How Does EMF Shielding Protection Work

How Does EMF Shielding Protection Work? I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

Electromagnetic radiation stands out to be a real problem for us in the next few decades, and yet there is hardly any discourse or debate about it in mainstream outlets.

We can already see the effects EMF can have on our bodies and the damage it can do to our health and wellbeing.

To give context, EMF radiation is invisible waves of high frequency that are not restricted by physical obstructions and are powerful enough to excite our cells and split RNA.

This can lead to abnormal cell mutations that can end up causing cancer. Although that is an extreme scenario, there are several short term effects that are clearly visible and are commonly experienced by folks that get exposed to too much radiation.

A common problem with people using their phones too much is migraines and sleeplessness, both of which are side effects of radiation that they are absorbing from their smartphones.

Since the severity of the problem is so grave, there are several products out there that claim to offer protection against EMF radiation exposure.

If you ran a quick search on Google on EMF protection shields, you’d be flooded with recommendations that range from blankets to apparel.

It is important to note here that since the market for these products is mostly unregulated, there are a lot of useless items that are just out there to scam people out of their money.

In this article, we take a look at how EMF shielding works, the basics of a good EMF shield, and the types of products that can actually offer protection.

What is EMF shielding?

EMF shielding is a scientific process through which we can block the radiation waves from interacting directly with our bodies.

As we’ve stated before, EMF radiation waves are not obstructed by physical barriers so we need to use sophisticated science to mitigate the dangers of exposure.

There are several types of EMF shields available in the market that claim to block the deadly radiations that are emitted from your various smart devices.

However, not all work and you need to make an educated decision on which one to buy in order to truly reap the benefits that the shields provide.

How does EMF shielding work?

There are multiple ways manufacturers choose to block radiation, the primary of which is a Faraday cage.

The idea of the Faraday cage was developed by Michael Faraday, a stalwart of electromagnetism. The underlying concept behind Faraday cages is that a body that is enclosed in a metal mesh will not conduct radiation or electricity.

Instead, the EMF would flow through the mesh since it is the path of least resistance. Faraday famously showcased this theory in a public experiment wherein he, having covered all of his body in aluminum foil, electrocuted himself with a high voltage current wire and came out unscathed.

EMF shielding devices use the same principle in most cases by creating a small Faraday cage between the smart device and your body, thus allowing for minimal radiation exposure.

How much EMF radiation is blocked?

This is an important question because it does not have a simple and universal answer.

The truth of the matter is, while radiation is generally bad for us, it is also essential for our devices to work. Take anti-radiation phone cases for example.

If they stopped all radiation going in or out, the phone would simply stop working. This is because cellphones depend on these wireless radiations to carry out cellular operations.

Keeping that in mind, most products that are available do not attempt to block all radiation from the devices they are made for.

They only block one side of the device that is facing your body to stop producing radiation.

This lowers your body’s interaction with direct radiation, lowering your health risks and bettering your chances of healing the cells and tissues that may have been damaged in excessive radiation.

But then what about shielding apparel?

This is a unique case since apparel is designed to block all radiation. However, it is important to remember that apparel like shirts or baby blankets do not attempt to curb radiation from your devices;

it just stops those radiations from affecting you by creating a protective layer around your body.

Apparels achieve this protection by creating a Faraday cage within themselves. Now obviously it would be impractical to use metal meshes on t-shirts, which is why the manufacturers adopt a much more sophisticated and novel approach to this.

In order to create a Faraday cage on fabric, first a highly conductive metal is chosen (often silver) and high quality threads are engineered out of the metal. Then, the Faraday cage is woven into the fabric and reinforced with multiple sewing.

This, in effect, creates a metal cage around your body that is not heavy but still powerful enough to divert radiation from your body to itself, thus shielding you from EMF exposure.

Air Tube Headphones.

Headphones are a common concern for people acquainted with the dangers of radiation. With the rise of wireless technology and electronics getting cheaper and cheaper, more people are opting for wireless headsets whether it be to listening to music or watching videos on the web.

The primary concern with wireless earphones is the massive amounts of EMF that is generated in order for the earphones to communicate effectively with your smartphone.

There is also a growing fear that since the earphones are so close to the brain, a continuous stream of radiation in that direction may affect our brain function as well.

If you are one of those people, the air tube headphones are just the thing for you. Wireless headphones use RF and EMF radiation to communicate with your smartphone which is horrible for our health.

Wired headphones generate some EMF too when they conduct sound up to the earbuds. The best alternative to that is the air tube headphones. The concept behind it is dead simple – just use air to conduct sound instead of a metallic wire.

It works flawlessly and produces comparable music playback without ever burdening you with EMF radiation. There are several air tube headphones available on the market today for you to choose from. This is what I use.

Boxers and briefs.

It is widely believed that exposure to too much radiation can negatively affect a man’s fertility and drive.

To counter this, there are several boxers and brief options for people to consider buying. They work similar to apparel – by creating a Faraday cage around your private parts so that they remain unaffected by the radiation headed their way.

It is important that if you’re considering buying boxers and briefs, you do your research on the brands and make an educated decision. Since they would be protecting your private parts, the boxers need to be of the highest quality, both in terms of the fabric and the Faraday cage. They can be expensive here are some on Amazon.

You can manually check the effectiveness of the Faraday cage by covering your phone with it and then looking at how much cellular signal is it blocking.


Blankets are probably the most popular EMF shielding products out there. Blankets work great since they can be used to cover your whole body and thus eliminates the need of owning multiple shielding products.

It is particularly useful if you have a baby at home since you can then wrap the baby in the blanket and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your precious little one is safe from all the big bad radiation around it because of the blanket. Find the latest price of the one above here.

Phone covers.

Phone covers are both popular and affordable when it comes to EMF shielding products.

They do a good job of blocking radiation from interfering with your body and can be a lifesaver for people who use their phones too much.

All you have to do is to pop your phone onto the cover and you’re set. This is one of those products that makes no sense to buy. See the one above on Amazon here.

Laptop covers.

Another essential item on our list is the laptop covers that protect from EMF radiation.

There are several ones on sale online and it’s an item you must have if you work on your computer or laptop for more than two hours per day. The laptop covers do a good job of absorbing the radiation that your machine generates.

Most of them also come equipped with a heat dissipater which allows for the laptop to stay on the lower side of the temperature and not affect your skin of third-degree burns (or other thermal activity) in case you’re using it on your lap.

Laptop covers often come with enough space for a separate keyboard and mouse, which is great since almost all people with the knowledge of radiation exposure choose to use separate keyboards and mice in order to minimize their levels of exposure.

Laptop shields are typically designed to double as a carrying case and secondary lap tray.

They are often manufactured from highly conductive metals such as aluminum or steel and also have a heat resistant padding in the bottom.

They are specially designed to be thin and weightless so as to not burden the user more than it is absolutely necessary. I recommend this one from DefenderPad you can find it here.

EMF protection paint.

EMF protection paint is an excellent option if you want minimal upkeep and yet maximum protection. EMF protection paints are manufactured with some form of silicate that make it a wonderful choice for repelling radiation.

The idea of EMF protection paint is to reduce the amount of seepage through the walls on which it is applied. They usually are black and meant to be used as a base coat (or undercoat, if you will) on top of which you apply the regular paint.

However, EMF protection paint tubes can be quite expensive and the costs can quickly add up if you have a big house. It is not necessary to paint the whole house with EMF protection paint either.

For example, if you have a router with high emittance rates, simply painting the wall behind the router with EMF protection paint can do a world of good in terms of reducing EMF pollution in your immediate environment. This the best brand to use.

EMF products that are not known to work.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several EMF products out there that are completely unscientific and only exist to scam good people out of their hard-earned money.

Here we take a look at three of the most popular options that do not work:

EMF protection pendants.

If you did a quick search on the web for EMF protection pendants, you’d be flooded with recommendations about these magic pendants that drastically reduce radiation to the body.

They claim it is done through attenuation – a process of repeated elimination. This however is completely unscientific and not based in any actual study.

The pendants on sale are mostly offered by individual sellers and come either in metal or stone but they are pretty much useless when it comes to blocking radiation.

It is a good idea, in general, to stay away from all jewelry that claims to have anti-radiation properties.

EMF protection crystals.

This is another common scam that people fall prey to. In this case, the sellers convince people that the crystals cancel out radiation by radiating its own ‘positive energies’ and thus provides protection for you and your loved ones.

There is no basis of this in science and our collective efforts in understanding crystals do not highlight any such property.

It is simply a marketing ploy to make some money off people who are desperate for some solution and you should steer clear of any such offers that may come your way.

EMF neutralizers.

Another useless product that is picking up steam of late is EMF neutralizers. Instead of canceling out radiation like crystals, they claim to ‘retune’ the radiation frequency so that it is not dangerous anymore.

Anyone who is even remotely acquainted with physics can quickly attest to how insane this theory is, but people are still buying these as real solutions so we need to bust the myth for once and for all.

We cannot retune radiation without breaking the rules of physics. It is simply not possible. The instruments that are sold advertised as EMF neutralizers are simply placebo devices that do nothing at all.

Please don’t fall for these fake devices and opt for ones that give you real tangible protection.

Related questions.

Can I wash my EMF protection blanket?

That depends on the manufacturers and most EMF protection blankets will have this information available on the cover.

That being said, almost all manufacturers now offer blankets that are machine washable. However, you should still be safe and read the instructions on the label of the one you bought.