What Is Microwave Frequency

What Is Microwave Frequency

Over the last several articles, we’ve explored the different types of radiation and the effect that they have on our health and wellbeing. We’ve discussed how they harm us and exactly how their frequencies mess with our biological systems.

We’ve also talked about ways to safeguard ourselves and our families from this terrible menace. In this article, however, we put our focus solely on microwave radiation.

We will take a look at what it is, how it is used and the effects it can have on our bodies. Let’s begin!

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Understanding what microwave radiation is

Microwaves belong to the family of electromagnetic radiation wavelengths and are typically found to be between the frequencies of 300 MHz and 300 GHz.

These waves are special in lieu of the fact that they only travel in straight lines. Unlike the lower frequency radio waves, they are not found to diffract around natural surfaces or reflect from the ionosphere.

Since they can only travel in straight lines, microwaves essentially have an ultimate range of about 40 miles or so. That is because after 40 miles, the Earth begins to curve and microwaves are no longer effective.

Even then, at longer distances, the microwave radiations tend to get absorbed by gasses which effectively limits its practical communication distance to about a mile.

That being said, microwaves are some of the most widely used frequency waves in modern wireless technology and communication linking. Its other uses include radio relay networks, remote sensing, radio astronomy, and spectroscopy.

It also finds use in the medical field in techs such as medical diathermy, cancer treatment, and radio-sonography.

From space techs like spacecraft communications and particle accelerators to regular everyday things like garage door opener and keyless entry systems, microwave finds use everywhere.

But perhaps what it is most well-known for is the microwave oven. We will discuss the workings of that too in a moment. But as you can see, despite its restrictive range microwaves are an integral part of the communication, medical and mechanical systems of today.

The microwave oven and its radiation

This is perhaps the most popular gadget that uses microwaves. As the name suggests, the oven uses high-frequency microwave waves to heat the food before eating.

In this section, we will attempt to understand how a microwave oven uses microwave radiation to heat our food for us.

If you took a look at your microwave oven, you’d notice that the oven is divided into two distinct parts – the keypad side and then the box side (where you put your food in).

Behind the keypad sits a magnetron that is designed to generate microwave radiation. The magnetron works by using power from the AC source and converting that energy into high-frequency microwave radiation.

The generated microwave radiation is then sent to the empty chamber where your food lies with the help of a special instrument called a waveguide. The food placed on the plate thus gets cooked by the high energy radiation.

The spinning of the plate ensures that it is cooked evenly and no part is left cold or raw. The microwaves also reflect off the inside surface of the oven and interact with the food.

On interaction, the waveform gets absorbed and is transferred into thermal energy. This makes the food go hot.

However, if you looked closely at the chemistry of it all, the molecules of food that are on the surface of the food vibrate violently when interacting with the microwave.

The higher the rate of vibration, the more the absorption of radiation and thus the hotter the temperature of the food.

There have been several studies conducted and countless papers written on if the high radiation from the magnetron destroys the nutritional value of your food but that’s for another article.

But is microwave radiation (and radiation from microwave ovens) dangerous for us?

Depending on how close you stand next to the microwave oven the radiation that you are exposed to can be dangerous in the long term.

Many people assume that since microwave radiation is mostly non-ionizing thermal radiation, it is therefore not harmful to us. However, we have plenty of research and independent studies that speak to the contrary.

Two latest independent research studies conducted by Stanford University and the University of Essex confirm that there is evidence that even thermal radiation like microwave radiation can do significant harm to your overall wellbeing and DNA structure.

We have studies upon studies that correlate this finding and essentially outlines that the health effects of such radiation exposure for longer periods of time can be truly profound.

In the context of microwave ovens, it is important to understand that when you are using it to heat your food, the microwave radiation generated interact directly with your food which stays on the surface of the food.

When you eat the food, you’re directly consuming that high-frequency waveform through the food you just heated in the oven.

But not only that, when you’re standing near the oven and the meal is getting heated, you are exposing yourself to a huge degree of radiation which can cause severe biological damage.

Depending on how close you stand to the oven and how often, the radiation that you are exposed to can literally be a thousand times more powerful than what would be emitted by a cellphone or a tablet.

This risk of damage to our biology is dangerous and causes serious health complications down the line. Truth be told, the comfort of heating something up in an instance is not worth the level of radiation that you get exposed to.

Thus I highly recommend all of my readers to remove the microwave oven from your house. If you need to reheat food, you still have a perfectly fine stove for that.

Sure it will take a minute more but it will produce zero radiation and your health won’t be compromised in the process.

Is microwave radiation a risk to us?

It absolutely is. All forms of radiation are catastrophic to human health if we allow exposure for a long time. Thus it is imperative that we take concrete actions in reducing our exposure levels.

The best way of course would be to get rid of the source of radiation, i.e. the microwave. But I understand that it is easier said than done. People can’t just change the way of their lives overnight.

Thus, it is imperative that we look at other creative solutions as well to help thwart out microwave radiation from our lives.

The best way to do this would be to invest in good quality anti-radiation products. Most products on the market today offer quality protection against microwave radiation along with a host of other radiation spectrums including 5G.

If you were to buy one, it would not only help you with defending against microwaves but also other such waveforms that are problematic to human health.

This would be a great investment for your part because these products last a lifetime and are perfectly suited to cover your needs.

Anti-radiation products are available today in a lot of variations including shirts, blankets, curtains, and even laptops and phone covers. You can pick which is best suited for you based on your needs.

Most of the anti-radiation products available today also offer protection from 5G radiation which makes them future proof.

If you need a go-to guide for the best anti-radiation products around, I have a detailed article for you. But below are my favorite.

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Can microwave radiation give me cancer?

The simple answer is no. Microwave radiation is mostly non-ionizing and thus display thermal qualities.

They do not have energy enough to split open an atom which is considered to be a breach of DNA sequence and thus a possible starting point of cancer.

But that being said, even thermal radiation can, on long periods of exposure, significantly damage the cellular structure of our body.

That can bring about a suppressed immune system and inducing certain chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart issues.