How To Reduce EMF Radiation In Your Office

How To Reduce EMF Radiation In Your Office

Today, most people spend most of their time at their workplace, surrounded by various pieces of office equipment. Since radiation can accumulate in confined spaces, EMF radiation became a source of concern for many people. New technologies can expose employees to greater levels of radiation as offices modernize.

Simple practical solutions can help reduce workplace electromagnetic emissions, including moving the wireless router away from people, turning off electronic devices while not in use, and shutting down the office completely at night.

Keep reading if you’re curious about EMF radiation and the different ways to reduce exposure in the office!

Health Impacts Of EMF Radiation

Sensitivity to EMF radiation is more common now than ever according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The health effects of radiation vary in severity and come in many forms.

Symptoms of radiation exposure comprise fatigue, stress, insomnia, and irritability. Hypersensitive people also report psychological disruptions, muscle pain, and discomfort in their daily life.

Radiation, like X-rays, also causes skin conditions such as rashes, prickling, and burns, as well as eye cataracts. Other impacts on our health include tinnitus, loss of memory, and numbness in some cases.

You should note that the EMF levels emitted by all your devices, including your phone and computer, are regulated according to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

A one-time use of devices does not have any health impacts. However, it is the accumulated everyday exposure to EMF waves over several years that results in health deterioration and even cancer.

Therefore, there is no doubt that EMF radiation impacts are to be taken seriously.

Tips To Reduce Your EMF Radiation

While you cannot completely remove all EMF radiation from your office, there are several tips that can reduce your overall everyday exposure.

1.   Place The Wi-Fi Router Away From Workstations

WLAN routers emit microwaves or radio waves throughout the day. Radiation of this type can cause headaches and fatigue, among other effects.

It is best to keep workers and Wi-Fi routers separated as far as possible, at a minimum distance of 10 to 25 feet. By doing so, you considerably reduce your radiation exposure.

2.   Use EMF Blockers

Our environment is filled with electromagnetic radiation, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thus, EMF shielding gear is a lifesaver!

Using radiation-reducing technology such as DefenderShield’s is up to 99% effective in decreasing your radiation exposure. Anti-radiation pads and cases offer maximum protection against EMF radiation from your laptop or phone.

You can also use EMF blocking apparel, like beanies, blankets, or scarves for maximum protection against EMF waves.

3.   Always Use Wired Devices

As much as wireless phones or other devices offer great mobility and convenience, they also emit a fair amount of radiation on their own. Wireless devices’ proximity to our brain, as in the case of Bluetooth headsets, could potentially affect our cognitive functions and cause terrible headaches.

The amount of radiation that devices give off is therefore reduced by using wired devices instead of wireless ones. So, remember to use the cords!

4.   Use A Desk, Not Your Lap

Laptops are very large emitters of radiation that can cause negative effects, especially since they are typically found close to our bodies.

Tablets, laptops, and cell phones EMF radiation induces changes in our nervous system and increases our risk of developing cancer, as per The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Keeping a laptop on our lap has repercussions on our reproductive health as well for both men and women, according to a report by the Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Journal.

Therefore, using a desk creates more distance between the device and your body, decreasing the impact of EMF radiation.

5.   Take Regular Breaks Away From Electronic Devices

Regularly taking 15-20 minute breaks from electronic devices and their radiation can make an enormous difference. A short break not only improves productivity and creativity, but it also minimizes the risk of radiation exposure.

By doing so, the rate of EMF radiation at the workplace can drastically decrease and remain within safe limits.

6.   Be Responsible

You may find that limiting the time you spend on devices is very beneficial. Disabling your wireless connections when not in use can significantly decrease your EMF exposure.

Limited cell phone use at work minimizes exposure to radiation – don’t keep your phone in your hands or close to your workstation. Besides hindering productivity, cell phones also emit an extensive amount of radiation

7.   Get Rid Of The Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity, also called voltage transients, produces a combination of electric and magnetic fields. Because of these fields, humans are exposed to dangerous EMF levels.

Several devices emit a large volume of dirty electricity, including smart meters, old LED lighting, and some power supplies. For this reason, we should put aside those devices and replace them with more efficient radiation-free equivalents.

The cabling design and electrical infrastructure within the building can also be modified to minimize radiation.

8.   Set Up EMF Meters

Using EMF meters like these allows you to monitor radiation levels in the office. It can be shocking to see the number on the meter as radiation levels are often through the roof!

Therefore, close monitoring of EMF radiation in the office and taking the correct measures to minimize exposure can facilitate a better working environment in the office. It reduces the effects of radiation on the psyche and body as well.

To further decrease radiation exposure, various protective equipment can be used simultaneously with EMF monitors. Shielding technological equipment is one of them.

The good news is, DefenderShield anti-radiation equipment has 99.99% effectiveness.

9.   Airplane Mode Is The Way To Go

When your phone is in airplane mode, it will not only eliminate distractions but will also protect you from the EMF radiation emitted by your phone.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the safety limit for cell phone radiation is 1.6 watts per kilogram. Well, 1.6 W/kg is not that much, you might say. True!

But prolonged exposure, especially when the phone is close to our body, can be extremely harmful. That’s why airplane mode is helpful!

When you disconnect from the cell tower, no microwaves or radio waves are transmitted or received and the danger of EMF exposure goes down a notch.