Best Defendershield Protection Bags And Pouches

Beat Defendershield Protection Bags And Pouches

If you in a hurry here are the best Defendershield protection bags and pouches.

We’ve talked at length about EMF and the negative effects it can have on the body.

We’ve also dedicated a significant portion of this website recommending you top radiation protection devices that can help mitigate those risks. These protective devices can range from phone covers to laptop pouches to full-size bags.

They truly are a lifesaver because they can help stop you from getting exposed to deadly EMF radiations which can potentially cause irreparable damage.

EMF radiation has been well documented to have pronounced short term effects such as headache, sleeplessness, and loss of focus. They can also theorize to aid in developing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer in the long term.

Therefore it is quite clear that EMF poses a significant threat and must be dealt with properly. That is precisely where anti-radiation products come into the picture.

However, with more and more people jumping on the EMF bandwagon, there is a lot of demand on the market for good quality protective products. This has led to a whole slew of manufacturers flooding the market with cheap variants of these products.

These are often ineffective and a ploy to scam people out of their money. That is why, you should always be careful of what you buy and do your due diligence before pressing the buy now button.

Defendershield has been a trusted name in the anti-radiation protective product space since the ‘90s. They were one of the first in the business and have a solid reputation and legacy to back up their products.

It is important that when you choose to buy, you consider brands like Defendershield that is well respected in the community and have proven track records of their product success.

They also publish a ton of research to back up their claims and all products are reviewed by customers which gives it further credibility.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the top anti-EMF bags and pouches that Defendershield makes and go in detail about what makes them so special. We will also touch upon who these bags are intended for and how you can buy them yourself.

Understanding EMF anti-radiation bags

Anti-radiation bags are what the name suggests. They protect you from the harmful EMF radiation by blocking out the rays and not allowing them to reach your body.

They achieve this by using a ‘Faraday cage’. If you are not familiar with what they are, let me explain.

English physicist Michael Faraday proposed in 1836 that since metals are better conductors of electricity and electromagnetic waves can shift between electric pulses and magnetic flux, a subject standing in the middle enclosed by a conductive cage will not be affected by EMF since it will take the path of least resistance.

In other words, because there is a presence of metal around your body, the EMF would choose to go through the metal rather than your body because it is the path of least resistance.

Anti-radiation bags apply the same principle in their construction. The bags are lined with fine threads of conductive metal (like copper or silver) and a mesh is sewn in on the bag.

Now any incoming radiation gets automatically contained within the mesh because of Faraday’s law thus leaving you unharmed.

You can test the efficacy of these bags too. Simply get an EMF meter and turn it on. Go near your laptop or phone and record their EMF reading. Now, place your laptop or phone inside the bag, close the zipper and wait for about 40 seconds.

If you take the reading again, you will see a drastic drop in the radiation count. This is because the bag has contained the radiation within itself and you are free to go around without worrying about exposing yourself to radiation from your laptop or cellphone.

Who these EMF protection bags are intended for?

Although the benefits of these bags are for all consumers to enjoy, they’ve been manufactured with certain people in mind. If you are one of those people who is really wary of EMF and the damage that radiation can do to your health, this bag is for you.

This is also a perfect bag for people that are concerned about privacy and want to safeguard their electronic devices from wireless hacking attempts.

These bags can also be a great buy for people who are travelers, educators, police, military, intelligence officers, and digital forensics personnel.

In the next section, we will look at some of the best anti-radiation bags and pouches from Defendershield and I will give you my honest thoughts on each one.

Best anti-radiation bags and pouches from Defendershield

ConcealShield Privacy, Anti-Theft, EMF Protection Travel Pouch by DefenderShield.

ConcealShield Privacy, Anti-Theft, EMF Protection Travel Pouch by DefenderShield

The ConcealShild pouch by Defendershield is an incredible innovation that is small and yet delivers the goods. It has a beautiful, aesthetic design and is built with purpose.

If you took a quick look at it, you’d see numerous pockets within the pouch. This is a deliberate design choice and each of those pouches is placed there to accomplish specific things.

It uses state-of-the-art EMF shielding and blocks almost all radiation coming its way.

On top of that, it can also block active signals from things like RFID chips, Bluetooth modules, and GPS. This is a testament to its quality speaks volumes about the kind of protection it can offer.

Using it is super easy. You simply take your valuables (like credit cards, cellphones, passport etc.) and slide it inside the innermost pocket. It quickly becomes undetectable and since no EMF signal is sent out, leaves no trace. I have tested it personally and it works like magic.

For my testing, I placed my phone inside the innermost pouch and tried calling the number. The call went straight to voicemail and my phone had no cellular connection. Next, I turned on GPS on my phone and asked a friend to track me on the computer.

I slipped the phone onto the pouch and went on a stroll around the neighborhood. 10 minutes of walking later, my phone was still recognized to be in the house. This is because it completely blocked GPS signals.

The design of the ConcealShield is where it truly wins. The outermost pocket of the pouch is also meant for storing your phone. However, it is built in a way that it would receive and send out a cellular signal but those radiations will never make it to your body.

This is especially handy since they allow you to be safeguarded without compromising on losing cellular connection.

It is an ideal travel companion because of its many pockets. You can easily put your IDs, cards, and other trackable things into it and travel without the fear of strangers sniffing out your private info by means of hacking. It is a nice sized pouch and also has a solid strap, making it super easy to carry around.

EMF Radiation Protection Hip / Fanny Pack.

EMF Radiation Protection Hip / Fanny Pack

Designed to keep out EMF while looking trendy, this EMF Radiation Protection Hip / Fanny Pack from Defendershield is an absolute showstopper!

Manufactured with the choicest materials, this fanny pack is super spacious and shockingly durable. The keyword with this product is functionality, and it over-delivers on its promise.

The compartments are numerous and they all have adequate space for you to stash your things in. Best of all, the fanny pack is really lightweight which makes it perfect for everyday use.

The company claims that the Faraday cage within the fanny pack blocks up to 99% of the EMF radiations. Behind the scenes, the fanny pack blocks RF signals from reaching your body by employing multiple layers of advanced EMF shielding.

This makes sure your body is not exposed to any bad radiation while still enabling your cell phone to transmit and receive cellular signals freely.

The EMF radiation protection fanny pack also comes equipped with the ability to block deadly 5G radiation from affecting your body.

The advanced shielding system employed in the fanny pack architecture weeds out harmful 5G signals and does not allow them to reach your body surface.

The fanny pack is trendy and is super practical which makes it a favorite for people who travel a lot. The huge space and durability mean that this is an investment that will guarantee you great returns for a long time to come.

EMF Radiation Protection Pouch.

EMF Radiation Protection Pouch

The EMF Radiation Protection Pouch is made for people on the go. It is a small, portable pouch that you can carry around in your pocket, designed to hold your cellphone and other essentials like ID without any hassle.

If you’re someone who’s constantly hustling and need a secure pouch to store your valuables while on the move, this might be the perfect solution for you.

The EMF Radiation Protection Pouch uses Defendershield’s legendary multiple-layer shielding to attenuate close to 99% of all RF radiation. It approaches this attenuation by employing sophisticated techniques so as to not affect cellular signals.

This EMF pouch also comes equipped with advanced 5G radiation protection and does a great job of protecting you from its harmful rays. It blocks all frequencies in the current 5G network and promises a 99% drop in EMF radiation overall.

The open-top design is a hit with the fans of this product and the rave reviews on their website are proof of its efficacy. The pouch is made of superior quality neoprene fabric and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you ask me, there isn’t a better deal than this one! Go get one for yourself now.

You can find all the other great EMF protection products and information by Defendershield here.

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Can I trust Defendershield?

Defendershield has been one of the earliest manufacturers of anti-radiation equipment and has, over the years, garnered a massive following of loyal customers who swear by their products.

They are very well established as a brand and have a robust system of customer complaint redressal if things go wrong. Therefore I think that you can put your faith in Defendershield and enjoy one of their anti-radiation products.