How do cell phone radiation protection products work?

How do cell phone radiation protection products work
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Today, everybody appears to have a cell phone. Those devices make use of cellular communication and most of the times contain lithium-ion batteries. In fact, cell phone radiation has often been associated with various forms of cancer and skin diseases.

In a world where a cell phone is as vital as food, it is justifiable that people getting worried about the drawn-out well-being hazards. Luckily, you may have seen advertisements for wireless “radiation shields” or “radiation blockers” online.

Devices meant to interfere with Electromotive Force (EMF), a form of energy emitted by the battery of the device. EMF blocking devices vary in prices, and quality.

Yet, are the cheaper ones protecting you and are the most expensive ones worth their price?

If you are looking for the best Cell phone radiation shield with testing to back them up it has to be DefenderShield.

Do they work?

Companies guarantee that there is actual proof that their radiation shields work. The Federate Trade Commission (FTC) has issued warnings about EMF blockers.

Yet, this research has had many critics. They stated that the FTC tested the technology behind the products only. The FTC did not study the performance of the products themselves.

In the laboratories, FTC emitted constant signalling by using a generator of signals. They performed the study under controlled conditions. Critics also expressed that people do not use cell phones under controlled situations. The power of radio frequency (RF) and cell phone signals varies in different areas.

An investigation from KPIX 5 (San Francisco) studied different EMF products. They investigated the performance and shielding impact of the products.

The researchers conducted the study in an apartment in San Francisco. They found that the blockers reduced radiofrequency on an average of 85%-90%. This shows that the shielding of the products differs in different environments.

They also stated that different factors impact the productivity of the products. These are the location of the phone, the way people use the EMF products, and the network subscription.

How does radiation protection for your phone works?

There are many EMF products on the market and each product has different technology. One good example is a company called DefenderShield. They use a range of materials that are safe for our health and well-being.

The materials direct, keep and disperse all RF of cell phones. Claims argue that their products block up to 99.9% of all radiation. The products shield radiation frequencies of 0-90 GHz.

This includes all mobile phones of the fifth generation. This is one benefit of DefenderShield products as most EMF gadgets cannot shield up to 90 GHz.

Nowadays, RF frequencies have a range of 10-100 GHz due to the new technology of the fifth-generation (5G). These cell phones use the latest technology called the millimetre-wave.

The only method that can protect us from this wide range of frequencies is through EMF products. DefenderShield has a new technology that uses a multi-layer approach to obstruct RF.

It blocks both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Extremely High Frequency (EHF). This shows that it covers the whole range of frequencies that cell phones emit.

DefenderShield has cases that protect your hands, your face, and your neck from RF. It has a front cover that protects you even when you are calling someone else.

RF usually escapes from the side, the back, and the small opening for the speakers of the phone. They provide cases for all sorts of gadgets, phones, and tablets.

Is there proof that radiation shields work?

Many questions come to mind when we mention EMF products. Their claims about their technology seem too good to be true. In a recent study, researchers investigated the claims of EMF products. They studied a variety of products.

The categories ranged from ELF, radiofrequency, and 5G. The researchers used different brands of mobile phones and tablets and mobile networks. These variables allowed the researchers to get an understanding of the EMF industry.

To measure the radio frequency, they used an EMF meter detector. This provided numerical data which makes it easier to compare and assess the study.

They found that the products had a significant impact on the radiation of the devices. They blocked up to 95% of the radiation emitted. The researchers stated that many cases had front covers. This front covers maximize the benefits of EMF products.

Users need to use the front covers even when calling. This protects the user’s face and neck from radiation emitted from the phone’s screen.

What are the best radiation shields to use?

In the last decade, the technology industry has evolved at a fast pace. The recent gadgets are now using higher transmission frequencies. Yet, the effect of these higher transmissions on our health is still not tested.

Caution and prevention are the best measures to protect ourselves from these radiations. Home electronic gadgets do not go above 5 GHz. These are not detrimental to our health.

Still, with the emergence of the 5G phones, the impacts on our well-being are not yet known. Since 5G technology is very recent, there are very few products that tackle this problem.

Only DefenderShield has released a new EMF blocker to protect us from 5G radiation. They released a new technology called the Ultra Armor.

As mentioned above, the 5G radiation frequency range is from 10-100 GHz. The Ultra Armor technology blocks all radiation from low to high-band.

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If you had concerns about your health or the radiation emitted by your friendly companion, rest assured that we got you covered.

Even though the radiation from your cell phone and other electronic devices will always be present, there are definitely some measures you can implement to keep yourself and your family safe.

The ingenuity behind EMF protecting devices proved their effectiveness numerous times. These simple yet powerful EMF shields are engineered to give you the best protection around cell phones.

Investment into an EMF device might be small, yet it saves your life every day from a danger that is invisible to your own eyes. Our mobile phones are devices that we use almost 24/7.

They are an essential tool to help us navigate our daily routine. Yet, there are repercussions that cannot we cannot ignore, so take your precautions right now!