How To Protect Your Child From Ipad Radiation

How To Protect Your Child From Ipad Radiation

Radiation is a major problem in today’s world. With more and more devices going wireless, it seems though that we are continuously getting exposed to huge swathes of radiation regularly, which if left unchecked, can overwhelm the body.

There are numerous studies done that correlate exposure to radiation with that of severe chronic conditions such as diabetes but because of the immense popularity of these wireless devices and the control of the free market by the manufacturers.

The negative effects of radiation never seem to be addressed in the mainstream.

This is especially dangerous because a lot of people are completely unaware of the kind of dangers that they are subjecting themselves and their loved ones to because the media doesn’t play an active role in informing the general public about the same.

Sure, there are scientific studies done that clearly show how radiation can affect the body but let’s be real, no one reads scientific papers outside of the science community and it is not the most effective way to disseminate information.

This is where the media comes in. The role of the media is to take complex subjects, analyze it, and make it palatable for the common folk without a background in science.

But since the media wouldn’t engage in informing the masses about the dangers of radiation for whatever reason, it falls on blogs like this one to speak truth to power.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d know how aggressively I advocate for minimizing wireless tech from our surroundings and use anti-radiation protection whenever the opportunity presents itself.

When I explain the dangers of radiation to people, there are inadvertently some that sort of shrug it off claiming that the little radiation coming from their smart devices won’t really harm them.

This is demonstrably false. What they get wrong is that EMF radiation is cumulative, meaning it builds up in your body. So, if you expose yourself every day to a little radiation, you’ll still increase your health risks on account of the fact that all of that radiation has built up inside your body. Let’s take using an iPad for example.

In its normal state, the iPad emits out EMF, RF, and some microwaves. The EMF is emitted because of Faraday’s laws and there is no real way you can stop it.

The RF (or radiofrequency) waves are high-energy radiations generated as a means to communicate with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They carry information embedded inside and have energies high enough to penetrate physical barriers.

Thus if you came in contact with RF waves, it can parse through your skin and bones, interacting directly with your cellular structure. The microwaves (which are mostly generated as a byproduct) are also quite powerful and are directly responsible for increased thermal activity.

If you used an iPad for long, you’d see the back get warm. This is because of the microwaves.

Thus it is established that iPads are quite dangerous in terms of emitting radiation. But what we will explore through this article is the effect it can have on kids. Kids love iPads – they can play games, watch videos and whatnot.

Parents too are relatively more likely to give their children the iPad to play with and keep themselves occupied. In this article, we find out what an iPad does to a child’s body and mind and if it is at all responsible to let your kids play with an iPad.

We will also look at what you can do to protect your kid from these dangerous radiations and the anti-EMF products that are available for you that allow your child to still use the device without the fear of radiation.

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Cause of Ipad radiation

Cause of Ipad radiation

There are three types of radiation that the iPad generally emits. The first kind is known as EMF and stands for electromagnetic radiation. This is a natural byproduct of operating an electronic device as given by English physicist Michael Faraday.

Usually, these radiations are harmless because of their low energy and short-range but since the iPad is in such close proximity to the body, these too become a factor, especially if one uses the iPad regularly.

The radiation can build up in the user’s body over time and mess with their biological systems thereby increasing health risks significantly.

The second kind is RF and stands for radiofrequency. These are specialized radiations generated by the device for communication. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications take place over this radiation.

The device embeds information onto this high-frequency radiation and then transmits them to the router.

The router receives the packet of information, analyses it, and then sends back relevant information in the same way. The device intercepts the radiation sent from the router, decrypts it and the cycle continues.

As you can imagine, this process is continuous and everything between the device and the router stands to be exposed to those high-frequency RF radiations generated on both ends.

They are very high energy radiations and can penetrate physical obstacles like walls easily. Although these are mostly non-ionizing, meaning that they lack the energy to split open an atom, they still put a tremendous amount of stress on the biological system.

The third kind is microwave and is mostly generated as a byproduct. Microwaves are notorious for their thermal activity and can compound the problem of RF radiation by lending itself to raise the thermal activity when the body cells interact with the radiation.

This can be especially concerning since it can end up causing a whole host of problems the root of which we’ve discussed in the section below.

The effect of Ipad EMF radiation on children

Radiation can be quite dangerous for children, even more so than adults. This is in lieu of the fact that the bones and tissues in children are still not mature enough and cannot really offer any protection for the child against the radiation.

Therefore, the radiation directly interacts with the body. In doing so, it puts a lot of stress on the cells and increases thermal activity which ultimately results in imperfect cell multiplication.

Cell multiplication is the core of our cell development cycle and is the basis of how we survive and evolve. In engaging in imperfect cell multiplication, the body creates cells with weakened defense systems that viruses and bacteria can easily attack and take over.

Moreover, since the cells are weak, it also attracts more chronic illnesses that manifest themselves because of it. Thus, radiation exposure can be catastrophic for children if precautions are not taken.

The range of illnesses that can manifest themselves range from migraines, loss of focus, and insomnia in the short term to diabetes and heart conditions in the long term.

How to protect your children from iPad radiation

The best way to protect your kids from getting exposed to radiation is to eliminate the source of radiation itself.

That means you need to stop giving your children access to the iPad and help them engage in other ways. But I understand that it is easier said than done.

If you just straight up confiscated their iPads, they wouldn’t have the capacity to understand why it is that you’re doing it and that it is for their own best. Instead, they would build resentment towards you for taking away their favorite gadget. We definitely don’t want that happening.

What you can do then is taper them off the iPad. Introduce a time limit to how long they can use the device and keep reducing the time every month. Eventually, you’ll hit the sweet spot.

In the meantime, also invest in a good quality anti-radiation iPad cover case for your children’s protection. I strongly recommend the Tablet & iPad® EMF Radiation Protection Case from DefenderShield.

Tablet & iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case

Tablet & iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case

The Tablet & iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case from DefenderShield is a wonderful buy for those of you who are concerned about radiation from the iPad and yet don’t know how to really cut back on your usage.

These are also great for kids who use iPads for long hours, be it for gaming or making a school project.

The protection case is handcrafted and includes state of the art radiation shielding technology that is guaranteed to block up to 99% of the radiation from your iPads.

The pads are manufactured to be durable and have a textured rubber interior for additional protection against wear and tear. They look stunning too, with a sleek vegan leather exterior that is resistant to scratching and staining. The rubber also protects against the accidental drop.

The case comes in three sizes for you to choose from and is equipped to protect you against 5G radiation. This is a bonus because all of our techs are eventually going to move to 5G and with this case, you’ll be future proof.

They also have secure magnetic tab closure that gives your device additional security and incorporates anti-radiation shielding in both back and front of the tablet that allows for complete security against radiation for the user.

Their anti-radiation shielding technology is cutting edge and is backed by FCC certified lab testing. They are a dependable brand when it comes to anti-radiation products and the Tablet & iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case is a wonderful addition to their arsenal.

The pros:

  • They block up to 99% of the radiation including 5G radiation.
  • Both sides are shielded for maximum security.
  • Built to be durable with textured rubber interior and sleek vegan leather exterior.
  • Comes in multiple sizes.
  • Anti-radiation shielding is backed by FCC-certified testing lab.

The cons:

  • It can be a bit pricey for some people.
  • There are no color options.

As we see here, the Tablet & iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case from DefenderShield is a total winner. This is a no brainer, especially if you have kids who use iPads regularly.

The investment isn’t all that much, especially if you consider the kind of protection it provides and the durability of the product.

These are future-proof as well so when 5G rolls around, you’ll still be protected thanks to this awesome radiation protection case. If you have kids and are worried about exposing them to radiation, get them now.

Related questions

  1. Does the Tablet & iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case actually work to block radiation?

Yes, they do. But you don’t have to believe us or the data produced by the FCC-certified testing lab. You can test for its effectiveness yourself. All you need is an EMF meter.

To do this, first, turn on your iPad and browse through the device while recording the reading on the meter. Once you’re done, put on the protection case and do it again.

This time around, you should see a drop in EMF readings. This indicates that the protective case from DefenderShield is actively blocking the radiation.