Blue Light Blocking Glasses Full Review

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Full Review

Children growing up in our modern world have been exposed to tablets, computers, and mobile phones since they were born. Now that tablets and mobile phones have replaced the TV, parents are more concerned about the impact of blue light on their developing eyes, especially since those devices are closer to our eyes.

DefenderShield’s blue light glasses for kids are specifically designed for children’s eyes. Blue light can have a major impact on the developing vision of your child. The orange or yellow lenses of the blue light glasses will reduce eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, fatigue, and attention problems.

The glasses have been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort for your child. It is important they want to wear the glasses, even when the parents are not around.

Keep reading to know more about the protection capabilities of the blue light blocking glasses from DefenderShield!

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Blue Light Protection

Blue light glasses are made with special lenses that can filter out or block blue light from reaching your eyes. These lenses can also protect our eyes from glare and therefore reduce eye strain and the potential damage of blue light on the eye.

By being glued to screens, whether they are mobile phones, tablets, or TVs, our children are constantly exposed to blue light. This constant exposure can have several limiting effects on the vision and the eye health of the child.

It is therefore important that your child always uses the glasses when they are using any electrical device. Wearing blue light glasses must become a natural habit for maximum protection of your child’s eyes.

This can prevent negative impacts of blue light, including eye strain, irritated, watery, or dry eyes. Moreover, blue light can also affect the sleep cycle of your child, as it can influence your circadian rhythm.

The presence of blue light reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone that triggers sleep. Also, the glare from the screen and the stark contrast in colors can be tough on the eyes and cause discomfort.

Features And Benefits

DefenderShield has taken special care to design the glasses ergonomically for maximum comfort for children.

1.   Silicone Rubber Frames And Ear Hooks

The frame of the glasses is made of durable rubber to improve flexibility and comfort. Using rubber also makes it difficult for the frame to break when dropped or handled by kids.

You can even use the additional ear hooks made in silicone for added support. The length of the ear hooks can be customized for a non-slip fit and also increase the lifespan of the glasses.

2.   CR-90 Lenses

The lenses used by DefenderShield are shatterproof, which is a major benefit when buying glasses for kids. These lenses are also lightweight for the comfort and convenience of your child.

3.   Anti-smudge Coating

With the anti-smudge coating on the lenses make sure that you do not have to clean the glasses all the time. It also reduces any fingerprints on the lenses when the glasses are being used by children.

4.   Anti-fatigue Characteristics

The blue light glasses have an anti-fatigue element that can improve the concentration, attention, and readability of small characters.

It reduces the additional strain on the eyes when reading small characters on a screen. The anti-fatigue element also improves the contrast of the screen to help the brain discern between the different colors on the screen.

5.   Anti-glare Coating

Adding to the smudge-proof feature of the lenses, they also have an anti-glare coating that removes almost all reflections from the surfaces of the lenses.

Your child is guaranteed to always have top-notch visibility with the glasses, whether there are reflections from the front or back of the lenses.

Orange Lenses Vs. Yellow Lenses

DefenderShield provides two types of lenses for blue light glasses for children. You can choose between the orange or yellow lenses and they provide different benefits.

Orange lenses can filter out up to 99% of blue light while yellow lenses only filter out 50%. However, the level of blue light blocking is dependent on the time that you will use the glasses. Since yellow lenses only filter out 50%, it is best to use them during the day when blue light has a lesser effect on your eyes.

In contrast, orange lenses are better to use at night, when blue light has a greater impact on your circadian cycle. Therefore, choose the color of lenses that is most appropriate for your family’s lifestyle.

You should also note that the yellow lenses provide a slight amber tint to your vision and are very similar to the vision of regular glasses. It allows your child to view the colors from visible light as naturally as possible.

The orange lenses provide a darker tint, reducing the impact of blue light on your sleep to maintain your sleep cycle. If your child suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), orange lenses can be too stimulating and overpowering on the eyes compared to yellow lenses.

Overall Review

There are several reviews on DefenderShield’s website that testify to the satisfaction of buyers for the blue light glasses for kids. Most children enjoy wearing them, which then develops into a habit.

Moreover, customers also report that the glasses do not slip off even if they may be slightly big on their child’s face. The rubber frame is flexible enough that it does not hurt after wearing the glasses for long hours.

With the emergence of online classes during the pandemic, more parents have turned to DefenderShield’s blue light glasses to protect the eyes of their children. The ear hooks are also a great help to prevent the glasses from slipping, especially if the child’s face is too small.

Various parents were pleased to find that the glasses were long-lasting and felt that they made a good investment to protect the health of their children. Some buyers are even purchasing the blue light glasses for their toddlers.

However, one person stated that the orange glasses can be slightly too dark for their child, even at night. Find out more here.