Can You Wash Anti-Radiation Clothes In The Washing Machine

Can You Wash Anti-Radiation Clothes In The Washing Machine

If you’re here, I’m assuming you already know about anti-radiation clothes and their usefulness in our everyday lives.

They can help us a lot in terms of saving us from potentially dangerous radiation that can create havoc in our lives.

They employ sophisticated techniques and mechanisms to block radiation from interacting with our bodies, thus saving us from its harmful effects.

Of late, they’ve been becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are looking at buying these shirts that not only are stylish but also provide vital protection. In this article, we take a look at these shirts in detail and discuss how to care for them so that they last us a long time.

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The effectiveness of anti-radiation clothes

I’ve dedicated several articles discussing the science behind anti-radiation clothes and how they work to protect us from external radiation.

I’ve gotten into the nitty-gritty of the theory of Faraday cages and explained how simply by adopting the same principle to anti-radiation clothes, manufacturers have been able to cut down on our radiation exposure levels without too much of a hassle.

Anti-radiation clothes are a huge boon in protecting ourselves and our families from radiation. And as more and more of our immediate environments become polluted with radiation, the demand for these clothes will only grow.

Most branded anti-radiation clothes can block 95-98% of the incoming radiation which is a massive amount of radiation. Not only that, but they can also block a variety of radiation waves including ELF, RF, and even 5G.

This will be especially useful in the future when 5G phones become the norm.

Longevity of anti-radiation clothes

Anti-radiation clothes are built to last. However since there is a sophisticated setup going on in the insides of the cloth surface, it is essential to maintain it in the right way for optimum performance.

After all, if we damage the Faraday cage inside, it will be no different than an ordinary shirt.

Most branded anti-radiation clothes are earmarked for 24 months of regular usage. On top of that, they usually come with an enticing 30-day money-back guarantee in case you get shipped a faulty product. So under normal usage conditions, they should last for a long time.

One thing to remember is that the strings used to fabricate the Faraday cage are very delicate and thus need to be handled with care. Thus rough handling of the clothes is not advised.

Wringing too hard is also not recommended since it can put undue stress on the strings and damage them.

How to best take care of your anti-radiation clothes

The best advice I can give you for handling anti-radiation clothes is to be careful. These are not your ordinary fabrics but sophisticated scientific instruments that have been devised to serve a specific purpose.

It is also not advisable to bring it in contact with corrosive agents like hard detergents and bleach.

When folding, you should always pay attention to the conductive Faraday cage inside and make sure that the creases don’t put stress on the strings. You should also not expose it to hot surfaces like iron without protection.

If you need to iron your anti-radiation shirt, make sure to use the lowest heat setting, and even then, lay a piece of fabric on top of your anti-radiation clothes before you start ironing.

You should also be careful of any static charges and thus not place it in the same space as you would wool clothing.

Static charge developed from the rubbing of wool can stay in the Faraday cage for a long time and can give electric shocks to unsuspecting people looking through the wardrobe.

Washing anti-radiation clothes

The question thus emerges – can you wash anti-radiation clothes? The answer is yes, you can but there are certain guidelines that you’ll have to follow. The first thing is probably the method of washing.

Now, anti-radiation clothes are fine to be washed in a washing machine but sometimes doing it over and over can ruin its conductive strings. Thus it is best advised to hand-wash them from time to time.

But if you absolutely don’t have time and need to throw them in the machine, then by all means do it.

The next thing is the use of detergent. Hard detergents can be detrimental to the conductivity of the strings so it’s best advised using a mild detergent (or even soap) when washing the anti-radiation clothes.

Conditioners or bleach is never advisable. They can corrode the strings and it can lose conductivity.

The final thing is to take care of is how you choose to dry your clothes. Do not put it in the dryer since the centrifugal force from the machine can seriously damage the Faraday cage.

The best way is to hang it to dry. Even then, please be careful not to place it in direct sunlight and definitely not inside out. Hang it in the shade and let the heat in the atmosphere dry your anti-radiation clothes.

This way you can get the maximum out of them and not destroy the fabric right away. If you are careful and follow these steps, your anti-radiation clothes could easily last you for years to come.

Buying anti-radiation clothes – online vs offline

Is this your first time buying anti-radiation clothes? Are you not sure where to buy it from? Do you consider buying offline or check out offers online? In this section, I aim to answer just that.

Since anti-radiation clothes are all the rage now, more and more stores are carrying these products. There are hundreds of listings online as well that you can choose from. Then the question becomes, which product should you buy?

The answer to that isn’t very simple. Sure, physical stores will give you the comfort of checking out the products before actually purchasing but online stores will almost always have an enticing offer for the same product which will make the decision that much harder for you to make.

Since online stores are not required to maintain and pay for a physical store, they can thus offer hefty discounts that quickly add up. Plus if you’re buying a branded anti-radiation product, chances are that it comes with a 30-day money-back warranty.

Thus on top of saving a bunch of money, you have peace of mind in case the shipped product turns out to be faulty. Online overall is a great way to buy if you’re looking to save some bucks and don’t mind checking out the quality of the product before buying it.

However, there is a significant portion of the population who just prefer to check the quality by hand before buying. If you’re one of them, that’s absolutely fine. In that case, please go ahead and buy from a physical store.

Just remember that they might not be able to give you the discounts that online sellers would and make detailed inquiries into their return/refund policies.

In general, whether you’re buying from an online store or a physical one, please remember one thing – buy from established brands. Although anti-radiation clothing is gaining popularity, it is still a new niche meaning the marketplace isn’t as strictly regulated.

Thus, a lot of subpar products are also available from sellers who’re just looking to make a quick buck. To a new buyer, it might not be immediately apparent as to which are reputable products and which are not.

Thus you should always do your due research before finalizing a purchase. One great way of making sure that your product of choice is legitimate is to search for them on third party websites like Amazon and reading the reviews there.

If people are satisfied with their purchase decision, go ahead and buy it. If you don’t have time to individually research each product and analyze all reviews, I have prepared a list of amazing anti-radiation products for you that you can use to get started.

In there I recommend the top anti-radiation products that I personally use and vouch for. If you are new to this market, that is a great place to start since the products I recommend are excellent and will give you peace of mind that no matter what the company has you covered.

Can my anti-radiation clothes save me from 5G radiation?

Anti-radiation clothes will usually carry a rating which specifies the kinds of radiation it offers protection against. For newer manufactured anti-radiation clothes, most do offer protection from 5G radiation.

All radiation is essentially blocked in the same way using the same principles. The only difference is the string used since the level of conductivity in the strings determines the amount and kind of radiation protection that the anti-radiation fabric offers.

In any case, you are advised to check the label of your purchase to make sure it protects against 5G radiation.

Also please make sure that it covers the full spectrum of 5G radiation since there are a number of products that only partially protect against lower bandwidth 5G radiation and not the full spectrum.