Can Radiation From An IWatch Affect Male Fertility?

Can Radiation From An IWatch Affect Male Fertility

I am forever stupefied by why individuals choose to remain in line for ridiculous amounts of time to purchase the most recent Apple phone.

I understand that this is a phenomenal marketing strategy but I fail to comprehend why so many people from around the world eagerly participate in an event like this since stampedes are common every year. It is no different for its wearable partner, the Apple watch.

I understand the lure of the Apple watch. It’s stylish, futuristic, and built for the go-getters – probably the reason why you’re considering buying it.

Before you do, I trust you’ll consider that wearing one might be risky to your wellbeing. I have expounded on the perils of the cellphone in great detail on this website. One study even found that men who wear their cellphones clipped to their belts have lower sperm counts.

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I’m concerned that the Apple watch will increase exposure to electromagnetic radiation, as it is my understanding you should have an iPhone with the goal for it to be functional.

We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) delivered by electrical apparatuses, electrical cables, wiring in structures, and a large number of different innovations that are important for current life.

From the dishwasher and microwave in the kitchen and the clock radio close to your bed to the wireless utility meter to the smartphone you use every single day — exposure to EMR is growing and turning into a genuine health risk.

We’ve all been exposed to different types of radiation in our everyday lives that have severe ramifications on our long term health and wellbeing.

Of those that generate EMR, some have been so deeply intertwined with our lives that it is practically impossible to get rid of them overnight. Thus it is only prudent that we do not put additional stress on our bodies by adding more radiation that our body has to deal with.

The Apple Watch is touted as a health monitoring device and yet it presents a significant risk of radiation to us when worn for long stretches at once. It is quite an irony that a device positioned to be our health guide is posing to be a potential health-damaging instrument.

If you looked at the App Store, there are over 50,000 health apps available for download. They offer all kinds of aid from daily reminders to customized exercise plans.

However, it is my personal belief that at the end of the day these are still tools, not solutions. An app cannot make you fit if you’re not committed to your fitness. And if your commitment is there, there is no need for a fancy tracking device that regularly updates you on your progress.

But can the Apple watch harm the wearer’s health?

There are preliminary studies that have strongly concluded that there is an impending public health crisis that will be brought about by exposure to EMR. EMR, especially the ones from your cellphones and tower-based antennas, has been found to be a major cause in the development of brain tumors, gene damage, and other short and long term conditions.

In addition, the study also found that men who preferred to carry their cellphones on their belt experienced an average of four times lower sperm count than those who didn’t.

With these facts in mind, just think what wearing a similarly radiation emitting device on your arm might do to your health.

Cellphones and decrease in sperm count

There is a significant chunk of the population who prefer using their Bluetooth headsets to speak on the phone or keep their phones clipped to their belt.

Almost 100% of men keep their phones in their trouser pockets. This is very harmful since it exposures your reproductive organs to direct cellphone radiation.

Studies done on the subject indicate a lower sperm count and generally poorer quality of sperm in men who choose to use their phones this way than those who don’t.

Most research done on the subject focuses abjectly on the formations of tumors as a direct result of radiation but it is also important to take stock of the other impending health crises that arise because of radiation exposure, the most significant of which is sperm damage.

In a detailed study done by the Environmental Working Group, they found that sperms that are exposed to radiation go through a startling variety of changes that affects their potency and mobility.

This was significantly more pronounced in men who preferred to carry their phones in their pockets or clip it to their belts. The findings are synchronous with results produced in labs when radiation is tested on laboratory animals.

The study goes on to further conclude that exposure to high levels of radiation like those from your cellphone can cause a significant decrease in sperm count, sperm mobility, and potency.

It has also been shown to increase the chances of sperm damage and gene splitting. It can also cause oxidative stress, DNA damage, and changes in sperm morphology.

Studies were done in various countries including the United States, Australia, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, and Austria confirm these findings.

But does the Apple watch emit radiation?

Absolutely. The Apple Watch is one of the most connected gadgets you can put on your wrist, as it interfaces through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks. One of the significant perils of wearable tech like the Apple watch is that it is continually in direct contact with your skin.

There are a couple of ways by which an Apple watch transmits EMF radiation, magnetic field, and radiofrequency.

Magnetic field radiation, which I’ve discussed in past articles, is produced from most gadgets. For instance, in the event that you own an EMF meter and were to quantify the magnetic radiation from your PC or TV, you’d notice it’s genuinely high.

Your apple watch will surely not emanate that high of radiation, however, the proximity of that radiation is likewise a lot closer.

Your Apple watch will likewise discharge radiofrequency radiation. This is a similar kind of radiation that makes cellphones and Wi-Fi routers a worry.

Basically, radiofrequency radiation is discharged at whatever point gadgets connect wirelessly, regardless of whether that is through Bluetooth, cellular network, or whatever else.

Since an Apple watch is associated with your phone through Bluetooth it already transmits a decent amount of EMF radiation.

With the introduction of the Apple watch series 5 in September of 2019, Apple watches currently likewise can be independently connected with a cell network simply like your cellphone.

In spite of the fact that this improves network for the gadgets and can offer some significant advantages like not having to carry your phone all the time, it likewise implies that the gadget transmits unmistakably more EMF radiation.

Proximity to the wellspring of EMF radiation is incredibly pivotal. The inverse square law of physics reveals to us that as we double our distance from a radiation source, we quarter our exposure.

At the point when we put something straightforwardly against our body, similar to an Apple watch, we retain indisputably the most extreme measure of radiation.

Can the Apple watch cause infertility

The Apple watch is too new of a device for us to make any direct correlations. That being said, the theory on it is quite clear. Whilst the watch is sitting on your arm, your body is getting constantly exposed to radiation.

Now the thing with radiation is that it is cumulative and it can travel freely within our biological framework. What that means is that not only your arm is getting exposed to the radiation, your whole body is since the radiation travels through your body.

As I’ve highlighted before, there have been several studies that conclusively show a direct relationship between radiation exposure and decreased fertility in men.

The Apple Watch is only going to make this problem worse by significantly amplifying the amount of radiation we’re currently getting exposed to. Thus it is recommended that you do not use the nifty device in the first place.

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we really don’t need to know exactly how many steps we walked, what our heartbeat is, or how many REM cycles we hit. It is a device popularized on false demand.

It is completely unnecessary, more so when you consider the health risks you’d be subjecting yourself to. With a laundry list of scary side effects and a real chance of inducing chronic conditions, the Apple watch ranks very low on actual utility.

If you’re interested to know more in detail about the harmful effects of radiation and what you can do to protect against it, I have a nice collection of articles for your perusal.

How can I observe if my Apple watch is emitting radiation?

This is a really simple experiment. All you’ll need is the apple watch and an EMF meter. Switch on your meter and take a reading of the room with the watch not present.

This will be your baseline reading. Now, bring the watch and put it on a flat surface like a table or desk. Walk from the end of the room towards the watch with your meter switched on.

You’ll see that as you proceed towards the device, the readings go up. The reading you get while standing next to your Apple Watch is its true radiation reading.

This will not only allow you to see for yourself the huge amount of radiation it is emitting but also how that radiation is spread throughout the room you’re in.