Are Children More At Risk To EMF Radiation?

Are Children More At Risk To EMF Radiation?

With the exponential improvements of technology in our modern lifestyle, children are more exposed to mobile phones, tablets and computers. This increase in exposure to electrical devices results in an enhanced vulnerability to EMF radiation.

Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic forces (EMF) radiation than adults. Although a concrete answer on the impact of EMF radiation on children is not yet established, several studies show that precautionary actions should be taken.

Moreover, the American Academic of Pediatrics strongly recommends that parents should not expose their toddlers and infants to mobile phones or tablets.

Continue reading if you want to know more about the effects of EMF radiation on children and what steps you should follow.

Health Risks Of EMF Radiation For Children

EMF radiation may cause several health risks in children, including leukaemia and nefarious impacts on the developing central nervous system (CNS) of the brain and spinal cord.

With the increase in electromagnetic fields in various countries, particular concerns are arising regarding the health of children and the effect of low-frequency magnetic fields (ELF).

Researchers have discovered some links between ELF exposure and the development of childhood cancer. Since a child’s skull is softer and more fragile than that of an adult, the developing brain of your child is more susceptible to EMF waves.

Mobile phone radiofrequency (RF) is one of the main sources of EMF in your child’s environment. There are possible risks that RF radiation and ELF emission from mobile phones and tablets could lead to brain cancer and impaired cognitive function in children.

Both ELF and RF are components of EMF radiation and usually range from 0 to 300 GHz. These waves are generated to distribute electricity and telecommunications across the globe for a comfortable modern lifestyle.

However, the correlation of EMF waves and carcinogenic properties led the International Agency for Research on Cancer to classify EMF radiation as “possible human carcinogens”.

Therefore, parents have the responsibility to minimise their children’s exposure to EMF radiation.

What Does Science Say?

While there is a polarising debate on the effect of EMF on children, there is substantial evidence that children are more vulnerable to EMF waves.

As stated in the Clinical and Experimental Paediatrics Journal, children’s nervous systems are more susceptible to the impacts of EMF radiation than that of adults.

The authors concluded that there are several knowledge gaps regarding EMF waves and children’s health, but preventative actions should be taken to mitigate EMF exposure.

The study also stated that the classification of EMF as potential carcinogens should not be taken lightly.

Another study from the Paediatrics Journal found that the prolonged exposure to ELF can result in significant health consequences in the brains of children.

The brain tissue of your child is continuously developing and is more conductive than an adult brain. The researchers also stated that the penetration of RF waves is relative to head size, with smaller sizes absorbing more RF radiation.

Moreover, both brain cancer and leukaemia have been connected to ELF, RF and EMF radiation in children due to environmental factors.

The findings also showed that EMF radiation exposure for children could be classified into residential exposure and mobile phone use.

What Are The Sources Of EMF Radiation?

EMF radiation is a natural phenomenon that existed since the beginning of time. However, the advancements in technology have increased low-frequency EMF wave exposure, spanning the four corners of the globe.

While exposure to natural EMF can be limited, the majority of EMF emission in a child’s environment can be divided into two groups:

  1. Residential Exposure
  2. Mobile phone use

Residential Exposure

In residential areas, high-voltage power lines are primary sources of EMF radiation for residents, including children, who live near them.

While only a small number of children live close to high-voltage power lines, primary and secondary distribution wiring also emits ELF radiation.

The branches of distributing wires account for exposure to ELF waves among the remainder of the children. Moreover, exposure to ELF is constant everywhere, during transport, at school, at home and when using technological devices.

Generally, countries have varying magnetic fields due to the difference in supply voltage used.

Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phone use is predominant among the younger generation who were born in our modern era. They experience more extended periods of RF exposure from mobile phones than adults since our children used phones at an early age.

Besides, they are highly likely to continue mobile phone usage during their adulthood. The popularity and reduced pricing of mobile phones has cumulated into an increased mobile phone use among children.

Whether it is the parent’s phone or the child’s phone, EMF radiation is emitted and absorbed by your child’s body.

How To Protect Your Child From EMF Radiation

Fortunately for you, there are several ways where you can minimise the exposure of EMF radiation for your child. By limiting screen time for your child, you are also limiting their EMF exposure.

Screen time should also be avoided before bedtime since the blue light from your mobile phone will prevent your child from falling asleep more easily.

Besides, it is also recommended that your WiFi modem should be turned off at night for a break in EMF emission in hour house. Moreover, evidence shows that EMF radiation decreases when the source is further away from your body.

Therefore, avoid keeping your phone in your pockets since EMF waves are close to your body. For teenagers, taking away their phone is not an easy affair.

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