Tablet and iPad Radiation Protection Case Full review

Tablet and iPad Radiation Protection Case Full review


With new concerns about the effects of EMF on our health, several companies have created technologically advanced equipment, known as EMF blockers. One of the pillars of this industry is DefenderShield.

The tablet+ipad EMF blocking case is one of the best sellers on the DefenderShield website. This product is ideal for adults and children who use tablets often. By using this case, the amount of cumulative radiation that is blocked in the long term is considerably significant.

Most, if not all, of the reviews on their website and other platforms are very positive. They also include people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) stating that they can finally use their tablet without feeling sick.

If you want to know more about the tablet cases from DefenderShield, keep reading!

Their Sizes

You can get the tablet cases in two sizes:

  1. The 7-8 inch tablet case
  2. The 9-10 inch tablet case

With those two sizes, you can rest assured that they will fit almost every tablet available on the market. However, before purchasing a case, ensure that you have correctly measured the size of the table.

According to several reviews, the 7-8 inch perfectly fits an iPad mini and the 9-10 inch nicely fits a normal-sized iPad. Both sizes come with an enclosed case, meaning that there is a flap covering the screen when not in use.

This ensures 100% coverage of the tablet, thus minimizing the EMF radiation emitted even more. DefenderShield has not only focused on the protective abilities of the case but also on the convenience and functionality to guarantee that you will enjoy using the case.

It has a 360 degrees swivel mount at the back that allows you to use your tablet from all sides, whether you prefer the portrait or landscape mode.

Moreover, the flap can be converted into a kickstand to support the tablet when watching a video or participating in a video conference.

Tablet + iPad EMF Radiation Protection Case benefits

The Benefits Of Using The Case

After analyzing the tablet case from DefenderSheild, we found several benefits that significantly surpass those from other competitors.

1.   Durable Vegan Exterior

DefenderShield is one of the few on the market that provides products suitable for animal lovers. The exterior is made with durable vegan leather material.

The special material provides a luxurious feel to the whole case while improving the appearance. The difference between a normal case and the tablet EMF blocker is very subtle.

This is a great plus as it is not bulky compared to other EMF tablet cases. The company has also designed the interior with a textured rubber material that prevents the tablet from slipping when put in the kickstand position.

Besides, the padded rubber will protect your tablet from any bumps and falls.

2.   Secure Magnetic Closure

To ensure that the flap is always connected to the case when closed, DefenderShield has added a magnetic closure. The feature guarantees that all EMF waves are blocked when the tablet is not in use and prevents them from escaping via the screen.

Also, the magnets allow you to easily open and close the tablet in a fast and smooth way. However, there are a few reviews stating that the magnetic flap can slide up the case.

But, you don’t have to worry about it as the manufacturer will return and replace your case.

3.   Blocks 5G Emission

The tablet case is the only EMF blocker on the market that can protect you from 5G radiation. Moreover, this case can also block both radiofrequency waves (RF) and extremely low EMF radiation (ELF).

DefenderShield has implemented an Ultra Armor + Shielding Technology in the case that can block low frequencies of up to 90GHz. The three radiation categories mentioned are notorious for being more impactful on our health due to their shorter wavelengths.

In the long run, high exposure to 5G waves can lead to health complications, including cancer and damage to your central nervous system.

However, the true extent of the impact on your health has not yet been discovered since it is a new technology.

4.   Blocks Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Radiation

The case has a receptive technology that allows Wi-Fi and Bluetooth waves to reach the tablet’s antenna but prevents any excess waves emitted from reaching your body.

The technology is so accurate that it can block 99% of EMF radiation without affecting your signal quality at all. Your internet connection will not be affected when using the case.

5.   3rd Lab Party Tested

To ensure that their claims are genuine and accurate, the company has asked a third lab party to prevent any bias on their product. The third lab party gave their stamp of approval on the technology used in the casings.

The Ultra Armor Shielding technology is guaranteed to stop up to 99.99% of all RF radiation, EMF waves, and 5G full-spectrum radiation.

You should also note that the laboratory doing the tests is FCC certified.

6.   Antimicrobial Material

As an additional feature, DefenderShield has used an antimicrobial material in the case to kill all bacteria and germs on your hands. This feature is particularly useful if your children are using the tablet as they have a weaker immune system.

However, you should not depend just on the antimicrobial effect of the iPad if you want to ensure that your child’s hands are clean.

How Does It Work

Both the back and front cover of the case have EMF blocking technology implemented to prevent the waves from reaching your lap and hands, regardless of how you are positioning and using the tablet.

The best part of the case is that it can protect you from the full range of EMF waves, including full-spectrum 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation.

All the protective abilities of the case are due to the Ultra Armor technology that is also available for phone cases.

Any Improvements

Since the case is compatible with iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, and Nexus, the case can be used for various devices. The only collective issues for the case based on the reviews are the elastic corners that are used to hold your tablet.

Since the case may fit different devices, the elastic bands can get used up with time. ORDER YOURS HERE