EMF Radiation Protection Products For Your Baby

EMF Radiation Protection Products For Your Baby

It is no secret that radiation is dangerous for our health. However, the risks are doubly compounded when you consider a child getting exposed to the same radiation.

We are practically surrounded by devices that emit radiation today and there is very little that we can do to really avoid these high levels of exposure.

Radiation has been shown to create havoc on the body, including catalyzing the development of illnesses so you can only imagine the extent of damage it can do to children whose immune systems aren’t as strong and who haven’t yet fully developed.

Radiation has been shown to be doubly as dangerous to kids as they are to adults. This is because of their biology. A child’s body is always changing as it evolves to grow into a healthy adult.

However, because of this constant change, it makes the body more susceptible to things like radiation.

The bones and skin tissues in a kid aren’t matured yet to provide decent protection against these deadly rays and thus the intensity of radiation that interacts with the cellular structure in a kid is much higher than that of an adult.

We are surrounded by radiation generating gadgets everywhere. From our smartphones to laptops to smart TVs to even refrigerators – everything generates radiation. These radiations are further compounded by making these gadgets ‘smart’.

Essentially what it means is that the gadget is enabled to be connected to a common network via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, this means that the gadget ends up radiating far more because of the demanding RF radiations that are necessary to operate wirelessly.

Our bodies are being bombarded all the time with these radiations. Although they are non-ionizing, meaning that they do not have enough power to split open an atom, they still are very powerful.

They are high energy and can easily penetrate through physical objects such as walls. This means that our bodily defenses like out bones or skin can do little to keep us safe from radiation.

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How radiation interacts with children

Radiation has a greater intensity while interacting with kids because they lack maturity in their bones and tissue structure to defend itself and reduce the power of radiation.

The high powered radiation rays increase thermal activity on cells, thus putting the body under duress. The high-intensity radiation interferes with cell multiplication which is an essential bodily function and very important in keeping us healthy and safe.

The constant stress of thermal activity forces the body to make imperfect copies of cells which are dangerous and can be attributed to various diseases. Children are likely to contract multiple chronic conditions if continued on a regular basis.

Controlling the radiation around your baby

There isn’t really a go-to solution out there that can solve all of our radiation problems. The best solution obviously is to eliminate the source of radiation itself but most times it’s easier said than done.

If the majority of radiation in your house is from the laptop or your smartphone, it isn’t really feasible to just stop using those devices. Therefore, we have to come up with and invest in novel solutions that aim to solve this specific problem.

Thus introducing anti-radiation baby products. These are special radiation-proof items that are available in multiple forms – shirts, beanies, blankets et al.

The best part about them is that they do a fantastic job of protecting your children from deadly radiation all the while looking stylish. But which product do you buy?

There are literally a million products out there today for you to choose from and it is important that you know which one to buy.

This is especially because since radiation-proof products aren’t mainstream yet, there are a lot of vendors flooding the market with sub-par or worse products aimed at simply earning a quick buck.

While this is very unfortunate, there are also a lot of very reputable products out there and you should never let them trick you into buying a bad one.

So how do you decide which one is best? The brand value certainly helps. There are certain companies like DefenderShield or Baby Armor that’ve been in the anti-radiation space for quite some time and have consistently come out with superlative products backed by actual data and tested by third-party FCC verified labs.

If you are just getting your feet wet, these are good brands to start with. You can also go read the customer reviews that real people have leftover e-commerce sites like Amazon or review sites like Yelp.

These customers have no reason to lie and thus can give you a realistic idea of what you can expect should you choose to buy a particular product.

In this article, we are going to be taking a quick look at a Baby Bundle by Body Armor. I am going with this because firstly, Baby Armor is a world-renowned brand, and secondly, this is an absolute winner in terms of quality and the value it provides. We will go into detail in the next section.

Baby Bundle by Baby Armor

The baby bundle sold by the manufacturer Baby Armor is a great product to get if you are concerned about radiation and want to ensure the safety and security of your child from these dangerous radiations. They are made to cater to children from newborns to up to 2 years.

The bundle is made in partnership with JJ Rabbit and features a Belly Armor Belly Blanket Organic Print (in Stars Pattern), a Baby Hat, and a JJ Rabbit Bib Set of 2. JJ Rabbit is a popular brand that is well recognized for its safe and environmentally friendly products.

JJ Rabbit products are free of all common compounds that are found in traditional plastics such as BpA, Phthalate, and PVC. This is to make sure that no unwanted compounds leach on to the plastics and eventually make their way into your little one’s body.

The hat uses a Faraday cage to protect your child’s head from dangerous radiation and the bib also sports anti-radiation shielding technology which helps in negating the effects of radiation that may exist in the immediate environment. They come in multiple color options and sizes.

This is great because you can choose your size based on your child’s age and thus get the best protection for them.

Baby Armor is having a sale at the moment if you choose to buy now. The offer can be availed by entering coupon code as advertised on their website before checking out.

What’s more, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the bundle so that if your child doesn’t like it or if you would like to have it in a different color, you can simply return the product and get your full money back.

This is a great product, one that I can objectively get behind and recommend to you. If you have a young child at home and are concerned about radiation, you should definitely invest and get yourself one.

The bundle is great because it packs all the essentials you’d need at a great deal and they all protect your child from radiation. If you are still hesitant, I am sure the countless reviews on their website will be overwhelmingly convincing in helping you make up your mind. Happy shopping! Order direct from their website here.

Related questions

  1. Are babies more likely to be affected by radiation?

Yes, babies are more likely to be affected by radiation. Radiation such as RF is very powerful and their energies are so high that they can easily penetrate through physical objects like walls.

Therefore, when it comes in contact with a child, it pierces through the underdeveloped bones and tissues straight to their cellular structure and the high intensity contributes to the increased thermal activity which puts the body under stress.

So yes, children are more susceptible to radiation damage than adults.