What Are EMF Radiation Symptoms

What Are EMF Radiation Symptoms

Today it is almost impossible to escape the devastating effects of EMF radiation, thanks to the myriad number of electronic devices that run our lives.

We have gone on to become heavily dependent on these gadgets for our living conveniences which has not only changed how we interact with electronics around us but also the impact these machines have on our physical health and wellbeing.

Needless to say, our exposure to electromagnetic radiation has skyrocketed since the introduction of these devices. They are all built around electrical circuits which means they radiate EMF radiation and radiation from such close quarters can be severely detrimental to our wellbeing.

EMF radiation is discharged from mobile phones, PCs, microwaves, wifi, and for all intents and purposes all other electronic gadgets.

Gadgets that emanate electromagnetic frequencies have totally penetrated our general public; the vast majority of us have EMF radiation in all rooms of our home—including the principal bedroom.

Maybe because of the novelty of late tech improvements, for example, Wi-Fi and mobile phones, EMF-emanating gadgets immediately turned into a staple of current life.

Lamentably, these gadgets quickly picked up prevalence before we knew the full extent of their life-changing forces. Through broad research and studies directed on the impacts of EMF radiation presentation, we currently know the wellbeing challenges that these frequencies present.

In this article, we will take a look at EMF, its symptoms, and the things that we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this terrifying menace.

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The symptoms of radiation

Exposure to radiation can be bad news for our health and we must take care to adopt all necessary precautions against it.

However, if you spend too much time on the computer or on your phone, lookout for some of the below mentioned symptoms. These are telltale signs of radiation exposure and will usually appear regularly.

Not taking proper steps at the very beginning of experiencing these symptoms can result in significant-high risks of developing chronic conditions that we’ll discuss below. The short term symptoms of radiation exposure include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Back and neck pain
  • The strain on eyes/eyes feeling heavy
  • Loss of taste/dullness in mouth
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lethargy
  • Tiredness
  • Cosmetic transformation (like developing early wrinkles and skin breakage)
  • Headaches

There are a whole bunch of long term conditions too that are associated with radiation exposure. These have not been scientifically proven yet since long term conditions take at least 20 to 30 years to manifest and the technology isn’t that old yet.

However, there is a strong consensus among the scientific community that long term exposure to these radiations can cause a whole host of acute diseases in you including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, asthma, lowered immunity as well as even cancer.

Thus it is vitally important that we take this seriously and adopt all necessary precautions to save ourselves from any medical mishaps brought about by using our laptops or cellphones.

Understanding EMF radiation

To really grasp and have a clear understanding of why radiation is so dangerous, we first need to understand what radiation is and the effect that it can have on our health.

EMF is not a singular force but rather an umbrella of forces generated by multiple sources.

The most common of them is the electromagnetic force. This is found in every circuit board and is a direct result of Faraday’s laws of electromagnetism.

In laymen terms, Faraday hypnotized that since electric current and magnetic flux are correlated, therefore a current flowing through a conductor will create a magnetic flux of equal amplitude around that conductor and vice versa.

All electronics generate this magnetic flux which is basically radiation. However, this radiation is pretty localized and quite weak, meaning it cannot travel very far.

Thus, all damages from this radiation can be avoided if we just make sure to keep a distance of six feet or more from our electronic devices.

The other common radiation is Radio Frequency. This is the one that wireless devices use to connect to each other and share data.

Smart devices will use this frequency for all things wireless – from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi and they are also capable of carrying large encoded files within them. This type of radiation is more dangerous because of two reasons:

  • Since these radiations serve as the backbone of wireless communication, the smart devices send out thousands of radiation signals a minute, thus creating a massive pool of unwanted high energy radiation in your home environment.

These radiations are quite high energy and have very high frequencies, meaning they can pass through physical obstacles with relative ease.

This is especially worrying because it can therefore easily penetrate our skin and tissues, directly interacting with our cellular structure.

While RF radiation is non-ionizing in nature (meaning it does not have energy enough to split atoms), it can still put our bodies under considerable stress which has been shown to be a factor in contracting chronic diseases like diabetes prematurely.

The third most common type of radiation in the microwave. Microwave radiation is generated in the microwave frequency and are usually a byproduct of another frequency operation.

They are mainly responsible for increased thermal activity. A good example is your PC. If your computer runs for too long and there is no AC, you’d quickly realize your room to be heating up.

This is because the computer generates microwave radiation as a byproduct which is released into the room and then heats up the environment.

Protecting against EMF radiation

The best way to know the amount of EMF radiation you are being presented to is by utilizing an EMF meter to gauge the levels in your living environment.

Regardless of whether you have access to an EMF meter or not, there are a few known wellsprings of EMF radiation which we can find a way to alleviate.

  • In the event that you utilize your device as an alarm and need to charge it around evening time in your room, recharge your phone utilizing a versatile power bank to abstain from having it connected to the wall outlet close to your bed.
  • Utilize a Wi-Fi clock to naturally kill your Wi-Fi around evening time (and back on in the early hours of the day). As another option, you could simply plug your switch into an electrical extension that you flick off before bed and turn on again toward the beginning of the day.
  • Abstain from sleeping in a bed near smart meters or live wires. In the event that you have access to your breaker board, turn the power to your room off around evening time and use battery fueled light in your room.
  • Earthing bed sheets are an incredible way to help standardize your circadian rhythm by giving your body the establishing frequencies we have evolved with for millenia.
  • There are a few organizations, for example, Magnetico, which produces protective sleep cushions. The static magnetic field made by the 300 lb magnets in the sleep cushion that goes under your bedding avoids a significant number of the EMF radiation made by home gadgets.

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Related questions

  1. Can radiation lead to infertility in men?

Yes, it can. Researchers have discovered that EMF radiation may really sterilize men by diminishing the quality and portability of sperm.

Keeping your wireless electronics in your pocket or utilizing a laptop on your lap puts the radiation directly by “your products,” which can cause prostate cancer and other diseases, leading to infertility.