Should I Give A Phone To My Child?

Should I Give A Phone To My Child

We now live in a digital era where mobile phones have become an integral part of our society. Wherever we go in all the corners of the road, we see people on smartphones.

The recurrent question which therefore arises is whether a child should be given a mobile phone. You should take many factors into account such as age, the needs, and demographics. However, the final decision will remain yours as a parent.

While there are security and safety aspects to consider, the health impact of mobile phones can be sometimes overlooked.

With the new concerns rising about the EMF radiation children’s health and wellbeing, giving a phone to your child could be more impactful than we think;

Want to know more about this interesting topic? Let’s dive into our detailed analysis for that!

The Minimum Age

It’s entirely up to you when to give your child their first cellphone. Your child’s maturity level, ability to follow home (and school) regulations, sense of responsibility, and your own family’s requirements are more significant than their age.

Given the time spent per day on mobile phones, you should be cautious of the age at which you want to give your child a phone.

For instance, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft himself, prevented his children from having phones until the age of 14. Getting your child his or her first phone is a very personal decision, but many children nowadays begin asking for (and receiving) phones as early as elementary school.

Peer pressure like this makes it more difficult for parents who wish to put off the inevitable. It should be noted that when you’re handing your kids a phone, you’re also handing strong communication and media-production tools.

Parents must really examine whether their children are capable of using their phones appropriately and respectfully. Moreover, children’s developing bodies are more susceptible to EMF radiation.

Having a phone constantly next to them will significantly increase their EMF exposure, leading to potential health complications down the line.

Is It A Need Or A Want?

Some things to think about when giving your child a phone is whether they really need it. Is it a capricious want or an essential need for them?

You should also think about whether a phone is necessary for them to communicate for their own safety. Some parents loved the idea that their child had a safety net and that they could simply contact them if they felt unsafe while walking home from school or riding the school bus.

Among separated parents, it can prove to be useful. Moreover, EMF exposure could increase the risk of developing leukemia among children.

A report from the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal stated that high exposure to EMF waves could have detrimental effects, especially childhood leukemia. Therefore, giving your child a phone is a heavy decision to make.

Pros Of Giving A Phone To Your Child

One of the best reasons to give a phone to your child is to allow communication at all times. Giving your child a phone means that you will be able to contact them quickly in urgent situations.

This added sense of comfort and protection is perhaps the main reason parents should consider purchasing a phone for their small child. A phone could be your sole lifeline to your children in the event of a true tragedy, such as a school shooting.

While the major reasons to consider obtaining your child a cell phone are safety and security, there may be other advantages such as preventing your child from feeling left out if their friends already have phones.

It should also be noted that a phone can give a teen a sense of responsibility and help them become more mature.

The Cons

There are a variety of reasons to delay granting your child a phone, particularly during the pre-teen years.

1)   The Price

Cell phones may be quite costly. Extra charges may apply if you exceed your data restrictions, purchase applications and music, or use the internet.

Another expense would be replacing the phone if it is lost or stolen.

2)   Access To A Wider Range Of Websites

A phone also provides another means for the world to communicate with your youngster. Some dangerous people could communicate with your teenager behind a fake identity to talk to or groom them.

3)   Health Problems

A cell phone is the primary source of EMF radiation in one’s life. With the recent 5G technology, EMF waves have increased in strength since the body is even more prone to absorbing the shorter wavelengths.

A report from Plus One Journal analyzed three studies done on EMF waves and childhood cancer. The findings show a significant link between high EMF levels and leukemia among children.

Moreover, blue light from phones decreases melatonin levels (sleep hormones). This could heavily impact their sleep quality, leading to reduced sleep for growing children.

How To Protect My Child From EMF Radiation?

1)   Limit Screen Time

The first step to protect your youngsters from EMF radiation would be to limit their screen time on all electronic devices. For example, create rules that mobile phones can’t be used at the dinner table and electronic games can’t be used for too long periods of time.

This would significantly reduce your children’s vulnerability to EMF waves.

2)    Turn Off Your Electronic Devices At Night

Because it is unobtrusive, it is typical to leave the Wi-Fi router on at night. Smartphones are frequently kept on at night and are frequently placed on nightstands near children’s bedrooms.

Moving forward, it may be a good idea to put all of your devices in airplane mode while your children are sleeping. The combination of Wi-Fi signals and EMF radiation from cell phones double the amount of EMF waves in your child’s environment.

3)   Use EMF Blockers

Another interesting option would be to shield your child directly from the radiation. There are nowadays companies such as DefenderShield which produce gadgets known as RF shields for common household products, as well as radiation safety equipment for smartphone and tablet cases.

They are designed to reduce the risk of exposure for users and can effectively protect your youngster from harmful EMF radiation.

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