How To Protect Your Child From Cell Phone Radiation

How To Protect Your Child From Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones are indispensable in today’s day and age. They are not just used for telephony, but a whole range of other functions including browsing the web, getting food, ordering a cab, and much more.

Cell phones have pretty much condensed our lives to be accessible by the touch of a button and can connect us to whoever we want – from our best friends to favorite celebrities – irrespective of geography.

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Cell phones have made our lives considerably easy. The convenience of having everything at our fingertips is such that people entirely depend on their phones now whether it be planning the day ahead or getting the news or attending an online meeting.

This has been a major boon for humanity as a whole since a lot of people have been able to get online thanks to these smartphones who’d otherwise be restricted because of a lack of access to a computer.

There are developing countries in Africa and elsewhere where students are finding immense value in accessing online education modules.

Think how empowering must it be for a kid in Africa to be attending a lecture on Artificial Intelligence from MIT, one of the top institutes of the world.

This would not have been possible if not for cellphones. But these phones have some serious drawbacks that we need to stop and discuss in detail. The radiations emitted from these phones are massive and it can have serious adverse effects on our health.

Studies show that the phones keep emitting radiation all of the time that it is turned on and these radiations can cause severe health complications in us.

Cell phones usually emit out EMF, RF, and ELF, all of which are terrible for your health were you to be exposed for long periods of time. Unfortunately, most of us have our cell phones with us at all times so we are exposed to those harmful radiations constantly.

Now, our bodies are pretty incredible too. No matter the damage, it always finds a way to heal. The same is the case with these radiations. If we were to be exposed once and then let our body rest, we would actually be okay.

This is because our bodies would have time to heal itself and get back in shape. However, since the cellphone inundates the body with radiation constantly, it doesn’t get enough time to heal properly and that puts a lot of stress on our biological system.

Ultimately it can lead to a whole host of diseases, including some chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

This is especially concerning for children and young adults. They seem to love the cellphone and most kids these days can be seen pouring over the small screen for the majority of the day.

They like it for the same reason adults do – it brings the world to their fingertips, but more importantly, they can keep in constant touch with their friends on social media and other platforms.

Gaming too is a big attraction. Video games were popular as they were but porting them to a mobile environment now lets the kids play these games easily without any additional setup and get their fill of the game.

The radiation generated can be significantly more fatal for kids since they haven’t developed yet and their biological systems aren’t equipped to handle such onslaughts of radiation.

The direct result of this are conditions like irritation, mood swings, headaches, and insomnia.

If not checked at an early stage, these can go on to further manifest itself into more and more complex chronic illnesses including cancer.

So what do you do? How do you stop your child from getting exposed to such radiation?

Do you take away his phone? Well, it would be the perfect solution but you’ll also have no way of contacting him then. That is of course discounting the fact that he may never want to speak to you again since you took away his smartphone.

So is there a solution that lets him keep his phone but still protects him from these deadly radiations? Yes, there is and that is exactly what this article is aimed at.

In this article, I talk about two of my most favorite anti-radiation phone cases that not only protect against these deadly waves but do much more. If you’ve been concerned about cellphone radiation, read on.

Anti-radiation phone covers

Both of the products that I am recommending today are from DefenderSheild. They are titans of anti-radiation shielding and have been one of the oldest players in the market.

DefenderShield has made a name for themselves making superlative anti-radiation products that are lab tested and exceed customer expectations.

In my personal use, I find them to be very trustworthy and incredibly responsive to customer needs which is a big reason why I am endorsing these products at this time.

1 Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Pouch by Defendershield.

Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Pouch by Defendershield.
Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Pouch by DefenderShield.

This is exactly as the name suggests – a radiation shielding cell phone pouch. However, to simply limit it to that would be a disservice to the great product that it is.

This small, portable pouch gives you complete protection from all kinds of radiation including EMF, RF, and ELF while keeping your cell phone secure. It sports the company’s proprietary multi-layer shielding technology that enables it to block up to 99% of all radiations emitted by your cell phone.

The best part is, while it is blocking radiation to your body, it does so without compromising on cellular service or connectivity.

The pouch is also 5G proof, meaning that when phones start being powered by 5G, you’d still be protected since it already has safeguards in place to protect you against the whole 5G spectrum.

It has a beautiful open-top design for easy access and sports Velcro straps on the sides to keep the phone securely in place. The pouch itself is made of high-quality durable neoprene fabric which is very difficult to damage and hence promises longevity.

It also has a pen loop and a small front pocket that allows you to store essentials such as a credit card or ID. It can strap directly on to your belt or bag which makes it super easy to carry around. This is especially great for travelers who need to keep the phone on their person at all times without worrying about radiation.

The pouch comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, should the unit you receive turn out to be faulty. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee in place, meaning you can return the item within 30 days and get your money back if it is not really to your liking.

However, I believe that you will find this to be extremely useful and love the peace of mind that it brings. The hundreds of reviews on their website are a testament to how awesome the product actually is and I am confident that should you choose to get one for yourself or your children, you’d be equally as thrilled.

2 Universal Cell Phone EMF Radiation Shield & RFID Blocker – Wallet Case.

Universal Cell Phone EMF Radiation Shield & RFID Blocker – Wallet Case.

This is more than a simple anti-radiation cell phone case, it’s a whole wallet. It is a revolutionary radiation shielding case that is designed to block radiation from your cellphone without compromising on your cellular signal quality.

The case is compatible with phones from most manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Google, Microsoft Nokia to name a few. There is a complete list of compatible phones on their website for your perusal.

The wallet case blocks up to 99% of all radiations emitted by your cellphone (including RF and ELF) and is backed by FCC-certified lab testing that corroborates with their claims.

Universal Cell Phone EMF Radiation Shield & RFID Blocker – Wallet Case.

It also features three RFID blocking credit card slots which enables you to store your cards securely. RFID protects against miscreants snooping around and remotely recording your card details through a card reader.

That aside, the wallet case also protects against 5G radiation so that when it becomes mainstream you wouldn’t have to invest in another case just for that. The magnetic wallet is detachable so you can use it at will. This is great because it can not only serve to carry around your cell phone but also potentially replace your wallet.

Universal Cell Phone EMF Radiation Shield & RFID Blocker – Wallet Case.

The interior is designed to incorporate textured rubber for maximum device support. The exterior of the case sports a sleek vegan leather material that gives it a unique look. This is a great buy not only for yourself but also for your children who would benefit from the multinational wallet case.

It comes with a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all defects and shortcomings of the product. On top of that, you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like the product, you can just send it back and get a full refund.

This is a magnificent gift and can essentially be a lifesaver for people who are always on their phones. Go ahead, get one for yourself, and thank me later!

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  1. Is cell phone radiation really dangerous?

Yes, they can be very dangerous and cause serious health complications. Radiation exposure can result in developing short term conditions such as headaches and lack of appetite for more chronic long term illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, or even cancer.

If you are interested to know more about radiation or why it is so dangerous to our health, I welcome you to peruse through our extensive catalog of articles where I’ve detailed through all that while imparting important tips on how to safeguard yourself and those of your loved ones from the same.