radiation.

Combating ambient EMF is relatively easy, with several solutions available online that can effectively provide solid defense.

There are also EMF resistant paint and drapes available that you can buy to better protect yourself from these ambient radiations.

But I must point out that these solutions are quite expensive and require special knowhow to do it right.

I have also written an article on how to protect your bedroom from EMF radiation, in it, I show you some products that can help you lower the EMF exposure. You can find it here.

But what is dirty electricity?

A short 2-minute video explaining what dirty electricity is.

Let’s first quantify what we mean when we say dirty electricity.

Dirty electricity, also known as dirty power or electrical pollution, is basically electricity that is stagnant in your wiring and is unusable.

They are quite common, especially in old homes, and give out a ton of EMF radiation.

Dirty electricity is a direct result of our aging power infrastructure. Back in the early 1900s when the power grids were set up, electricity was delivered to homes in the form of alternating current (AC) at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency.

This was done because most electrical devices of the time used the 50-60 Hz range as their ideal power input.

But with changing times and rapidly growing electronic innovations, our electricity needs have changed.

Today, most electrical components are not bound by the same 50-60 Hz range of before.

Instead, they have varying degrees of power needs that they demand of the power line.

The infrastructure, however, hasn’t been upgraded to match the needs of today and can still only pump out power in the same frequency range as before.

The new appliances of today like CFL lights and dimmer switches alter the way they consume electricity.

This creates a high-frequency voltage transient which is basically a lump of electrical charge that just sits on your wire and is unusable.

With time, this becomes bigger and bigger, generating more and more EMF radiation which can have noticeable effects on the inhabitants of the house.

Protecting your home against dirty electricity.

There are some wonderful and easy solutions available that can help you get rid of the dirty electricity from your house.

They mostly come as electrical filters and work by filtering out the excess charge that’s sitting on your wiring.

You can buy Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters from Amazon. Find the latest price and customer reviews here.

They do so by taking the unusable lump of charge and then converting it into 50-60 Hz current that the electric line can then reroute for use.

They can clean out any such voltage lump that is radiating between frequency ranges of 4 Hz to 150 Hz and can significantly reduce the electrical pollution situation in your home.

You can verify the effectiveness of these filters by using specialized dirty electricity meters.

Take a reading of EMF levels before and after using the filter and hopefully, you should see a drop in radiation levels.

Reducing EMF radiation in your kitchen.

Your kitchen is stuffed with electrical devices, all of which emit electromagnetic radiation.

The two biggest EMF generators in the kitchen are the microwave oven and the fridge.

I tested my microwave with a new meter I brought, and I was shocked at the readings.

It had a huge spike when a turned it on, even at four feet away it was still showing a very high output!

I said to my girlfriend I think it’s broken. But it turns out it was normal. I spend another 30 minutes going all over the house testing things.

My son wasn’t impressed I was moving him around when he was playing on his Xbox trying to get a reading from it.

The oven, as the name suggests, uses microwave frequencies to heat up the food inside.

It is needless to say that microwave ovens are not vacuum sealed thus allowing radiation to escape into your kitchen room and if you are close by, it might affect you and your wellbeing.

The best practice to use a microwave is to put the food inside the oven, turn it on and then stand at least 10 feet away while your favorite meal cooks in the microwave.

Once it’s done and the clock on the timer runs out, give it a few seconds before going in to retrieve your food.

You must give it some time before opening the door because the microwave keeps generating new waveforms even after 5 seconds of the device turning off.

You must give it enough time to dissipate the excess radiation, else you stand to be exposed to it.

The second biggest culprit of radiation emission in the kitchen is the fridge. I have another post about fridge radiation here, Do Refrigerators Emit EMF Radiation

The refrigerator is powered by a little device called the condenser which takes hot regular air and cools it to an optimal temperature that would keep our food safe.

The work that the compressor does is very electric intensive and thus it ends up generating quite a bit of radiation from its circuits while working hard to cool the fridge temperature.

The most important thing that you must keep in your mind though is that EMF is cumulative, which means it grows exponentially.

You should therefore never keep your phone or laptop in the kitchen.

It just increases your chances of getting exposed to RF radiation which we all know is not great for health.

If you indeed have to work on your laptop while cooking, keep the laptop near the dining space (or at a fair distance) so that you are not facing two radiating bodies at once.

Reducing EMF radiation in your living space.

Living spaces are difficult to manage when it comes to EMF radiation. This is especially because this is where you would want all your conveniences to be right at your fingertips.

But adhering to these few pointers highlighted below can go a long way in limiting overexposure.

The first thing to really pay attention to in your living space is the WiFi. See this article here. Is It Safe To Sit Near A WiFi Router.

Now, I am a huge proponent of old school Ethernet cables for internet because they provide a more stable internet connection and emit zero radiation.

If you can, get yourself an Ethernet line available on Amazon here so that you can save yourself from a torrent of bad radiation.

If you think that the wires are looking ugly and your concerns are purely cosmetic.

Please reference this video I found off the internet where they teach you how to hide the wires from plain view. You can order it from Amazon here.

I think it is the easiest way to hide any wires in the house.

Hiding cables with the CordMate system.

These are easy methods and are generally the safest option.

However, if you are forced to have a wireless connection, please make sure that you only have it turned on when you’re using it.

We tend to keep it on at all times of the day for the convenience of just connecting to the internet whenever we like.

It’s a small hassle but believe me, it’s totally worth the effort.

The second thing is connecting your gaming console to your router.

Again, try and connect both these two with the Ethernet cable.

This video shows you how to connect hardwire to your Xbox from the router. it’s the same for all consoles.

They provide a stronger connection and do not emit anything.

Be at least 10 feet away from the TV and console when you’re using them and always use the joysticks in the wired configuration so that it uses the wires for communication and does not unnecessarily use the RF channel band for communication.

The third concern is your smart meter and home assistant.

Of late, home assistants have really become a thing with big market players like Google and Amazon entering the vertical.

They too use RF channels extensively so it’s needless to say that they are a cesspool of EMF radiation.

Smart meters, on the other hand, are basically utility meters from the past but digital and wireless.

Back in the good old days, the utility companies would have employees on the payroll whose entire job was to go knock on people’s doors to take the readings off their meters because that was the only way of taking readings.

However, with these new technical advancements, the utility companies quickly figured out that if they just installed meters that would send updates to them remotely, they can do away with those employees, saving millions in the process.

This was obviously a great win for the utility companies but didn’t sound very promising to the customer.

First, they would have a meter record utility spending remotely and then send that data back to another server.

But that’s not all – they also have a receiver channel attached to them because the companies can send commands over to these meters to do certain things remotely (like turning off the electricity if you don’t pay the bill).

Make sure that your reader is not in the bedroom or any rooms where you are likely to spend time every day.

There are several states that actually have addressed this issue and now have an opt-in program in place that gives the consumers a choice to get the smart meter only if they want to. I refused I smart meter.

I found this great video showing you the difference when you use a smart meter shield.

You can order one for yourself on Amazon. I found some here for under 50 bucks.

It is Independently Tested and Shown to Reduce 95-98% RF Radiation from Smart Meters.

EMF from your washing machine.

As we’ve mentioned before, everything that is powered by an electrical circuit generates EMF, and washing machines are no different.

Washing machines emit mostly non-ionizing microwave frequency radiation.

The modern ones are typically notorious for this since they output a much bigger radiation signature than the older models.

The radiation mostly emanates from the control panel of the machine but there is another circuitry too within the machine that radiates their own EMF waves.

Measuring radiation from your washing machine.

As we discussed above, most radiation out of a washing machine is magnetic field radiation.

The best way to gauge the amount of radiation that your model releases is to get yourself a good EMF meter and their measure it manually.

There are several good EMF meters available online and most of them are super easy to set up and use.

I have written a few articles you might want to read bellow.

To begin measuring the magnetic field, first, switch the meter to a magnetic setting.

It should give you readings in the value of mG (or milli Gauss). Start by standing far from the machine and ensuring that the meter reads zero.

Then, slowly walk towards the machine, noting the shift in magnetic field readings as you proceed further.

You are likely to get a reading of about 100 mG near the control panel when the machine is up and running.

The choice of meters.

Some states mandate that the utility companies have an opt-out option on the table so that customers who do not feel safe with having the meter around can opt-out of it.

This will often require you to pay additional money to compensate for the physical human being that they have to get to go down to your house to get the reading.

But this is not the case everywhere.

Some states do have the option of appealing to have a person take the reading at no extra charge.

Solutions if you can’t opt-out.

If your state isn’t one where utility companies are required by law to allow customers to opt-out, here are two innovative solutions that you can use to combat the effective EMF situation.

Smart meter covers: Smart meter covers are a great tool to counter the radiation problem and does well regardless of the situation at hand.

They are inexpensive and readily available which makes it an ideal tool for home use.

These covers are essentially small Faraday cages that block the radiation emanating from your smart meter employing the rules of physics. I have found some here on Amazon.

EMF resistant paint:

EMF protection paint is expensive and only works in a limited number of situations.

However, it would be a perfect solution for this.

However, it is not easy to apply this paint to surfaces since it requires specific know-how.

Therefore be ready to put in some time to first learn how to maximize your potential EMF protection level with this paint so that you can truly appreciate the great product that it is.

Safe Living Technologies YShield RF Shielding Paint 1L. Find out what the latest price is on Amazon here.

  • EMF shielding paint for interior application and exterior application. Excellent shielding qualities for protection against RF radiation, microwave and from low-frequency Electric Fields if grounded
  • Attenuation of 36 dB in one layer (shielding effectiveness of 99.975 %). Electro-conductive coating, liquid water-based and Low-emission (0.2g/liter)
  • High water resistance and environmentally friendly. Apply as a prime coat and cover with interior paint or exterior paint.

Buying an EMF meter.

Having a good quality EMF meter is crucial to countering the dangers of electromagnetic radiation to us and our loved ones.

These meters are vital in helping us understand our surroundings better by recognizing the amount of radiation and the kind that is present in our homes.

It informs you fully on the scale of the problem so that you can then make an educated decision about how to combat the menace of radiation exposure.

Not only that, but it also plays a hand in verifying if the home protection measures put in place by you are actually working by simply measuring it and calculating the difference.

For example, let us consider that you got yourself a smart meter protection filter.

There is no way of knowing if the filter is working for you since it does not have a feedback mechanism. It is just a Faraday cage.

Sure, physics says it’ll work but it’s nice to verify for yourself. That is where the EMF meters come in.

They can help identify the problem and also verify if the solution introduced is working by measuring the difference in radiation before and after the solution was applied.

EMF meters are also very handy if you ever find yourself in need of measuring the EMF radiation levels of your new cellphone or laptop or router.

They are versatile, portable and just an absolute must-have for anyone who is serious about the dangers of EMF radiation in the real world.

It’s one of the best investments you can make because it actually empowers you with information that allows you to go ahead and make positive changes to your home, life and living condition.

One of the most popular EMF meters is the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2.

I got mine from Amazon when they had a deal on it. Check the available price here.

The features and specifications are:

  • Easy to use: just turn the knob to the type of field to be measured
  • Detects all three types of EMF pollution: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave
  • Large LCD for crystal clear, accurate readings with adjustable backlight
  • Peak Hold captures fast pulses, for measuring fast digital signals
  • Sensitive RF mode for measuring mobile phones and Wi-Fi EMF
  • AC magnetic measurements are 3-axis, allowing for quick readings, regardless of meter orientation
  • Unique feature– does both standard AC readings and weighted (emphasizes high frequencies)

There are cheaper meters like:

Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector.

Find the latest price here.


Congratulations on making it to the end of the article.

It was long, detailed and just a beast of a post but you made it through, yay!

I took a very conscious decision while writing this piece to elaborate as much as I can on all the topics that I cover because I wanted this to be a definitive guide for you when it came to protecting your home from EMF radiation.

I’ve tried to pack in as much information as I could’ve but if you still feel anything was lacking or simply just want clarification, please feel free to reach out to me with your questions.

I would end this by pointing out that if you are really serious about protecting your home from EMF radiation, you need to begin by taking stock of the basics.

Start by assessing your current living situation and the levels of EMF radiation you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

This will form a baseline that then you can use to judge your progress as you go forward eliminating sources of radiation and reducing your exposure to those deadly RF waves.

I hope this article helps you with recognizing the potential culprits in your home that emit the most radiation and that you follow through on my advice to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of radiation.

Related questions.

Is my dishwasher generating EMF radiation?

The short answer to this is yes.

But if you are looking to see if that radiation will cause any harm to your mental or physical health, you don’t need to worry about it as long as you’re about 10 feet away from the dishwasher when it’s powered up and running.

The main component that generates EMF radiation within the dishwasher is its control panel, so if you actively stay out of the radius of the radiation propagating from there, there is nothing to worry about.

You can also measure just how much EMF they’re generating. Get yourself a nice EMF meter and change the meter settings to magnetic.

Then, start from far off making sure the meter reading is at zero and proceed towards the dishwasher.

You will notice a spike in the readings. The outermost part from where you begin getting the spikes is the radius of the radiation.

Make sure you stay out of that radius to save yourself from unwanted exposure.