DefenderShield Duvet Cover Full Review

DefenderShield Duvet Cover Full Review

There are an increasing number of people being concerned about the impacts of EMF on our health, especially with the introduction of 5G in our daily routine. To help us, companies like DefenderShield have invented technologically advanced products that can protect us from radiation.

DefenderShield’s duvet cover has integrated EMF blocking fibers that works in perfect combination with their protective blanket to offer double protection. The duvet cover is available in all sizes in hypoallergenic organic cotton and has a sateen finish for a comfortable feel.

With several positive reviews on their website and on third parties, the duvet covers are a favorite among DefenderShield’s consumers. The overall 4.8 stars on their website show the satisfaction and credibility of the cover’s ability to protect you from radiation.

If you are curious about the duvet cover and its EMF blocking powers, keep scrolling!

How Does It Protect You?

The duvet cover is designed to work alongside the DefenderShield Blanket to offer double EMF shielding protection against radiation from your cell phone, Wi-Fi, TV, laptop, and any other electrical devices in your vicinity.

DefenderShield’s blanket has two layers of EMF shielding material surrounded by an organic bamboo fabric.

Starting from only $39.99, the duvet is made of hypoallergenic organic cotton that is long-lasting, machine-washable, and a dryable cotton material. 

Yet, the main purpose of the duvet cover is to protect the EMF shielding blanket from getting dirty. Moreover, there are several anecdotal reports stating that people suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) benefit from the duvet cover.

They do not feel the symptoms of EHS which are most commonly headaches, nausea, tiredness, digestive problems, and dizziness. You can also use a normal blanket inside the duvet cover and the cover would still protect you from radiation to a certain extent.

The best way to use the cover is to pair it up with the EMF blocking blanket from DefenderShield. The covers were specifically invented to perfectly fit the different blanket sizes available on the website.

The Features And Benefits

DefenderShield’s cover stands out from any competitors because of these reasons:

1.   100% Organic Cotton

The duvet cover is made of 100% organic cotton that is known for its durable characteristics due to the strong 300 thread count of the cotton material. 

You can rest assured that the cotton was grown and treated with sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods.

2.   Silky Smooth Sateen Finish

Compared to the organic bamboo material used in the blanket, the cotton sheets used are slightly less squishy and soft. Instead, the cotton sheet has a sateen finish for a silky smooth feel to make you more comfortable.

The luminous sheen of the cotton material also gives the covers a luxurious appearance.

3.   Perfect Fit For DefenderShield’s EMF Blocking Blanket

If you are considering getting the EMF blocking blanket, the duvet cover was specifically created for the standard, queen, and full EMF blanket.

It protects the blanket from any stain or dust and also reduces the frequency of machine washing. This increases the lifespan of the two layers of EMF shielding material in the blanket.

4.   Hypoallergenic Material

The cover is also perfect for children as if it is free of pesticide, pigment, bleach and is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is perfect for everyone, even if you suffer from allergies or any mild skin condition.

The neutral and minimal treatment of the organic cotton will ensure that your skin will not be triggered by chemicals used in other materials.

5.   Zipper Closure And Corner Ties

The duvet cover comes with corner ties and a zipper closure for optimum protection for your EMF shielding blanket.

The zipper makes it easier to put and remove the cover from your blanket for washing up and the corner ties ensure that your blanket stays in place inside the cover.

Overall Review Of The Duvet Cover

Since the main function of the duvet cover is to protect the EMF blocking blanket from stains and dust, the cover performs very well. In terms of comfort, the sateen finish of the organic cotton provides a luxurious feel to the touch and without being too rigid or scratchy.

Several people are very happy with the cover as the blanket does not move inside, preventing bunching up and constant readjusting.

According to the reviews, washing the cover on a delicate cycle is enough to clean it completely while keeping the shape and sateen finish of the 100% organic cotton.

Another buyer stated that the zip opens and closes easily without getting stuck. The presence of a zip instead of buttons makes it easier to put one and remove the cover for washing.

You should note that the duvet cover does not block any EMF radiation but it should be used in conjunction with the blanket.

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How to use the cover?

From the website, DefenderShield provides different methods according to the size of your blanket. For the standard size, you are asked to unzip the duvet cover and put your blanket inside.

There are no corner ties for the standard size, so you only need to match the corners and zip the cover again. The methods for the full and queen-size blankets are slightly different.

Four corner ties are provided for you to tie the corner of the blanket. It makes sure that the blanket does not move within the covers for maximum and constant protection from EMF waves.

To tie the corners, you need to flip the duvet cover inside out and match the corners of the blanket to the corner ties. The full and queen size blankets have loops at their corners to allow you to tie the blanket and the duvet cover together.

After tying two corners with the duvet cover inside out, you need to turn the cover with the right side out and tie the remaining loops of the blanket with the cover. Once you have tied everything and that the blanket is not moving, you can zip them up and they are ready to use.

To use the blanket and cover properly, the blanket must always be between you and your electronic device. By using the blanket day and night, you will significantly reduce your EMF exposure over the long run. To find the latest price and where to order here