Can EMF radiation Affect My Sleep?

Can EMF radiation Affect My Sleep

Of late, more and more people are discovering and discussing EMF and its effects on our health.

As people read into the details of the harms that EMF can actually cause us, many are resorting to raising their voices against this public health risk.

If you’ve been to this site before, you’d know how passionately I advocate against EMF and how thoroughly I research products for you that can help safeguard you and your family from this horrible thing.

However, if you’re new here or do not know that much about EMF, to begin with, you may wonder if EMF really is as bad. Everyone talks about how actively exposing to EMF can be fatal for your health buy not many people focus on passive exposure.

What happens when you are passively exposed? For instance, what happens when you’re asleep and your phone exposes you to EMF? Can EMF even harm you while you’re asleep?

That’s exactly what we are going to tackle in this article. We will take a look at what happens to our bodies while we sleep, exposure during sleep, and what we can do to prevent that exposure from harming our overall health and wellbeing. Read on.

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Can EMF affect my sleep?

Sleep is the most peaceful activity of your day. While you sleep, your whole body goes into repair mode and the cell and tissue damages are healed from within.

Your brain too shuts off most of its operation and just works on consolidating memories and analyzing everything you learned throughout the day.

From a health standpoint, sleep time is when a person is the most vulnerable because your body’s natural defense systems are turned off. This is the reason why a large number of deaths occur in sleep.

It is therefore quite evident that at such a vulnerable time with all of the bodily defenses shut off, radiation can really wreak havoc on our bodies.

Therefore it is advised that no electronic devices be kept in the bedroom when you are sleeping. This includes not only smartphones but also computers, laptops (Best EMF Radiation Protection For Laptops), and Wi-Fi routers.

How radiation affects us while we are asleep

Radiation, simply put, is energy frequency. They are small enough to not be detected by our eyes and powerful enough to mess with our bodily functions.

Radiation can easily pierce through physical obstructions which is why our biological protections such as skin, bones, and muscles are useless against it.

When the body is enduring radiation exposure, it is put under a lot of stress. The body destroys the thermally damaged cells with new ones but with such added pressure, the cells often do not copy perfectly.

The imperfect cells are now even more susceptible to radiation exposure until it produces one cell that becomes cancerous.

Your immune system is already under stress so there is a possibility that it does not recognize the cell as such and it keeps multiplying thus expediting cancer throughout your body.

While this is true, our bodies are also capable of dealing with radiation given it has time to fix itself.

While we are sleeping, the defense systems of the body are down and there is no protection whatsoever against the oncoming radiation.

Thus the same amount of radiation that the body can easily recover from during the day can be bad to our health if exposed while we are asleep.

The threat of RF radiation

We tend to bunch all radiations under the umbrella of EMF but it is not an accurate analysis. EMF by itself stands for electromagnetic radiation – radiation that is emitted from all electronic devices due to the laws of Faraday – which is fundamentally low energy and weak.

Unless you are right next to the source generating EMF radiation, there really is no harm from it.

The real danger though is RF radiation. RF stands for radio frequency and it is the real deal when it comes to radiation. These are high-frequency radiations that can cause bodily harm if we’re exposed to it regularly.

The high-frequency energy can penetrate any physical object with ease and can easily make its way through our bones and muscles to interact directly with our internal biological systems.

This is what makes it dangerous. What is even more concerning is that almost all major forms of wireless communication use RF radiation to achieve that. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, every one of those tech innovations bank on RF radiation to be used successfully.

The most common example of RF radiation perhaps is Bluetooth. Today everything tech has a wireless option available, be it headphones ( Is Sleeping With Bluetooth Headphones Dangerous) or chargers, and almost all of that wireless tech is powered by Bluetooth.

As mentioned before, Bluetooth operates on the RF range. Radiofrequency waveforms are invisible and in a higher excitable state.

They vibrate with a lot of energy because of their higher frequency and are so compact that they can literally penetrate through physical obstructions like doors and walls. It is therefore no wonder that it can also easily penetrate our skin and bones, interacting directly with our cells and DNA.

The waveforms are highly excited and this translates into thermal activity on the cell. This hampers the regular functioning of the cell and puts a lot of pressure on the body.

The cells need to quickly multiply but because of the added stress, often the copying mechanism is flawed, thus creating imperfect cells. These imperfect cells are even more ill-suited to stand up to the pressure and thus create even more ill-suited cells. This cycle continues until your body produces a cell that is so bad that it turns cancerous. This is of course an extreme case scenario but it is quite possible, especially if you keep exposing yourself regularly to these deadly radiations.

Even short term exposure can have effects on people. People who spend 5 hours a day on average on their phones will often complain about irritation, loss of appetite, and loss of focus.

This is caused due to exposure and it is your body’s way of letting you know that it is overwhelmed and you need to rest so that it can heal itself.

Bluetooth radiation exposure carries significant health risks if you’re not careful. It’s fine for 5-10 minutes but constant exposure can be very dangerous to our health.

Sleeping and RF radiation

Sleeping is our body’s way of shutting down all operations to heal and grow from the inside. It is a time when we are at our most vulnerable since all of our defenses are down.

And then to blast your body with high energy RF radiation without the body’s ability to fight back would mean inflicting irreversible harm that can end up being very bad for our health.

As mentioned before, RF energy waveforms are high energy and without our natural bodily defenses active, those can affect us even more than it would have if we were awake. This is a serious problem that needs honest consideration.

We have to thus make sure that while we are sleeping, no radiation interference occurs at that time. We can do that by adopting a plethora of methods. We have an article covering this called How To Protect Your Bedroom From EMF Radiation.

The first and perhaps the most effective is to eliminate all sources of radiation from your life completely.

This means doing away with things like smartphones, Wi-Fi, and wireless printers ( Do Wireless Printers Emit EMF Radiation), choosing to use the wired options of those accessories instead. However, I understand that while it is the most effective, it’s not very practical.

The second method is to make sure that our bedrooms do not have any EMF generating equipment at all and no other radiation is reaching our room while we are in it.

That means to unplug all electronic gadgets from your bedroom and leaving your phone out in the common area / other room.

Also, it is important to turn off the Wi-Fi before retiring to your bedroom. This makes sure that while we sleep there is no external influence of radiation that can harm our bodies.

The third method is to decrease our overall EMF exposure altogether. Try to limit how much you knowingly expose yourself to 2.5 hours per day. Try to use different things for different purposes instead of using your cellphone to do everything. Here are some cell phones that emit the least radiation.

Use it sparingly and make an effort to only limit the cellphone to calling. You have a computer for surfing the web and a camera for taking photos. Utilize them instead of using your cellphone’s browser and camera. If you have an iPhone then this article might be of use to you. Best iPhone Anti-radiation Cell Phone Case.

This will not only give you enough separation from radiation so that the body can heal itself at night but also reduce your daytime exposure significantly which is great for your health.

You should also look into some anti-radiation products such as cellphone cases and laptop covers.

They are really helpful in bringing down your exposure levels and can be a lifesaver if you work on the computer for extended periods of time. If you are interested, we have a detailed article on anti-radiation products that you might want to consider looking into.

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Related questions

  1. I can’t sleep very well. Is this because of EMF radiation?

It could be. One of the most common side effects of EMF radiation is difficulty sleeping and judging by your question, it looks like it might be because of exposure.

If you spend more than four hours each day in front of either the computer or on your phone, there is a good chance it is because of radiation. The first thing I would advise in that case is to stop using your phone/computer at least two hours before going to bed.

This would cut down on your blue light levels and help you relax better. Also, you need to actively try to reduce your exposure levels.

If getting away from the computer or phone is not an option for you (perhaps because of your job), check out our recommended anti-radiation products that can protect you while you use those gadgets.