Can Your pet Get Affected By EMF radiation

Can Your pet Get Affected By EMF radiation

Can Your pet Get Affected By EMF radiation? I have spent many hours researching to find you the answers in this article.

EMF poses a real danger to all of us in terms of our health and wellbeing. If you’ve been to this site before, you’d know just how passionate I am in educating the common folk about the harmful effects of EMF and the practices and things they can adopt in order to protect themselves.

But the question I get the most is if EMF would be equally dangerous for your pets. Today, we focus on just that.

We take a look at how EMF works, what effect it has on a pet (we are considering a hamster since it is a very popular pet), and how you can keep your pets safe from the deadly radiation.

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The basics of EMF radiation

The basics of EMF radiation

When I say EMF, sometimes people assume I mean electromotive force. While it is true that that is also abbreviated to be EMF, here what I mean by it is the electromagnetic force.

Now people who are not as aware of EMF would often ask me how it is generated and why it is so bad but before we can delve into that, lets first understand what EMF really is.

EMF is not a singular force but rather an umbrella of forces generated by multiple sources.

The most common of them is the electromagnetic force. This is found in every circuit board and is a direct result of Faraday’s laws of electromagnetism.

In laymen terms, Faraday hypnotized that since electric current and magnetic flux are correlated, therefore a current flowing through a conductor will create a magnetic flux of equal amplitude around that conductor and vice versa.

All electronics generate this magnetic flux which is basically radiation. However, this radiation is pretty localized and quite weak, meaning it cannot travel very far.

Thus, all damages from this radiation can be avoided if we just make sure to keep a distance of six feet or more from our electronic devices.

The other common radiation is Radio Frequency. This is the one that wireless devices use to connect to each other and share data.

Smart devices will use this frequency for all things wireless – from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi and they are also capable of carrying large encoded files within them. This type of radiation is more dangerous because of two reasons:

  • It is intentionally generated and thus stronger. The radiation has to be more powerful since it is carrying information encoded within it. These are also high energy radiations since they need to travel a fair distance to be intercepted by the target recipient device.

These radiations are quite high energy and have very high frequencies, meaning they can pass through physical obstacles with relative ease.

This is especially worrying because it can therefore easily penetrate our skin and tissues, directly interacting with our cellular structure.

While RF radiation is non-ionizing in nature (meaning it does not have energy enough to split atoms), it can still put our bodies under considerable stress which has been shown to be a factor in contracting chronic diseases like diabetes prematurely.

The third most common type of radiation in the microwave. Microwave radiation is generated in the microwave frequency and is usually a byproduct of another frequency operation.

They are mainly responsible for increased thermal activity. A good example is your PC. If your computer runs for too long and there is no AC, you’d quickly realize your room to be heating up.

This is because the computer generates microwave radiation as a byproduct which is released into the room and then heats up the environment.

EMF effect on pets in your home

Now the question at hand, can EMF really affect our pets? The answer to that is an emphatic yes.

Moreover, EMF actually stands to hurt your pet even more that it can hurt you. Let me explain.

Pets, no matter if it is a dog or a hamster, are smaller than the average human being. They also have lower bone density, muscle density, and body mass.

What this means is that the high energy radiation waves can more easily penetrate their bodies than they can for a regular human being. This implies that the same amount of radiation would do much more harm to your pet than it would do to you.

These risks are especially pronounced in smaller pets such as hamsters. They have such tiny bodies and small brains that any high degree radiation can mess with their biological systems and even cause irreparable damage.

There have been studies showing EMF to result in developing brain tumors and lowered cognitive abilities in hamsters.

What makes it even worse is that your pets are very unaware of this danger and do not possess the skills to comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Therefore it is incumbent upon you to keep your little buddies safe from the harmful radiations that your smart devices are generating.

You cannot instruct a pet to avoid radiation that they cannot see and therefore must do everything you can to reduce their exposure. In the next section, we discuss how you can do just that.

Reducing EMF radiation exposure on your pets

The first step to reducing EMF exposure for your pets is to keep them away from your smart devices. In fact, try and replace all of your smart devices with regular ‘unsmart’ ones.

Sure some will be harder to replace than others (like your cellphone) but believe me, you really do not need a smart refrigerator. The regular versions of these appliances work just fine and produce zero intentional radiation.

This is especially important because you still get to have the comfort that the appliance provides without worrying about the harmful radiation that it is giving out. This way, not only will your pet be safe but also you will be safe since radiation affects everyone.

The important thing here is to increase effective distance. Make sure your pets maintain at least six feet of distance from your smart gadgets at all times.

It can be difficult to enforce if you have bigger pets such as dogs but you can circumvent that hassle by just putting all of your smart devices in one room and barring your pets from entering that room.

Alternatively, you can try anti-EMF products that promise to reduce your EMF exposure. They can come in a variety of options. Some of the most popular ones are anti-EMF blankets, covers, and sheets.

Alternatively, you can also opt for EMF absorbent paint and paint the wall adjoining those devices to reduce total EMF emittance. However, EMF paint is relatively expensive and only comes in black.

Other precautions for your pets protection

Your pets are defenseless against these deadly radiations and therefore you must act on their behalf to protect them from these harmful rays.

If you have a hamster, you should never keep it on the same level as your cellphone, especially if you’re using the phone.

Try and keep them at an elevated space like atop a cupboard so that they are not in the direct path of radiation.

However, this wouldn’t be of much use if there are multiple devices in your room and they’re all emitting RF radiation. In that case, either remove them from the room or cover them with an anti-EMF product we mentioned above.

If you are interested in what types of anti-EMF products are available on the market, we have an extensive guide detailing each product and its features for your perusal.

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Related questions

Can my pet hamster be harmed if I keep him above my gaming console?

Gaming consoles are notorious for emitting large amounts of electromagnetic radiation. However, they are of shorter frequency and thus do not have the ability to travel too far from the source. However, since you keep your hamster right above the console, these radiations interact directly with your pet.

That aside, these consoles work by generating a massive amount of RF radiation (used to control the joysticks wirelessly). These RF radiations are high energy and absolutely terrible for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

There are studies showing tumor formation in hamsters because of excessive radiation exposure and the kind of radiation you’re subjecting your little pet to is more than concerning.

Please remove him from that environment and relocate to a space that is void of any radiation at all. The thing with radiation is that the body has a natural ability to heal from exposure to radiation but you need to give it time.

Constant radiation exposure puts the body in a lot of pressure and it fails to heal properly. Thus, keep him in a no-radiation zone for about three months and he should hopefully recover from the damage caused by being exposed to this harmful radiation.