Will a Playstation 5 Emit EMF Radiation?

Will a Playstation 5 Emit EMF Radiation

Over the last couple of weeks, the news cycle has been dominated by the news of Sony unveiling its brand new PlayStation 5 gaming console.

It is a huge deal for the gaming community at large because this new iteration of the PlayStation offers significant improvements in gaming performance with superlative graphics, non-existent load times, 8K visuals, and more.

Thus understandably, people are excited about it. But what is not being talked about is the radiation that the console will emit and how it will affect our overall health and wellbeing.

In this article, I aim to cover just that. We will take a look at if the PlayStation 5 emits radiation, where it emits radiation from, and what we can do to protect ourselves from this dangerous menace. Let’s begin!

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Does the PlayStation 5 emit radiation?

Yes. In fact, the question should not be if it emits radiation but how much radiation. The fact of the matter is every gaming console is a cesspool of radiation and the PlayStation 5 takes it to a whole new level.

The features on offer in the new PlayStation require a lot of power consumption which directly translates to higher levels of EMF radiation.

The PlayStation 5 has a significant RF radiation signature as well as it is equipped to be connected to Wi-Fi and can also be paired with a PlayStation VR set to stream the gameplay seamlessly.

In order to stream gameplay in real-time, the PlayStation will use massive amounts of high energy RF radiation so that you have a no-lag experience. But in doing so, the amount of radiation you’ll be exposing yourself to is astronomical.

The PlayStation also comes with a host of accessories each of which emits their own radiation while being connected to the console wirelessly.

While it might seem tempting for you to get all the wireless controllers and VR headsets to get the full experience of immersive gaming, in reality, you would be compounding on your radiation exposure several folds.

In the section below, we would explore how the gaming console and each of its wireless accessories affect us radiation-wise.

Radiation in PlayStation – The what, the why, and the how

The PlayStation 5 emits a whole spectrum of radiation, the majority of which is EMF and RF. Since most of its accessories are wirelessly connected, RF radiation plays a vital part in enabling the communication channels between these accessories and the console.

Since the gameplay has to be in real-time, the console and controllers generate thousands of radiation waves to enable smooth communication.

As you might have guessed, this pollutes your immediate environment to a critical degree and puts you directly in the path of these harmful rays.

That aside, the console also generates EMF. EMF is generated as a byproduct of electric current passing through a conductor.

There is no real way of stopping EMF production but the good thing about it is that they are low energy, meaning they stay localized and cannot travel very far.

Thus just increasing your distance from the console will make sure that you are safeguarded from being affected by EMF.

There are five different distinct radiation signatures that are present in the immediate environment of the gaming console. These areas listed:

  • Electrical fields

All electronics in the console are powered by DC. However, the power in your outlet is AC. In order to change the power and to ‘step down’ the voltage from 110V to a more amicable 12V that the console uses, a transformer is used.

Therefore it is no surprise that there will be a significant electrical field near the console because of the transformer. However, it is not as dangerous and you can easily avoid any potential radiation by increasing the distance between you and the console.

  • Magnetic fields

Electrical and magnetic fields are inseparable. When you have one, you also have the other. A magnetic field is created when there is an active flow of electricity through a copper wire.

As discussed above, the transformer does the heavy lifting of changing power types and stepping down the voltage from your wall outlet to that which would be used by the console.

Therefore it is only reasonable to deduce that there will be a pretty significant magnetic field too, in lieu of the massive amount of current that is flowing through the system.

The magnetic field thus produced is pretty intense but you can avoid it interfering with you just by adding distance. Keep the console at least 10 feet away from you at all times.

Also, avoid having the console underneath tables or chairs. Give it sufficient room to breathe and dispose of those radiations. Enclosing it can mean the radiations get reflected by the nearby surfaces, thus spreading far wider than it normally would.

Remember, the console is always emitting when turned on, therefore try and restrict your gameplay to under an hour each session.

In order to communicate with the wireless controllers, the console will emit a strong Bluetooth signal which is RF in nature.

These are high energy radiations that have data encrypted within them. These radiations have enough energy to easily penetrate physical objects like walls.

The console will emit thousands of Bluetooth signals every second to keep up seamless communication with the wireless accessories.

Microwave radiations are similar to RF radiations, only shorter in wavelength. They are decisively more harmful than your typical RF radiation and continuous exposure to it can cause significant damage to one’s health.

Microwave radiations are constantly emitted from the console from the moment it is turned on and in an ununiformed manner so the level of radiation varies with time.

They are difficult to detect on EMF meters due to their level variation and are often observed to jump between frequencies and strength.

  • WiFi radiation

The PS5 is designed to constantly seek out networks it can connect to for your gaming pleasure. Even if you decide to plug in your Ethernet cable for your internet, it will still look for active connections in the background.

It is an in-built process that cannot be overridden. This is why you should consider getting yourself some EMF shielding. You also need to unplug the thing completely when it’s not in use.

You don’t want it to run on standby mode or even leave it plugged into the power socket. Pull it out of the socket and make sure there’s no power running to the console, at all.

The PlayStation wireless controllers

PlayStations typically have two types of controllers: wired and wireless. The wireless controllers are paired to the main console by Bluetooth, which is a local connection exclusively created between the console and the controller device.

It works by relaying constant two-way signals and uses a lot of bandwidth in its data transfers. Bluetooth radiation is RF in nature which is similar to radiation you’d expect from a smartphone or router.

The implications of using wireless controllers are pretty serious and if you’re worried about your and your family’s safekeeping, you’d dispose of those wretched things first thing in the morning.

Wired controllers are perfectly alright to use and don’t take anything away from the gameplay experience. Sure it can be bothersome at first, especially if you’ve been playing wirelessly for a long time, but you’ll soon forget about the wire lying on the ground and start focusing on winning the level.

Wireless controllers are simply an unnecessary source of radiation that we introduce to our homes, especially when we have the option of wired ones. We can’t stress this enough – wired is better.

From the internet to game station controllers, try and use everything wired and you’ll have drastically reduced your chances of prolonged exposure to the deadly EMF radiation.

If you aren’t sure about using wired controllers then you won’t have much luck controlling exposure. You see, the controllers need Bluetooth to work and they connect directly to the main box.

Now, if you keep the box covered with an EMF blocking shield, it just wouldn’t connect. Therefore, you’d have to take off the cover in order to play thus exposing yourself to a gigantic surge of EMF radiation.

The console box emits a ridiculous amount of radiation that we must work to shield ourselves from. But it will only really be feasible if we also adopt good safety measures alongside it, such as giving up wireless controllers and choosing the wired ones.

The PlayStation VR set and Radiation

More and more people are choosing to opt for a VR set with their PlayStations these days. And to be honest it is understandable why. Everyone wants that immersive gaming experience and VR allows you the best chance of that at present.

The rapid innovations in VR tech have led to some fantastic gameplay development and it sure looks to be the future of gaming. However, it carries massive risks with it too.

Typically, a VR headset would have a visual glass and a headset all combined into one unit. This is especially useful since you can hear the audio inputs better and can speak to your teammates over the mic without any distortion.

Traditionally, VR sets have been bulky but these new VRs with their sleek design and excellent noise cancellation tech is something else.

There are plenty of wonderful things to say about VR headsets and indeed about why you too should get one, however, we must address how much of a radiation risk do they pose and are they a serious enough threat.

The good news is that they are not very powerful for the most part, meaning using them probably won’t cause you any harm.

However, they are right up there against your ears and eyes, next to your head, and even the faintest of radiations can potentially put you at risk of an abnormal mutation.

Therefore, it is good practice to not use them at all and just use your screen for visual input. Plus, they use Bluetooth for connectivity which means it constantly sends and receives signals while you’re playing.

There is no reason why you should subject yourself to that and increase your chances of exposure.

There is no real way of completely eliminating radiation from interacting with your body but there are some really good strategies that you can adopt to minimize those effects to the lowest.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the ways we can reduce radiation exposure from the Nintendo Switch console.

How to reduce your radiation exposure from the PlayStation 5

  • Use wired controllers instead of wireless: It can be fun playing on a wireless controller but the risk you’re putting yourself in is too much to warrant free use of that. Thus it is best advised to use a wired controller instead. In doing so, no radiation is emitted from the controllers and you automatically cut down emission levels in half.
  • Use Ethernet cables for all connections from the console: It might be tempting to use the wireless facilities that the PlayStation 5 comes built-in with since it’s a much cleaner look without all those wires, however, this might be dangerous in the long run. Radiation levels, when the PS5 is used exclusively in wireless mode, almost triples and can be severely detrimental to your health and wellbeing if not acted upon. It is imperative that while you play, you always establish a network connection through Ethernet which does an excellent job reducing the levels of radiation and while it’s a bit inconvenient now, in the long run, will keep you safe.
  • Distance is your friend: We cannot emphasize it enough – distance is your friend when it comes to EMF radiation. While it may be tempting to stay close to the TV for a fully immersive experience, you are doing yourself a world of harm by choosing to do that. Add at least 6 – 8 feet of distance between you and the console when you’re playing. This is especially true if you’re using a smart TV. Also, always choose to play with wired controllers instead of wireless.

Other protections to consider

Apart from these, you can also consider investing in good quality anti-radiation products that guarantee protection from these dangerous rays. The most popular choice of protective gear with console gamers is the anti-radiation gloves.

You might overlook the need to protect your hands from EMF radiation from the controllers but what you’d be missing is that radiation exposure is cumulative and it travels through your body.

Therefore, radiation that has affected your hand will also travel down your torso through your legs to the ground because that’s the rule of physics. The best way to protect yourself against this is to wear special EMF protection gloves.

These can be found online on sites like Amazon and do not cost much for the invaluable service they provide.

These gloves can also be used when you’re using your laptop and microwave so you are always protected from deadly radiation.

Related questions

  1. Is it okay for my child to play on the new PlayStation 5?

It should be safe for your child to play on the new PlayStation 5 as long as the game time is regulated. Anything more than a couple of hours each day is not good for a child.

Let your kid play on the console but please make sure that you keep a close eye on how long he’s playing.

Additionally, it is a good idea to allow him four 30 minute gameplay slots throughout the day instead of two hours at once so that he can enjoy the gameplay throughout the day and most importantly his body gets enough time to heal from any damages that exposure to that radiation might have caused.