How to protect your head against 5g radiation

How to protect your head against 5g radiation

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So how to protect your head against 5g radiation? Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. In fact, it is not even a part of our lives, it is our life. We intensely use technological products that cause electromagnetic radiation.

Mobile phones, TVs, and computers are the first ones that come into our minds but are these all? We usually don’t even realize the things that we use to create an electromagnetic field.

High voltage lines, FM and TV transmitters, microwave ovens, mobile phone base stations, wireless phones, satellite antennas and transmitting antennas, radar antennas, Bluetooth, wireless internet, wireless audio, video systems, and the list goes on…

We also have come to a point that we depend on products that emit electromagnetic waves in important fields such as health and security systems.

According to the statement made by the World Health Organization (WHO); it’s proven that electromagnetic radiation, emitted by technology products that make our lives easier, directly threatens all human health, mostly skull bones, brain fluids, and children and adolescents whose bodies are not fully developed.

Diseases such as cancer, brain tumor, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, MS, eye and brain diseases, sexual problems, premature aging, memory loss, headache, chronic fatigue, depression, and sleep disorders are at a worrying point based on the scientific data.

Prof. Dr. Erkan Topuz, a famous oncologist, said “We are constantly exposed to radiation. There is radiation in all electronic devices from mobile phones to computers, from TV to shavers.

Cancer is increasing rapidly in the world and in our country. Now, one out of every 4 people will have cancer. This is for sure”.

What is Electromagnetic Field?

Electric and electromagnetic fields occur spontaneously in nature. The natural electromagnetic field is composed of invisible waves that exist around the earth in the north-south direction and help birds and fish to navigate.

The natural electric field occurs locally with lightning in the atmosphere. In addition to natural electric and electromagnetic fields, electric and electromagnetic fields that emanate from man-made sources have covered our entire environment in our daily life.

Depending on the current intensity and voltage level passing through a conductor, an electric field and a magnetic field radiate into the environment where this conductor is located.

All of the electrical devices used as a life-facilitator in homes and workplaces are sources of electromagnetic (EM) fields.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Radiation is generally the dispersal of energy in space as waves or particles (photons). Heat, light, and radio waves are examples of radiation dispersal we know from everyday life.

Radiators used for heating purposes in homes also take their names from the same root, meaning heat emitter.

While increasing our living standards, we are paying its bill with the effects that electromagnetic radiation has on living organisms.

With the rapid increase of electromagnetic energy use, we are exposed to more and more electromagnetic radiation every day, which also means that the electromagnetic pollution increases.

Electromagnetic Pollution and Damages

Electromagnetic pollution is considered as pollution caused by the intensity of electromagnetic waves present in our environment.

The human nervous system is an enormous electronic system with a length of 500,000 km, 25 billion nerve cells, and giant electrical equipment. All bodily functions continue with very small voltage electrical impulses between 1-250 µV.

If the electromagnetic field affects this sensitive system from outside, the natural circulation may also be affected. There were doubts about the relationship between EMF and cancer. However, today, it is proven that EMF changes the hormone balances in living things.

Wolfgang Löscher from the Hannover Medical School injected 120 female rats with a breast cancer-causing agent and then exposed them to EMF of varying intensity for 3 months.

Rats exposed to 1 milligauss (MG) EMF (the average EMF inside a house) had the expected rate of cancer. Cancer formation in rats exposed to 100, 500, and 1000 mG increased by 10%, 25%, and 50%, respectively.

According to Dr. Löscher, EMF increases breast cancer by reducing melatonin, which has a preventive effect on breast cancer. Melatonin is secreted at night by the pineal gland in our brain.

Dr. Löscher showed that the melatonin level was normal in rats exposed to a 1mG EMF, whereas the melatonin level decreased in rats exposed to a stronger EMF. C. Graham, from the Midwest Research Institute in Kansas, showed that EMF increases estrogen (female hormone) secretion in women.

Estrogen can cause breast cancer. EMF decreases testosterone (male hormone) level in men; which can cause prostate or scrotum (testicular) cancer.

Even if the continuous EMFs are high, they are less harmful to human health. In contrast, periodic EMFs disrupt sleep phases and heart rhythm. Unfortunately, most of the EMFs we are exposed to in daily life are periodic.

In the light of this information about EMF, we can easily say that the need for textile surfaces with shielding effect, which will reduce or eliminate the negative effects of electrical and electromagnetic fields on the human body caused by many devices and installations, is increasing day by day.

So how do you protect your head against 5g radiation?

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