Best Radiation Protection Products For Google Pixel

Best Radiation Protection Products For Google Pixel

If you are worried about radiation and looking to buy a product that exceeds expectations in terms of radiation protection, you can’t go wrong with the Universal EMF Protection + Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case.

Mobile phones are a major source of EMF radiation and have started to affect the quality of our lives more and more with each passing day.

If you are a longtime follower, you’d know that I’ve dedicated this blog to discuss extensively cellphone radiation and its effects on us. I also focus quite a bit on discussing possible recourses we can take to safeguard us from this health emergency.

However, what doesn’t get talked too much about is the nitty-gritty of cellphone radiation and how they vary with brands. Yes, they all emit radiation but the levels vary significantly when you consider the make of the phone.

In this article, we will take a look at the Pixel devices by Google. These are top-of-the-line smartphones that sport the latest technological innovations and software updates made by Google.

As a device paced to the teeth with wireless gizmos, you can only imagine the radiation it must emit. We are going to be analyzing just that and more.

In this article we delve into the components that emit radiation on the Google Pixel, the kinds of radiation emitted, and how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from these harmful emissions.

Understanding the build of Google Pixel

Google is a software company. Unlike Apple, Google does not have a dedicated hardware manufacturing arm that they source their phone parts from.

Thus, Google uses various third-party vendors for the parts, assembling them all together to bring to us the latest and greatest Pixel devices.

The problem with sourcing hardware from third parties is that not all parties have the same operating standards and are not necessarily aligned with each other in enforcing high-quality control. Thus, each part can have differing radiation tendencies.

The other problem Google has is optimization. What Apple does best is create hardware that is optimized with their software which reduces friction and produces better performing phones with lower specs.

However, since Google sources all of its parts and has no essential quality control in place, the optimization isn’t very good.

It is certainly better than other Android phones since Google makes Android and does tinker with it a bit to best fit the specs of the Pixel, it still isn’t nearly as optimized as an iPhone would be.

The problem also lies with Android. Google manufactures android to be used on a wide range of hardware systems from low budget low spec phones to the flagship ones.

Thus for each of its releases, it has to create an operating system that can be run on a large spectrum of systems. However, Apple does not have this restriction since its operating software iOS can only be used with products made by Apple.

Because of these things, the Google Pixel ends up emitting more radiation than an iPhone while doing the same tasks.

The components of radiation in a Google Pixel

Pixel phones emit out the same radiations that most other phones do – EMF, ELF, and RF. EMF radiation is generally emitted from the electrical components that are inside the Pixel phone.

These occur because of Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction and are generally not that powerful. However, when you combine all of the millions of components in the circuit board and consider the average of all radiation that is emitted out, it is quite a lot.

That being said, they are still not as powerful and can only be damaging if we are super close to the source of that radiation. Putting a little distance between the source and user drastically reduces the risks of unwanted exposure.

That being said, phones are designed to be held by hand and kept at your person at all times. Thus, the risk of EMF radiation still looms large for most of us.

The second source of radiation is the battery which generates ELF radiation while in operation. They are not very powerful but again, can multiply the risks when considered with EMF that’s also being generated.

The third and perhaps the most obvious source of radiation is RF. RF or radiofrequency is used to power all wireless communications in the phone and uses massive radiation bursts to achieve that.

It is by far the most dangerous and exposing ourselves to continuous RF radiation can significantly increase our risks of jeopardizing our health.

RF is set to be yet more aggressive, thanks to the innovation of 5G. If you do not know what 5G is and how it affects our health, I urge you to check out the articles I’ve written on the subject here.

As more and more phones roll out 5G, Pixel wouldn’t be left behind. In fact, it is estimated that the next iteration of the Pixel device will have 5G capability enabled.

That means we are going to be exposed to a humongous amount of radiation that we cannot out opt of and that directly affects our health and wellbeing.

That means, if you are a pixel phone owner or are looking to buy one, you’re essentially signing up to risk your life for a few technological uptakes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can actually still enjoy the awesomeness of cutting edge tech innovation without having to compromise our health and wellbeing. How do you ask? By investing in good quality anti-radiation products.

These are specialized products designed to restrict radiation flow to your body. They are surprisingly good at their job and can stop about 99% of all radiation from ever coming in contact with you. Here are a few listed below.

However, the operative word is ‘good quality anti-radiation products’. Since it is still a new niche, the market isn’t as strongly regulated.

And as more and more people engage in this discussion about radiation exposure and are curious about anti-radiation products, a lot of sketchy businesses have popped up to take advantage of the current trend.

These companies often field products that are not tested at all and have dubious records of success against restricting radiation.

They thus destroy the market since people are wary of buying products that just don’t work. In the same breath, there are some really awesome companies that do specular work in the field of anti-radiation technology and have peer-reviewed research to back up their products.

However, for someone completely new to this arena, it is hard to decipher which company is actually good and which is not.

Thus, here is my personal recommendation for you – this is one of my absolute favorite anti-radiation products and I’ve used it in all of the pixel devices that I’ve owned.  If you own a Pixel or are looking to buy one, you just cannot miss this.

My recommended anti-radiation cellphone cover for the Google Pixel

Over these many years, I’ve owned 2 Pixel devices and loved both of them.

I just love the wide variety of customization options that I get with android and with Pixel, I get the best android has to offer Truth be told, if you look outside of Apple then the Google Pixel is the only real flagship that is on the same level of technological innovation.

Thus I thought it was super important to bring this article to you today and introduce you to one of my favorite anti-radiation products of all time – the Universal EMF Protection + Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case.

It is manufactured by DefenderShield, a legendary brand in the anti-radiation space, and promises to block up to 99% of all radiation originating from your cellphone.

The case is handcrafted to perfection and uses multi-layered state of the art radiation shielding tech that is guaranteed to provide superlative security. The quality of the product is phenomenal with a high-quality textured rubber interior and vegan leather exterior.

The vegan leather gives it a classy, sophisticated look whilst also providing resistance from scratches, stains, and water spills.

DefenderShield claims that the Universal EMF Protection + Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case can block up to 99% of all radiation that is between the 0-10GHz ranges.

That is a massive bandwidth of radiation that it protects against. Even more impressive is that the bandwidth also includes 5G! The fifth generation of telecom technology promises to user unprecedented data speeds but with that, it also emits unimaginable levels of radiation.

This cellphone cover from DefenderShield promises to block all 5G radiation meaning when devices start coming out equipped with 5G, it will effectively protect you from its harmful radiation. This makes this product future proof and an absolute winner in terms of value for money.

This is designed for people on the go. Lightweight and durable, this is your perfect travel companion. What’s more, it can also double as a wallet with credit card pockets.

The inside part of the cover allows you to store money and credit cards so that you can have everything in one place and also protect your credit card from getting read by random card detectors. The wallet can even come off and be used as a standalone object which makes it even more valuable.

DefenderShield does not compromise on quality, which is why they test out each of these covers in an independent lab that is certified by FCC, the results of which are available on their website.

The countless reviews from buying customers also speak to their fantastic quality and dedication to customer service. If you’re still not convinced, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can buy the product with an absolute peace of mind.

I personally love the product and have been a loyal user for the longest time. If you are worried about radiation and looking to buy a product that exceeds expectations in terms of radiation protection, you can’t go wrong with the Universal EMF Protection + Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case.

Related questions

  1. How do I make sure that an anti-radiation product is good?

The best way to ensure if the quality of the anti-radiation product of your choice is good is to check if it has good reviews online. Do not check the manufacturer’s website for reviews – they can be altered.

Instead, check third party sites like Amazon to accurately gauge how the product performs. If people there are in consensus over its efficacy in protection against radiation then go for it.