Do Smart Rings Emit EMF Radiation

Do Smart Rings Emit EMF Radiation

Do Smart Rings Emit EMF Radiation? I have spent many hours of research looking into this question.

In this article I will let you into my findings. In today’s day and age, technological innovation is moving at breakneck speeds. From wireless technology to 5G, our lives are more dependent on technology now than ever before.

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It was only a few years ago when smart devices became a thing, and within just a few short years we’ve completely moved past it. 

Wearable tech is all the hype now, and for good reason! They aren’t as big as other smart devices (like cellphones) and can be carried everywhere because of their small size.

Of late, smartwatches and smart rings have really excited the masses with their superlative innovation.

Both these devices are smart wearable devices and both claim to be in the best interest of the user, making their lives infinitely more productive and efficient.

These wearable gizmos often come with sophisticated tech built-in, like heart rate monitors and pedometers which the manufacturers point to in claiming that they help users stay healthy as well.

Sure, it is a great nifty feature to be able to monitor your heart rate and count the steps you’ve walked but they go beyond just that.

Most of them connect to your phone wirelessly and can fetch messages, call logs, etc. that you can conveniently scroll through without even picking up your phone.

They are also increasingly getting equipped with smart assistant controls that enable you to give them voice commands and perform various activities right by speaking into your watch or ring.

They are incredible from an innovation standpoint but we really do have to look hard at how they fare in affecting our health because of all the wireless activity.

In this article, we take a look at smart rings, how they work, their EMF tendencies, and if they are a danger to our health and wellbeing.

What are smart rings?

What are smart rings

Smart rings are the latest innovation in wearable tech. They are these nifty rings that you can wear and they’d be a smart assistant that you can reach regardless of where you are.

Smart rings are a hit with people especially because they are non-invasive (in the way that a lot of people wear rings anyway) and are lighter than watches. This makes these rings a breeze to wear all day and users get pretty used to them quickly.

The best kind of tech are the ones that can assimilate into your lives easier and smart rings have a tendency to do just that.

They can fetch your notifications, call history, internet activity as well as connect to your smart assistant of choice and carry out operations over voice command.

The first smart ring introduced to the masses was by Amazon, powered by their Alexa smart assistant.

They quickly became a rage and people couldn’t wait to sign up for the beta release of their rings. The Echo Loop ring from Amazon had a built-in microphone as well as speakers and was marketed to be used exactly as you would use an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

It was powered by their proprietary AI assistant system Alexa and could do a whole range of things from making a call to updating your shopping list. The ring had been rated to be water-resistant and had a battery that could last about three days on a single charge.

It created a massive wave on unveiling and people couldn’t wait to get one for themselves. However, they are selling a selected number of these products at the moment for beta testing and will take a while to release them to the public at large.

Building on this is the company Motiv who’ve come out with their own smart ring that does the whole range of things listed above and way more.

Compatible with both Android and iPhone, the Motiv ring is an 8mm creation of art that stuns people not only with its look but also with its impressive slew of tech that’s built inside.

Motiv ring

They also offer a whole range of colors and sizes to accommodate as many users as they possibly can.

On the tech side, they are loaded with cutting edge innovations. Included is a fitness tracker that actively tracks your distance covered, minutes worked out and calories burned.

It also counts your steps so it doubles as a pedometer. Included also is an optical heart monitor that can accurately read your heartbeats. This comes built-in with Alexa’s support so you can easily control your other smart devices by simply speaking into your ring.

Waterproof and packed with a battery that Motiv claims to last five days, this seems like a great nifty device to have.

Of late they’ve also incorporated gesture support that lets you use specific gestures to do things like logging into Facebook or performing a Google search. Their light form factor coupled with amazing tech makes it a very convincing buy.

However, we haven’t really gotten into the bad sides of these rings just yet. In the next section, we try and understand what makes these rings dangerous to our health and how it can prevent irreparable damage cause by these rings.

The problem some people see with smart rings

Smart rings are an awesome innovation. There is no doubt that the service they provide is wonderful and is a testament to human ingenuity. However, we must not overlook the potential damages it can do to our health and overall wellbeing.

Let us start with the fact that they are all operated wirelessly. If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog, you’d already know the kind of damage wireless tech is capable of doing. If not, let me explain.

Wireless tech is powered by radiation. It is a very sophisticated system through which these smart devices communicate. However, if we break it down to its core operations, here’s how things work – both devices are equipped with a set of transponders.

Transponders are basically radio transmitters and receivers all packaged into one. When these two devices have to connect to one another, they send out beams of radiation through the transmitter which the receiver of the other device catches and completes the ‘conversation’.

They send information in packets, or small bytes of data, that is received by other devices and decrypted. This goes on entirely through radiation. As you can imagine, the radiation generated has to be quite powerful in order to carry data within itself and not get lost in transit.

This process is repeated thousands of times within a second for flawless communication between two smart devices.

This is true for all devices that communicate wirelessly. All of them give out radiation that can be harmful to human beings. These generated radiations are high energy and cannot be seen with our eyes.

They can easily penetrate physical obstruction and travel fair distances if not interfered with. However, these radiations are not ionizing – meaning they do not have the energy to break down atoms and molecules. That said, it’s not like they are completely harmless.

Regular exposure to these radiations puts a lot of stress on our bodies. Because of their high energy, these radiations generate a lot of thermal activity on our cell surfaces.

Because of this added pressure, cells often fail to self-replicate perfectly, thus producing a weaker copy of itself. This increases our chances of getting ill since this imperfect cell would not have enough strength to defend our bodies against deadly viral or bacterial attacks.

That aside, this added pressure might force cells to replicate so imperfectly that we end up developing cancer cells that then thrive in our bodies.

This is admittedly a horrible consequence that nobody should have to live through. Continuous exposure to radiation has also been linked with early-onset diabetes, heart diseases, and brain tumors.

Understanding EMF

EMF is an unavoidable consequence of semiconductor electronics. In fact, any electrical circuit that has copper wiring inside will generate some form of EMF.

EMF is generated because of Faraday’s electromagnetic principles in which he states that current passing through a conductor will produce a magnetic flux around that conductor of equal amplitude and vice versa.

All electrical circuits generate EMF but some generate way more than others. For example, appliances that run on AC power. Since AC is alternating current (meaning the phase of the current change) and generally introduced at high voltages, the total EMF generated is quite high.

On the other hand, battery-operated devices such as smart rings do not generate very high EMF since their input voltage is low and also they are in DC power.

That said, the smart rings still generate considerable EMF. This is because they are built entirely to be communicated with wirelessly and that wireless connection requires a lot of radiation bandwidth.

We’ve already highlighted the health consequences of exposing ourselves to those high energy radiations regularly but it is important to state that these radiations penetrating directly through the skin of your fingers can influence the diminished motor function of your hand.

How to safeguard against smart rings and EMF radiation

There is only one real way to safeguard against smart rings, and that is to opt-out of using them.

Truly, other smart devices are still fine since the risks from them can still be mitigated with anti-EMF protective products but smart rings, because of their proximity to your skin and the nature of their make, are impossible to protect against.

There are currently no real protective options on the market for the smart ring which leaves me with no choice but to emphatically advise against using them.

Is it safe to buy a smart ring for my child?

When it comes to EMF and radiation exposure, smart rings are quite dangerous even for adults.

Therefore it is needless to say that it would be super risky for your child. If you are unaware of the health consequences that EMF can have on our bodies, there are several articles here for your perusal.

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