Airtube Headphones – How They Work And Best One To Buy

Airtube Headphones – How They Work And Best Ones To Buy

If you want a pair of Airtube Headphones and want to know how they work and best one to buy you have come to the right place.

If you’ve been following this website for long, you’d know how passionate I am about defending against EMF radiation and how fervently I recommend anti-radiation products to keep you and your family safe.

In many such articles, I have recommended air tube headphones in place of wired and wireless headphones to protect your head from EMF radiation.

Those have generated quite a buzz and I have been inundated with questions from lovely folks like you on what air tube headphones are, how they work and which ones they should get.

This article is dedicated to tackling that very issue. Here we discuss in detail the basics and working of an air tube headphone, and then take a look at the most popular one that are available on the market today.

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What are air tube headphones?

What are air tube headphones?

Air tube headphones are a special type of headphone that delivers sound to your ears without the risk of EMF radiation.

Their build and structure aren’t too different from traditional wired earphone designs, however, their sound delivery system is completely unique. k

Air tube headphones restrict radiation exposure by replacing copper wires with hollow air tubes for transmitting sound to the earpiece.

In design, the hollow tube carries the sound through it to your ears thus giving it a fuller, rich texture whilst eliminating the risk of radiation exposure.

The final sound through the earpieces is stunning and they offer more protection which is always a plus.

Even people who are hardcore audiophiles find it hard to move away from air tube headphones once they get hooked.

Do earphones generate EMF?

This entirely depends on the type of earphone you’re talking about.

All of them do but the magnitude of the radiation is dependent on its type and connection options.

For example, wireless earphones such as the Airpods from Apple are notorious for emitting high levels of EMF radiation that can be severely detrimental to one’s health.

On the other hand, wired earphones are quite conservative in emitting EMF and only expel a comparatively tiny amount through the wires and earbuds. That said, all earphones generate EMF.

This is because the components that make these headphones are made out of conductors and when electricity passes through a conductor, it creates a magnetic flux that then converts to radiation.

There is no way to eliminate radiation from these conductors because it is their nature and altering that would mean changing their conductivity. Therefore, air tube headphones are a great option.

They counter generating EMF radiation by replacing the copper wires with hollow tubes for the propagation of sound.

This is ingenious because it drastically cuts down on EMF radiation generated. Air tube headphones only expend a minimum level of EMF which is practically harmless.

How should you use air tube headphones?

How should you use air tube headphones?

Air tube headphones are no different than regular ones when it comes to looks and design.

They operate too much in the same way. You plug the headphone into the audio port and stream your favorite tracks from your music service of choice. They feel the exact same to wired headphones.

The only difference is the copper wire inside is swapped out for a hollow tube. But in your day-to-day use you’ll never feel any difference.

Air tube headphones can connect with your other devices too like laptops and tablets. This is because these to use the same 3.5 mm audio jack for connection that the traditional ones use.

Therefore you do not need to worry about compatibility issues at all. Just plug in your air tube headphones and enjoy music without the fear of getting exposed to EMF in the process.

Benefits of using an air tube headphone

Benefits of using an air tube headphone

EMF radiation is an ever-growing problem in our society and is estimated to take over chronic diseases to be one of the most common causes of health detriment to humans by 2056.

There are studies being done right now on the exact negative implications radiation can have on human health but unfortunately they are all lengthy experiments and factual conclusions can only be drawn over time.

Cellphones are a major cause of EMF radiation and they’ve now become an important part of our lives.

If you are worried about the levels of radiation your brain is getting because of the cell phone, I can only recommend you air tube headphones.

The air tube headphones utilize technology to carry sound through the hollowed tubes to the earbuds, thus reducing 98% of EMF exposure.

It is a simple accessory with absolutely no special required know-how and you are always protected against deadly radiation exposure with these headphones.

The air tube headphones achieve such stunning reduction in EMF radiation by taking care of two things:

  • Increasing the distance between your phone and body
  • Generating way less EMF by way of transmitting sound through the hollow tubes instead of wires

Cons of using an air tube headphone

There are several wonderful advantages to using an air tube headphones but there are some cons too.

In this section, we take a look at the two most complained about the cons of these headphones:

  • Sound quality: While the sound is great, the sound signature is a little different than a traditional wired earphone. This is because the sound is no longer getting directly delivered to your ears. Instead it is getting routed through the hollow tubes and then played back. People who use headphones all the time will notice a slight difference but for what it’s worth, the sound sounds richer and fuller in air tube headphones than in the regular ones.
  • Build quality: Air tube headphones aren’t really known for their excellent build quality. This is because of the rubber tubing that facilitates air movement. Air tube headphones need regular upkeep because sans that, the rubber tends to get damaged pretty easily.

My recommendation

DefenderShield Air Tube Headphones.

They’ve been in the market for a long time and are an absolute fan favorite.

The DefenderShield Air Tube Headphones are the industry standard when it comes to air tube headphones and people who try them on hardly ever feel the need to try on another pair. They are that good!

The sound from the headphones is vibrant and feels comfortable on the ear. It also comes with a microphone that doubles as a control panel, giving you the option to pause, play and stop a song.

Being old players of the game, they have perfected every tiny detail, the finest example of which are the magnets placed on the backside of the earbuds.

They help in keeping the headphone wires from tangling and getting destroyed before its time. They also include additional earbuds for people who might have slightly bigger or smaller ear canals.

Price-wise, the DefenderShield air tube headphones are on the more expensive side and every day there are countless people who take one look at the price and go off to shop for something cheaper.

But you must understand the kind of value this headphone is providing. When you factor in all of its pros, the cost seems very justified.

The sound is outstanding and you’d be super happy to put your feet up and just listen to the music with these wonderful headphones from DefenderShield.

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Related questions

Is wired earphones better or wireless?

Wired earphones are always better than wireless since they can cause your body to be exposed to unwanted EMF radiation that can affect your body.

That is not to say that wired earphones don’t emit radiation – they do, but not even close to that of wireless earphones. The best option for you, if you’re concerned about EMF radiation, is to go with air tube headphones.

These are special headphones that transmit sound through a hollow rubber tube instead of copper wires and thus emits minimal radiation which is practically harmless.