Does a PS4 Give Off EMF Radiation

Does a PS4 Give Off EMF Radiation

Does a PS4 Give Off EMF Radiation? I have spent many hours researching to find you the answers.

The gaming community around the world will unanimously agree that the Playstation gaming console forever changed the tapestry of video games.

The PS4 which is the latest iteration of the Playstation platform promises to deliver top-notch performance and unmatched graphics, bringing about life-like animation and smooth gameplay like never before.

As a kid who grew up playing video games, the PS4 excites me not only for its technological prowess but also for the cutting edge tech they deploy that just elevate games to the next level.

This fun game console is a great asset and has time and again proved its worthiness as a great gaming station.

However, the PS4 comes with its fair share of risks that we must be educated about and be wary of. PS4s are notorious for generating massive amounts of EMF radiation and this is something all of us must recognize and protect against.

In this article, we take a deep dive into how PS4 stations work, the radiation they generate, and what we can do to protect ourselves from the harmful exposure.

However it is imperative to note here that no gaming console today is completely EMF proof. With so much emphasis on wireless these days, the gaming consoles have had to adapt to a wireless mode of input.

These inputs include wireless joysticks and controllers, VR headsets, motion sensors, and more.

Since these devices need to be connected to a local network to talk to one another and function seamlessly, this results in the generation of a huge pool of radiation that you’re constantly getting exposed to.

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How does the PS4 generate EMF radiation?

The PS4 generates a whole spectrum of radiation including EMF and RF. Since most of its accessories are wirelessly connected, RF radiation plays a vital part in enabling the communication channels between these accessories and the console.

Since the gameplay has to be in real-time, the console and controllers generate thousands of radiation waves to enable smooth communication.

As you might have guessed, this pollutes your immediate environment to a critical degree and puts you directly in the path of these harmful rays.

That aside, the console also generates EMF. EMF is generated as a byproduct of electric current passing through a conductor.

There is no real way of stopping EMF production but the good thing about it is that they are low energy, meaning they stay localized and cannot travel very far.

Thus just increasing your distance from the console will make sure that you are safeguarded from being affected by EMF.

Do the PS4 controllers emit EMF radiation?

Do the PS4 controllers emit EMF radiation

The PlayStation usually ships with either wired controllers or wireless. These days more and more people are choosing the wireless option since it is less of a hassle to set up and does not involve arranging a bunch of cables to make them work.

The wireless controllers work by being connected to the main console via Bluetooth. They form a local network and relay constant information signals between each other to keep the smooth flow of data going.

Because of this huge transfer of data, the wireless controllers use up a lot of bandwidth and generate a whole bunch of RF radiation. RF radiation is the same kind of radiation that you get from a smartphone or Wi-Fi router.

Using wireless controllers is really bad for your health since all that radiation you’re being exposed to puts your body under a lot of stress.

They are absolutely unnecessary and anyone who’s concerned about EMF radiation would dispose of them the first chance they get. The wired controllers on the other hand are perfectly good and capable alternatives that do not pollute by emitting radiation.

The shift from wireless to wired controllers can be difficult to adjust at first but it would be nothing compared to the risk you’d be minimizing by doing so.

Wireless controllers are simply an unnecessary source of radiation that we introduce to our homes, especially when we have the option of wired ones. We can’t stress this enough – wired is better.

From the internet to game station controllers, try and use everything wired and you’ll have drastically reduced your chances of prolonged exposure to the deadly EMF radiation.

The thing is, if you’re not ready to give up wireless controllers yet then you won’t really have any luck controlling exposure. This is because of the fundamental design of these consoles.

The controllers communicate back and forth with the console via Bluetooth. Now if you were to use an anti-EMF protective product like an EMF blocker sheet to cover the console, the controllers will not be able to communicate with the PlayStation at all thus ruining gameplay.

Sure you can choose to buy anti-EMF t-shirts and choose to wear them while playing your games but they too provide protection only to your torso, leaving your head and lower body completely exposed.

The real proper way of defending yourself against EMF when it comes to gaming consoles is to give up wireless controllers and go for the wired ones instead. Trust me, the gameplay will be the same and your older self will thank me for this.

The wireless headsets for your PlayStation emit EMF radiation?

People often choose to use a headset with their gaming consoles. It is both necessary and convenient since you can hear the audio inputs better and can speak to your teammates over the mic without any distortion.

Traditionally, gaming headsets have been bulky for better noise cancellation with an attached mic for good quality audio.

There are plenty of wonderful things to say about gaming headsets and indeed about why you too should get one, however, we must address how much of a radiation risk do they pose and are they a serious enough threat.

The good news is that they are not very powerful for the most part, meaning using them probably won’t cause you any harm.

However, they are right up there against your ears, next to your head, and even the faintest of radiations can potentially put you at risk of an abnormal mutation.

Therefore, it is good practice to only use wired headsets when playing. The wireless ones use Bluetooth for connectivity which means it constantly sends and receives signals while you’re playing.

There is no reason why you should subject yourself to that and increase your chances of exposure. Shift to wired headsets and you won’t have to think about this ever again!

The best way forward in terms of headsets however are the air tube headsets. They come with a microphone on the side and reduce radiation to a large extent. The sound from these air tube headsets is phenomenal and they are typically free of all types of EMF radiation.

They are purely mechanical in nature and work by sending audio directly to your ears through specialized air tubes instead of electrical wires.

These are great for the PS4 since you can use them for an extended period of time without headaches, lack of focus, or any other problems that are typically associated with EMF radiation.

Protecting yourself from radiation while playing on the PS4

In this section, we take a look at the precautionary measures and tools we can use to limit our radiation exposure from enjoying a game on the PS4. These are compiled especially for the ones that like to play long sessions on the PS4.

  • Keep a 10 feet distance

We cannot emphasize it enough – distance is your friend when it comes to EMF radiation.

While it may be tempting to stay close to the TV for a fully immersive experience, you are doing yourself a world of harm by choosing to do that. Add at least 10 feet of distance between you and the console when you’re playing.

This is especially true if you’re using a smart TV. Also, always choose to play with wired controllers instead of wireless.

  • Invest in protective gear like gloves

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You might overlook the need to protect your hands from EMF radiation from the controllers in lieu of the fact that they emit very little and your hands are anyway quite far away from your body but what you’d be missing is that radiation exposure is cumulative and it travels through your body.

Therefore, radiation that has affected your hand will also travel down your torso through your legs to the ground because that’s the rule of physics.

The best way to protect yourself against this is to wear special EMF protection gloves. These gloves can also be used when you’re using your laptop and microwave so you are always protected from deadly radiation.

  • Connect your console to the web by Ethernet

It might be tempting to use the wireless facilities that the PS4 comes built-in with since it’s a much cleaner look without all those wires, however, this might be dangerous in the long run.

Radiation levels, when the PS4 is used exclusively in wireless mode, almost triples and can be severely detrimental to your health and wellbeing if not acted upon.

It is imperative that while you play, you always establish network connection through Ethernet which does an excellent job reducing the levels of radiation and while it’s a bit inconvenient now, in the long run, it will keep you safe.

Should I let my young child play on the playstation?

Video games are a delight for kids and can often serve as an important educational tool if the game selection is right and if it can be done in a controlled way. There is no harm in letting your children play on the PlayStation but please make sure that you set a time limit for them which they’re not allowed to cross.

Each parent takes a different approach to this but generally a 30 minute gameplay time limit for every 24 hours seems to be the average. Also, please make sure that you are supervising what games they play.

Remember, young kids, are very impressionable and can be easily influenced in such high dopamine environments. So just make sure that you know what games your child is playing, set a time limit, and let him go wild!

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