Can EMF Radiation Affect A Baby In The Womb?

Now that people are being more conscious about the effects of EMF radiation on our health and well-being, there are several concerns arising among new parents and pregnant women about the effects of EMF radiation on babies in the womb.

Several studies have shown that high EMF radiation exposure among pregnant women can triple the rate of miscarriage. There is also evidence that the fragile development of the baby could be affected, leading to lower birth weights and decreased fetal growth rate.

These impacts of EMF are daunting and frightening for new parents. However, do not worry! With a few changes in your lifestyle, you can greatly reduce your EMF exposure to protect you and your baby.

If you want to know more about EMF consequences on babies and ways to protect them, keep reading!

How Does EMF Reach The Womb?

The human body absorbs EMF radiation, passing through the dermal layer of the skin and reaching our organs.

Pregnant women can be unconscious of their constant exposure to EMF radiation in their surroundings.

The dose of EMF radiation on the pregnant woman will be greater than the fetus as they are protected due to several barriers, namely the surrounding tissues and the uterus.

However, despite the reduced exposure, the unborn baby is very sensitive to ionizing radiation, especially during the early stages of pregnancy.

It is difficult to live in an area free from any radiation, as even the sun rays form part of EMF waves.

This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established safe regulatory levels that are closely monitored by experts and health care professionals.

However, exposure ranging above the safe limits could be a cause for concern.

A human embryo and fetus is sensitive to doses of EMF radiation that are greater than 0.1 Gray (Gy). 

The development stages of the fetus will also determine the consequences of radiation on their health and growth.

Doses above 0.5 Gy could be detrimental during the first trimester of the pregnancy even if the mother does not experience an immediate effect of the radiation.

Effects of EMF on early pregnancy

The consequences of EMF on early fetal growth include malformations, growth restrictions, cancer, and impaired brain function.

According to a study by the Environmental Health Journal, the researchers found a positive correlation between prenatal exposure to EMF and the fetal growth rate of the baby.

With a sample of 128 pregnant women, they found that women with higher EMF exposure had babies at lower birth weights and had smaller head circumferences.

Other supporting evidence shows that increased levels of radiation could lead to tumor formation and cancers in unborn children.

Research published by the Cancer Causes Control Journal showed an increase in the risk of developing leukemia in relation to greater EMF levels.

The risk of developing central nervous system cancers is followed behind leukemia.

The CDC also stated that radiation doses ranging between 0.1-0.5 Gy during early pregnancy could increase the risk of embryo implantation failures and growth restrictions.

However, the surviving embryos have very low rates of developing any significant health problems, such as cancer.

In contrast, radiation doses greater than 0.5 Gy exponentially increase the risk of failure during the implantation of the embryo.

There is also a higher risk of miscarriage and malformations in the fetus, including motor and neurological impairments.

The pregnant mother may also experience acute radiation syndrome at doses higher than 0.5 Gy.

EMF Radiation And Miscarriage

There are several emerging research papers that are finding links between high levels of EMF and the increased risk of miscarriage, especially during the early stages of pregnancy.

At exposures greater than 16 milligauss (mG), the risk of miscarriage increases by six times during the first 10 weeks of your pregnancy.

These new findings are very concerning as a large majority of pregnant women are unaware of the extent of EMF radiation on their pregnancy.

In a research from the Epidemiology Journal, the participants wore EMF meters for a day to measure their peak daily levels of radiation.

They found that women with higher exposures had an increased risk of miscarriage compared to those with lower radiation levels.

The probability of miscarrying was also higher among women who experienced previous miscarriages or fertility problems.

You should note that your body absorbs more EMF radiation when you are closer to the emitting source.

For example, if you are heating your food in the microwave and are standing next to it, you can be exposed to up to 300 mG.

Another report from the Kaiser Permanente Journal stated that the rate of miscarriage among pregnant women exposed to high amounts of radiation ranges between 10-15%.

Out of 913 pregnant mothers, the lower exposed women had 10.4% of experiencing a miscarriage compared to 24.2% among those with higher measured EMF levels.

With all this evidence in mind, it is best to take precautionary actions to protect the health and growth of your child.

Tips for protecting yourself against EMF

There are several ways to reduce your EMF level, including increasing the distance between you and the source, using EMF blockers, and avoiding non-essential devices.

1.   Distance Yourself

The impact of EMF radiation is significantly reduced when you increase the distance between you and the device emitting the radiation.

This includes putting your phone, laptop, or tablet away from your body when not in use and turning off your Wi-Fi router at night.

Also, we often forget that kitchen appliances are also high emitters of EMF waves.

Therefore, it is best to increase the distance between you and the microwave oven, kettle, or induction cooktop for example.

2.   Use EMF Blockers

You can find several efficient EMF blockers on the market, including those from DefenderShield.

They offer EMF shielding products ranging from phone and laptop cases to apparel such as blankets, phone cases, and beanies.

The blankets, in particular, are very useful in protecting your womb from surrounding radiation as they block up to 99% of EMF waves.

3.   Avoid Using Non-Essential Technology

In our daily life, the main category of EMF sources are the devices that we use.

To reduce your exposure, one of the simplest ways is to only use the devices when they are needed.

For example, while smartwatches may be efficient tools, they may not be essential in your everyday routine.

It is recommended that you assess the pros and cons of the devices that you use to minimize their use and your exposure to radiation.