Can A WIFI Booster Increase Migraines?

Can A WIFI Booster Increase Migraines

As Wi-Fi becomes more and more ubiquitous, our dependency on tech is on a significant rise. With such high demand, it is no surprise that accessories that promise to increase the efficiency of Wi-Fi are selling like hotcakes.

One such amazing innovation is the Wi-Fi booster which is well and truly a lifesaver. If you haven’t heard of these Wi-Fi boosters yet, let me explain.

These are special instruments that extend the reach of your Wi-Fi. But with recent studies showing just how dangerous Wi-Fi is radiation-wise, it stands to be examined whether these accessories cause harm to our health too.

In this article, we aim to find out just that. Keep reading!

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Can Wi-Fi boosters increase migraines?

Yes, but not only that it can cause a lot more damage to our health. Typical Wi-Fi routers are rated to radiate the signal for about 150 m. If you have a bigger house, you might have noticed that in some rooms, your Wi-Fi is slow.

That is because your Wi-Fi signal is weak in that room and is having a hard time carrying out data transfers with your smart device.

Wi-Fi boosters are special tools designed to capture a weak Wi-Fi signal and then amplify it. It does so but capturing the weak wave first with a receiver, amplify the signal, and then radiate out the new signal using a transmitter.

That way, the amplified signal reaches every room and the signal strength is very strong. However, that also means that there is added radiation pollution.

Routers are notorious for exuding out tons of radiation while being turned on. However, the radiation level of a room multiplies manifold when you include a Wi-Fi booster in that equation.

These increased radiations can have many short-term effects including migraines and insomnia and carry significant long-term health risks like complications of the heart and even cancer.

How these boosters work

These boosters are designed to step up Wi-Fi signal strength. Modeled after electric transformers which are used to step up voltages, these Wi-Fi boosters amplify the Wi-Fi connection so that it reaches every corner of your house.

While the circuitry of it is complicated, the working principle is rather simple – receive weak signals with a dedicated receiver, step up the weak signal and transmit this new stepped-up signal further.

This is a lifesaver, especially in corporate environments where traditional routers usually fall short of servicing the whole office space.

Today, these Wi-Fi boosters are used everywhere – from libraries to corporate houses to residences. And a major part of their widespread acceptance is their plug-and-play model of running.

These boosters are usually portable units that you just need to plug into a wall socket and you’re set! There are no complicated setup procedures to follow or specialists to call which is a huge benefit.

That being said, their ability to harm us and the risk of radiation cannot be put aside and must be given due consideration before installing these units.

The thing is, a large majority of people are completely unaware of how dangerous radiation really can be and what can be the longtime ramifications of it.

They are also equally unaware of the health dangers these Wi-Fi boosters pose and why it is a bad idea to have them anywhere.

Sure it provides a wonderful service which perhaps is much needed but we really have to sit down and analyze if the extended range is worth the health risk we’re putting ourselves and our loved ones in. We discuss the health risks in detail in the next section.

Health risks with Wi-Fi boosters

Wi-Fi boosters are amazing gizmos but they can be an epicenter of unwarranted radiation. A Wi-Fi booster emits out multiple spectrums of radiation including EMF, RF, and ELF.

These radiations, when combined, can be quite deadly if we’re exposed regularly. EMF is generated when electricity passes through a conductor. Although it doesn’t have too much range, it can be quite threatening at short distances.

The other radiation type being emitted is RF or radiofrequency. These radiations are emitted by intention since they are used to encode and pass on the Wi-Fi signal. The problem with this radiation is that it is quite powerful and can affect us from a long way out.

They have enough energy to penetrate physical obstructions and although are not powerful enough to split atoms, they can still mess with our biological systems by increasing thermal activity on a cellular level and putting the body under stress.

It has been clinically proven that people who are under high radio frequency stress release up to 60% less dopamine and serotonin. These are hormones that are essential to relaxing you and making you feel good.

When they are not released, you feel tired, overworked and with time can also trigger depression.

The radiation risks of Wi-Fi boosters are not to be scoffed at and if we are not careful, they can have severe ramifications.

There are a number of short and long-term conditions that are associated with it and while things in the short term are not that serious, long-term effects of it can even be deadly. Let us first take a look at some of the short term effects of radiation –

  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of focus
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Migraines
  • Poor memory retention
  • Asynchronous hand-eye coordination
  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Loss of motivation and purpose

As you can see, the short term effects are quite significant. Although they are not deadly, these conditions can often evolve over time and create even more health problems.

If you asked someone who works on the computer all day, they will confirm at least half of these conditions to be true for them.

This is because they too are exposed to radiation from the computer. Anyhoo, let us now look at the long term ramifications of exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi boosters:

  • Acute insomnia
  • Early onset Alzheimer’s
  • Loss of hearing
  • Chronic depression
  • Cardiac problems
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

As is highlighted above, the conditions associated with long term exposure to radiation is no joke. Radiation is classified as a Class II carcinogenic, meaning it is identified to be a potential cause of cancer.

The general public by and large are blissfully unaware of the grave dangers of radiation and thus it is essential that we not only protect ourselves and our families from this menace but also do our bit to educate our fellow citizens of the severe dangers of long term radiation exposure from things like Wi-Fi boosters.

Dangers of sleeping with a Wi-Fi booster

A lot of people prefer putting their Wi-Fi boosters in their bedrooms. Their reasoning is simple – so that they can get uninterrupted high-speed internet while sitting on the bed. However, this is absolutely not recommended.

When we are sleeping, our bodies put down the defense mechanisms and go to work healing the body. A little bit of radiation is no problem for our bodies to handle, it can easily fix itself while we sleep. However, the problem arises when we put a Wi-Fi booster in the room.

While we are sleeping and our guards are down, radiation from the Wi-Fi booster can bombard our biological structures and create unprecedented damage.

These can result from hormonal changes to change in pituitary function and even worse. Therefore it is absolutely not advisable to keep any such radiating devices in your bedroom.

How can I lower radiation from my Wi-Fi booster?

You can’t. The Wi-Fi booster is a machine designed to emit out radiation and extend the range of your Wi-Fi. There is no real way of lowering its radiation without compromising on performance. The best thing for you to do would be to change to Ethernet.

I know wires are messy and they don’t look as cool but they also emit zero radiation. Plus, Ethernet generally provides a stronger, more stable connection than wireless.

If you are looking to use your smart device in other rooms as well, you can simply use Ethernet extensions that allow you connectivity from any room.

If you must use Wi-Fi, I advise you to not opt in for boosters. They skyrocket the radiation levels in your immediate environment and are terrible for your health.

Make sure to keep the router in a dedicated room and spend only as much time as you must in that room. That way you’ll be able to minimize your exposure to Wi-Fi and thus radiation.