Do Old Analog Cellphones Emit EMF Radiation

Do Old Analog Cellphones Emit EMF Radiation

I remember a time when cellphones used to be huge and bulky. I also remember a time when people were losing their minds over the ability to text on a phone.

We’ve zoomed through technological advancements to reach where we are today but if you turn the clock back 20 years, the cellphones of that time were primitive and uninspiring at best.

They had tiny screens, numbered keypads and you were severely limited in what you could do. Forget games or the internet, you couldn’t even send a picture with your text message!

In this article, we look back in time and analyze the phones of yesteryear. We also look at if they emitted radiation and the extent of the health risk they posed. Read on.

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The early years of cellphone

The earliest iterations of cellphones were massive and had no aesthetic quality about them. They felt more like bricks than cellphones and would be these massive chunks of metal and plastic that resembled cordless phones and weighed close to two pounds.

But once we figured out how to miniaturize this technology onto a silicon chip, there was no stopping the innovation train.

The early 2000s saw the market flooded with cellular handsets of all shapes and kinds that opened up possibilities of mobile telephony for the masses.

As these phones became easier to afford, more and more people bought cellphones for the incredible convenience it offered. You could now carry your cellphone everywhere and be reached anytime!

The phones of that time were built like a rock and generally designed for rough everyday usage. They had no sophistication in design and the manufacturers felt that these devices were better suited to look industrial rather than artistic.

I remember people joking in my childhood not to drop the Nokia phone lest the floor breaks on impact!

That all changed with the advent of the iPhone. The true genius of Steve Jobs was to make the phone look sexy, and thus an object that was desirable to the masses.

Don’t get me wrong, there were other phones too that were fancy like the Blackberry and Nokia but they were simply blown out of the water with the launch of the iPhone. Unfortunately, that also marked the rampant rise in radiation in our environment.

As more and more manufacturers attempted to copy Apple’s ideas, everyone started using high-frequency radiation for wireless communication thus really flooding the surroundings with these rays that could potentially cause serious harm to people.

Radiation in old phones

People often wrongly assume that since the old phones didn’t have technology as sophisticated as the ones we have today, those must not have emitted any radiation at all.

That is simply not true. They too emitted radiation, albeit not as much as the phones of now.

Back in the early 2000s, we weren’t as proficient in semiconductor electronics meaning the products we made weren’t as optimized for performance. These crude silicon chips thus emitted out a lot of EMF when operating.

The EMF from all the hundreds of chips inside added up quickly and brought the total radiation emission to very high levels. These phones also used analog converters extensively and those too contributed to radiation while being operational.

The next big thing was the battery. The battery in those old phones was huge but more importantly unrefined.

They used low-quality Lithium-ion batteries that generated a lot of ELF and heat radiation. This was particularly problematic since once the phone got heated, the radiation from its components would exponentially grow.

This was because the heat would hamper the performance of chips and they would need more current in order to produce the required outputs. More current meant more radiation.

A lot of phones back in the day were made of pure metal which only multiplied the problem.

Since metals were good conductors of heat, the phone would get warm quickly and then start emitting out ridiculous amounts of radiation because of that. This puts the user of that phone at serious risk of radiation exposure.

But did the phones of yesteryears emit radiation? Absolutely they did. Read on as I discuss in the next section the types of radiation they generated and the quality of radiation then versus now.

However, if you look at look back at the news of that time today, you’d see no mention of these things. You’d see no mention of radiation or how it risked the lives of its many users.

That is because it was still a new technology, people were in awe of it and there still wasn’t enough awareness amongst the common folk regarding the true danger radiation poses.

Bringing awareness about EMF radiation

I must credit the internet for playing a massive part in drawing awareness to the problems of radiation. Before the advent of the internet, knowledge of these risks and therefore the cures were only limited to a handful of scientists who did active work in the field.

They were vocal about the dangers of radiation from the very early days but no one was paying attention because no one was reading their stuff.

Academics such as the ones working on these cutting-edge technologies only published in scientific journals that were read by other scientists and thus this knowledge of risk evaded us for the longest possible time.

However, once it got brought into the mainstream and more and more people started reading about it, there seemed to be a growing general consensus that this is bad and serious studies need to be done on this subject before we actually start using it in our day to day lives.

The corporations profiting most off it put a lot of money into drowning these stories and the mainstream media swiftly moved away from demanding a fair study on the subject but the common people didn’t give up.

Blogs and forums popped up on the internet that discussed the breadth of the problem and intellectual discussions began to be had on how to counter these threats.

As more and more people read what the scientists had to say and verified the findings, an increasing number of people were made aware of the real dangers of radiation and how acute that problem is for mankind.

Today, we are at a better spot than we were 10 years ago in terms of awareness but there is still a long way to go.

We need to have these conversations in the mainstream and must hold these companies accountable for risking our lives so recklessly without our implicit consent.

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Should I use an old analog phone instead of my smartphone?

If you can afford to use your old analog phone then by all means do that. You will be severely limited in capability but the freedom you’ll have knowing your health is not compromised is unparalleled.

Although old phones to give out radiation, they are nowhere near the kinds of radiation a new smartphone would emit so your odds of health issues while using an old phone is significantly lower.