Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work

Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work

This is a question I often get – “do anti-radiation devices actually work?” To be honest, I understand the skepticism.

In fact, I too was in the same boat two years ago. Anti-radiation products are expensive and we all want to know if they actually provide us with the claimed protection before we invest our trust and money into them.

In this article, I will try to address just that. This article will begin by looking at some of the most common EMF protection items available in the market today, discuss the science behind them, and recommend simple tests that you can do to check out their effectiveness, should you choose to invest in them.

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The market for EMF protection

We all know the acute dangers of EMF radiation. And as more and more people are being made aware, people are increasingly turning to radiation protection solutions.

Thus understandably, a lot of businesses have sprung up in a short time with products promising EMF protection. The price range is varied too – from solutions costing under $10 to several thousand. Therefore, it is imperative to ask – what product do we trust?

To tell you the truth, there are a lot of low-quality EMF protection products out there today. This is primarily because it is still a pretty new niche and the market isn’t as regulated. This gives way to unscrupulous people looking to make a quick buck market products that are subpar at best.

Often times, their products are backed by zero research and they claim unrealistic things.

That being said, there are several brands that are very distinguished and unequivocally respected within the anti-radiation community, that serve their customers with distinction and market products that are wholly researched and guarantees results.

However, if you are new to the genre, there is no way for you to know which is which. This is very common in this industry and a lot of new folks fall prey to these scammy businesses, after which they tend to question the veracity of all EMF protection products.

Then how to assess the quality of products as someone who doesn’t have years of experience? It’s simple – use this checklist:

Check if the product has been lab tested

Most established brands will extensively test their products in a third-party certified lab before they market it to the general public.

And most of the time, the results of said lab test will be available on the website. Check if the product you’re considering has been lab-tested. This is the first step to ensuring that the product is legit.

Look out for research papers based on which the product has been made

These are sophisticated products based on highly scientific studies. The established brands will often link their research papers right on the product page that you can refer to understand the science behind it in detail.

If your product has a scientific paper linked to it, it is definitely a good sign.

Check out customer reviews

Customer reviews can give you valuable insight into the actual quality of the product. This is an important parameter to consider since if people are saying that the product is worth the money, it probably is.

However, be careful where you read the reviews in. A lot of fraudulent companies host products right on their product page which may or may not be real. Make sure you’re checking out Amazon and other trusted retailers for reviews before considering buying the product.

Check for warranties

Established brands will almost always throw in a very lucrative warranty for you which is undoubtedly an added peace of mind.

Some manufacturers go as far as to give you 30-day money-back guarantees and free replacements for defective products. Always make sure you have a good warranty in place before finalizing the product.

The most common EMF protection products

If you did a quick search on Google with the phrase “EMF protection products”, you’d find all kinds of things under the sun – from bedsheets to t-shirts to laptop covers to even paint!

Thus just looking for an EMF protection product isn’t enough. Each of these products has its own purpose and shortcomings.

Therefore we must choose what is best for us based on our current needs and requirements. In this section, I list out some of the most popular EMF protection options out there –

Laptop Covers

The EMF generated from laptops (and computers in general) is significant and thus for someone who spends most of their day in front of a computer, a laptop cover is a must-get.

It’s quite convenient and does not require any technical knowhow to use. Simply pop the cover to the back of the laptop and extend the other side to the base and you’re done!

It provides all-round protection by creating a Faraday cage and trapping the radiation emitted from the computer within itself.

It is a wonderful innovation and is most recommended for students and office folks who spend the majority of their days in front of a computer screen.

Cellphone covers

Much like the laptop covers, cellphone case protects us from radiation emitted by our cellphones.

With every new innovation in semiconductor technology, cellphones are becoming more and more powerful. Can you imagine, the cell phone in your pocket is approximately ten times as powerful as the computer that NASA used to conduct the Apollo missions?!

With such sophisticated tech-packed tightly within our cellphones, they have significantly increased their EMF emissions.

We have research that indicates that cellphones in the pocket might be the number one reason for infertility. That is shocking news! Thus to counter that we have cellphone covers.

These covers block all radiation to one side (of the phone which is facing us) completely, thus disallowing any radiation interference between the device and our bodies whilst still enabling cellular network coverage.

This is essential for people who either ruse their cellphones a lot or keep their cellphones on them at all times.


This is one of those products that has many uses. You can use an anti-radiation blanket for anything – from isolating and blocking radiation from a particular device to wrapping around your body to protect yourself from getting exposed to EMF radiation.

Blankets are especially useful for expectant mothers since they can use it to wrap around their belly, hence protecting the unborn child from the disastrous effects of radiation.

Blankets are multipurpose and truly a great investment for anyone who is looking to get overall radiation protection without investing in too many things. Find The Best EMF Protection Blankets Here.


Anti-radiation curtains are a great way to sanitize your house from deadly radiation from the outside.

These two work on the same faraday cage principle and help in blocking unnecessary radiation from invading your bedroom and other private spaces.

It is highly recommended for homeowners, especially if you have small children. They offer superlative protection and are a must-have.


Yet another popular choice, anti-radiation t-shirts are getting sold like hotcakes. The t-shirts to employ the same faraday cage principle to block out all radiation from affecting your body.

The way they achieve this is by using highly conductive silver strings that are fabricated and sewn in the shape of a cage on the inside of the t-shirt.

A t-shirt from a good brand can actually offer significant radiation blocking, to the point where it is practically harmless. Find out how anti-EMF clothing works here.

Test to verify if your product blocks radiation

You’ve read the reviews, gone through the literature, and even looked into the intricate science behind it.

However, you’d still have to test your product to be 100% sure that it is capable of providing you with the promised protection.

Quality control issues are not uncommon so it is best that once you receive your item, test it independently, and compare that data with the data available on their website.

For this test, it is best if you have an EMF meter. This significantly helps in understanding the blocking capabilities of your product in depth.

However, if you do not have an EMF meter at hand, I will be telling you an alternative way as well which you can employ to test out the effectiveness of your product. Find the best EMF meters for home use here.

If you have an EMF meter:

Turn your EMF meter on and take a reading of the room you want to conduct this experiment in.

Please make sure that there are no known EMF generating devices in the room (like cellphones, laptops, etc.) when you do so. Once you’ve taken the reading and noted it down, this will be your base reading.

Now, introduce your cellphone to the room and place it on a flat surface. Turn on your meter again and take the reading. This is your active reading, meaning reading with no radiation blocking agent present.

Next, use your anti-radiation product to properly cover the cellphone. Please make sure it is covered from all sides. Now, take a reading. This is your effective reading.

In a perfect world, it would be equal to your base reading. However, in most cases, it is slightly higher. The closer it is to base reading, the more effective the product is in blocking EMF radiation.

If you do not have an EMF meter:

If you happen to not have an EMF meter at hand, fret not. You can still gauge the effectiveness of your anti-radiation product, although not as accurately as with an EMF meter.

First, turn your EMF meter on and take a reading of the room you want to conduct this experiment in. Again, make sure no electronics are present in the room at that time. This will be your base reading.

Now, bring your cellphone in and place it on a flat surface like a table. Let it sit there for a minute and take a reading. This is your active reading.

Next, use your anti-radiation product to wrap the cellphone from all sides. There should be no gaps or holes. Once done, use another phone to call this phone. It should ideally have no tower or very poor signal. If you cannot get through and the network fails, you can rest assured the product is legit.

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Related questions

  1. Should I get an EMF meter?

I would highly recommend anyone interested in EMF to get a good quality EMF meter. These things are assets and can be super helpful in gauging accurately the radiation levels of your immediate environment.

Radiation can be a cause of a lot of bodily harm and thus it is vital to be in the know of the radiation levels of your immediate surroundings.

They also come in handy whilst testing out newly bought anti-radiation products.

They can also be great at identifying sources of radiation in a home since a lot of them come equipped with sensors to direct you towards the radiation source. However, refrain from getting the cheapest one on the market since they often have quality control issues.

Invest in a good quality one so that it lasts you long and continues to provide accurate results for you. If you need recommendations for the best EMF meters, I have an article just for that!