Anti Radiation Boxer Briefs For Men

Anti Radiation Boxer Briefs For Men

In this website, we’ve thoroughly discussed radiation and how it affects human health. We’ve covered topics from what it can do to babies to expecting mothers to the average Joe.

However, one aspect of radiation we’ve not spoken in depth about is the kind of effect it can have on men and their vitality.

This is a very serious concern, one that all men should be worried about and quickly take precautions against to protect themselves from its egregious ramifications.

We’ve previously discussed how radiation interacts with human biology at the most basic level. Drawing from that, we would go further into exploring exposure to radiation in men and how it affects their reproductive systems.

The science on this is clear and truth be told, does not paint a rosy picture. In this article, we begin with an introduction to radiation, how it affects men, and the things you can do to protect yourself from this deadly menace.

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An introduction to radiation

In laymen’s terms, radiation can simply be described as electronic pulses generated as a result of electromagnetic induction.

Now, these pulses can sometimes be natural (as in the case of EMF) and sometimes be deliberate (like RF).

As the world moves more and more towards wireless communication, we see an ever-increasing use of these radiations to transmit data wirelessly. Today all smart devices, regardless of whether it is your laptop or smartphone, or something else, connect to the internet through Wi-Fi.

They also have the ability to connect with each other through Bluetooth technology. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use RF radiation to enable this wireless transfer of data.

To understand how they work, let us first understand how data is processed in a smart device. When you are sending a text from your phone via the internet, it first gets broken down and arranged into ‘data packets’. These data packets are then embedded between high-frequency radiations such as RF that is emitted by the phone.

Your router receives this radiation and decodes the data packets. When your friend replies to your message, the same thing happens in reverse. Your router sends an RF radiation signal with the data packets embedded inside and your phone receives and decodes it.

Obviously, the real operations that go on to facilitate wireless connections are more sophisticated than this but generally, this is the underlying principle.

How radiation affects men

How radiation affects men

We’ve discussed how radiation is generated. In this section, we will take a look at the risks that radiation poses to our health and general wellbeing. Radiations are powerful electromagnetic pulses.

They are powerful enough to penetrate physical obstacles easily like walls and have high energy that allows them to travel far distances.

Now, if our bodies are exposed to this radiation, the bones and muscles aren’t strong enough to defend against it. Thus, it interacts directly with our cellular structures.

The high energy manifests as increased thermal activity and that puts the body under a lot of stress. Under stress, the body cannot function properly thus leaving us vulnerable to a plethora of short term and chronic conditions.

That said, the risk to men is even greater than the rest of the population. This is because exposure to radiation can pose a serious threat to their reproductive abilities and theoretically can even render them sterile.

How radiation affects men

The high energy radiation can break down our reproductive processes and do damage in a way that is irreparable. Radiation has also been linked with lower levels of testosterone, which is an essential reproductive hormone.

A few years ago there were several studies conducted that showed a direct correlation between usage of smartphones and a decrease in sperm count.

Experts hypothesize that this is because sperm is stored externally and the close proximity of your phone (when it’s in your pocket) and your reproductive organs have a negative effect on sperm development.

This is truly a matter of concern and we must, therefore, do everything we can to protect ourselves from this danger. However, there isn’t really a lot of practical options available for us to choose from.

The best way forward is to invest in a good quality anti-radiation product that is designed to protect us from this explicit danger.

In this article, I will recommend to you my top choice of anti-radiation boxer briefs for men that are built around safety, gives you the utmost protection, and is super comfortable to wear.

Radiashield men’s boxer-briefs

Radiashield men's boxer-briefs

The boxer briefs by Belly Armor are my absolute favorite when it comes to anti-radiation products for men.

The patented RadiaShield technology used for radiation shielding is tested extensively by third-party labs and they are all of the mutual consensuses that it is one of the best anti-radiation technologies available in the market today.

They provide complete protection to your male reproductive organs and reduce other related health risks drastically.

Radiation from your phone and other smart devices can cause serious fertility problems including reduced sperm count, motility, viability, and degraded sperm morphology.

The Belly Armor boxer briefs counter that by providing protection on both sides that actively block radiation from your reproductive organs. The manufacturer claims to block 99% of all radiations emitted and have testing reports available on their website to back up those claims.

The material used is lightweight, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, breathable, and machine washable so you can wear it daily and for long stretches without worry.

The hundreds of positive reviews for this product are a testament to its superior quality and top-notch radiation shielding capabilities which is why I feel confident in recommending to you this wonderful product.

It’s very popular among the brand loyalists and it even got widespread recognition with the 2017 Eco-Excellence Awards in the Fashion for Dad category. This is a product that I blindly trust and you cannot go wrong with it.

They are priced reasonably, come in multiple sizes, and provide a solid bang for the buck. If that all wasn’t enough, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee with each of your purchases, meaning you can easily return the item for the full price should you not choose to keep it.

It doesn’t get better than that!

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Related questions

Can radiation cause infertility?

Experts have hypothesized radiation to be a possible underlying cause of infertility. We already have data to show that it causes a reduction in sperm count and degraded sperm morphology so it is not out of the realm of possibilities to imagine it would also cause infertility.

We cannot however say that conclusively since not enough studies have been done on the subject. That said, even the possibility of it is scary and should be reason enough for us to take caution.