Cell Phones That Emit The Least Radiation

Cell Phones That Emit The Least Radiation

Cell Phones That Emit The Least Radiation. I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

The quick answer is:

10 of the lowest radiation-emitting cellphones are:

  1. VeryKool RS90.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note.
  3. ZTE Zubia 5.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Mega.
  6. Kyocera Dura XT.
  7. Pantech Discover.
  8. Samsung Galaxy Beam.
  9. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 11
  10. PanTech Swift.

This list has been compiled based on data by CNET.

Today, life seems impossible without our regular go-to electronic devices, and none more so than the cellphone.

Smartphones have quickly become the most integral part of our daily lives, intertwining flawlessly with our work environments, be it academics or professional.

Smartphones bring the world to our palms and are an invaluable asset to most of us when it comes to accomplishing the goals of the day.

However, they have a steep cost that we must pay in order to use them. And that is radiation that is emitted from them.

Although adequate research is needed to convincingly state the exact dangers of such radiation, the preliminary data paint a morbid picture.

To tackle exposure to radiation, the FCC in 1996 came up with a set of guidelines for cellphone RF radiation.

This was done collaboratively with other government agencies such as the EPA, FDA, and OSHA to enforce a strict and workable guideline that doesn’t put the users at risk.

The guidelines pioneered a concept called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). It’s given by the rate that body tissue absorbs radiation during phone usage.

SAR value was set to 1.6 Watts for cell phone radiation per Kg of body weight.

This limit was purely informed by the thermal effects and no other biological effects cell phones might have such as mutations in the DNA or cancer.

The SAR limit is calculated considering a cell phone call lasting 30 minutes, being held to the ear.

Holding phones away from the body or using earphones significantly lowers the amount of radiation.

Other features like text messaging too lower the amount of radiation.

Here we list out the top cellphones that emit the listed amount of radiation for your reference:

So Here Are The Top 20 lowest radiation-emitting cellphones.

These are the top 20 cellphones that have the lowest emission ratings available in the market.

Some of them are feature phones while others are smartphones.

Generally, feature phones emit less radiation than smartphones owing to the fact that they don’t have the hardware to carry out extensive computing tasks.

This list has been compiled based on data by CNET.

Name of Cellphone.SAR Value.
1VeryKool RS90.0.18
2Samsung Galaxy Note. 0.19
3ZTE Zubia 5.0.19
4Samsung Galaxy Note 2.0.23
5Samsung Galaxy Mega.0.28
6Kyocera Dura XT.0.32
7Pantech Discover.0.33
8Samsung Galaxy Beam.0.35
9Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 110.36
10PanTech Swift.0.37
11JitterBug Plus.0.39
12Samsung Galaxy Appeal.0.40
13LG Exalt.0.42
14HTC One V. 0.43
15Nokia Lumia 1320.0.46
16LG Optimus Vu.0.46
17Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G.0.47
18Samsung Rugby 3.0.47
19 HTC One Max.0.50
20LG G20.51

Radiation from Apple phones.

Apple is a popular choice when people are looking to buy new phones.

The iPhones manufactured by Apple are cutting edge and a benchmark of technological innovation.

Apple has long been the flagbearer of new tech.

However, they don’t do as well when it comes to radiation emission. Apple phones are notorious for over-emitting and it’s been a problem to dogging them for a long time.

Apple is actively working on lowering its emissions presently for its future models.

If you’re looking to buy Apple, here are the emission stats for iPhones. This is compiled from the values released on Apple’s own website.

Model Name.SAR Value.
Apple Iphone X.1.09
Apple Iphone 8 Plus.1.19
Apple Iphone 8. 1.20
Apple Iphone 7 Plus. 1.19
Apple Iphone 7.1.20
Apple Iphone SE. 1.19
Apple Iphone 6s Plus. 1.14
Apple Iphone 6s. 1.14
Apple Iphone 6 Plus. 1.19
Apple Iphone 6. 1.18
Apple Iphone 5. 1.18
Apple Iphone 5c. 1.19
Apple Iphone 4s. 1.19
Apple Iphone 4 (GSM). 1.11
Apple Iphone 4 (CDMA).0.87
Apple Iphone 3 GS. 0.67

The thing is no one is going to stop using their phone. But there are ways to protect yourself from the radiation by getting an EMF radiation case for your cell phone.

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Radiation from Samsung phones.

Samsung is yet another popular cell phone manufacturer.

They ship their phones with the Android operating system and have long been the front-running device for Android upgrades.

They also are the biggest competition for Apple, both in the United States and worldwide.

Samsung has been consistent in manufacturing phones that have similar SAR values as its Apple counterparts.

Here we take a look at the Galaxy S series of Samsung phones and their respective SAR values.

These have been compiled from the data released by Samsung on their own website.

Model Name.SAR Value.
Samsung Galaxy S9.1.40
Samsung Galaxy S8.1.55
Samsung Galaxy S7.1.59
Samsung Galaxy S6.1.25
Samsung Galaxy S5.1.47
Samsung Galaxy S4.1.18
Samsung Galaxy S3.0.87

If you have a different phone and would like to find out about your phone’s SAR value, the FCC has a database for every phone that is sold in the United States.

Please consult the database whether you want to check your phone’s SAR Value or inquire about a model you’re interested in buying.

But just like the iPhone, there are radiation cases you can buy that will bock out over 99% of the radiation. The best one that has been tested is this case here.

Related questions.

Does a low SAR mean I’m at a decreased health risk?

Unfortunately, SAR values don’t translate directly to human health indices therefore it is impossible to comment on whether lower SAR values would mean lowered health risks.

Lower SAR values indicate lower thermal activity on your tissues while you’re holding up your phone near the ear. They do not speak to other factors such as RF radiation which is why it is inconclusive.

Low SAR value is definitely a starting point but we have to adopt a multifaceted approach to it if we truly wish to understand and control the role of cellphone radiation on our health.