Does EMF Radiation Affect Phone Reception

Does EMF Radiation Affect Phone Reception

More people now realize the effects of EMF radiation emitted from mobile phones on our health. However, the role of EMF radiation on phone reception is still blurry for many of us

EMF radiation is at the core of phone reception and both work hand in hand. Phone reception is the ability of your phone’s antenna to detect the radio frequency that is emitted by the nearest cell communication tower.

The EMF wave used by cell towers and mobile phones is called a radio frequency (RF) wave. Using RF emissions, information and connection is transmitted from one mobile phone to a cell tower.

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How Does Phone Reception Work?

Phone reception works according to the cell tower frequencies that are available in the surroundings. If you are in a deserted area, e.g hiking a mountain, the distance between your phone and the nearest cell tower is much greater than if you were in the city.

Since it is difficult for your phone antenna to pick up the RF emitted by the cell tower, your phone reception is affected. However, you should also note that RF emissions work both ways.

Both your phone and the cell tower emit RF waves to transmit information between each other and among other cell phones. Phone reception can also be affected by a number of factors, including your surrounding landscape, the connecting technology used, and the power of the transmitter from the cell tower.

The size and design of your phone may also affect the phone reception performance due to the antenna embedded in the mobile. Newer technologies have better-performing antennas that can easily detect RF waves, even from afar.

It is interesting to note that some cell towers set their transmitters to a low-power mode to prevent interfering with neighboring towers. On average, a cell tower can emit radiation up to 45 miles radius in the surrounding area.

The Role Of EMF Radiation in Phone Reception

As mentioned above, the EMF radiation used, RF wave, acts as the intermediate that transmits information and connection from mobile phones and cell towers.

Your phone emits RF radiation that is then received by the cell tower. The cell tower will then broadcast the signals to a switching tower that will connect your mobile phone to another phone or another telephone network.

RF signals then move from the switching center to the cell tower and finally your phone. These RF waves are used for messaging, calling, mobile data, and even your Wi-Fi router at home.

Compared to other devices such as kitchen appliances, RF waves from mobile phones have a higher frequency of 40 GHz (used in the 5G technology). The new frequencies used by the 5G technology are considerably higher compared to the 4G frequency that ranges from 700-2500 MHz, or 0.7-2.5 GHz.

However, the RF radiation emitted by cell towers and mobile phones has a strong link to health conditions, including cancer and neurological impairment. The prolonged use and close proximity of mobile phones in our daily life significantly increase our EMF exposure, leading to those health consequences.

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International Regulations Of Phone-induced EMF Radiation

Despite the rising evidence that EMF exposure could be heavily detrimental to human health, several international organizations insist on maintaining their worrying regulations.

The WHO stated that no health effects were linked to exposure to EMF radiation, despite a number of studies showing positive correlations between high EMF levels and cancer.

The FDA also follows suit, declaring that the current safety limits established by the US on devices are too low to have any effect on our health.

However, they do recommend ways to reduce RF exposure by:

  • Decreasing the frequency and time spent using your mobile phone
  • Avoiding making calls if your phone reception is too weak, as it will boost RF emission from your phone
  • Using speaker mode, earphones, or headphones to increase the distance between you head and the phone

In contrast, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch under the WHO, classified EMF radiation as Group 2B. This means that EMF radiation is a possible human carcinogen to our health.

Their classification does not follow the statement released by the WHO regarding EMF radiation. A group of more than 260 scientists have also made an appeal in 2017 to the EU to decrease the safety range of 30KHz-300 GHz, particularly with the upcoming 5G technology.

They have also stated that RF radiation should now be classified as a Group 1, human carcinogen, due to the results from the recent studies on cancer and mobile use.

Despite the appeal and four rebuttals, the EU has not made any changes to the regulated EMF procedures.

5G EMF Radiation

Experts are concerned about the new 5G technology on our health due to the large increase in the frequency used. A greater frequency also implies that more cell towers are needed to maintain the optimized transmission approach.

However, this also means that cell towers will be built in residential areas, increasing the strength and proximity of large EMF emission to the general public.

Also, the 5G network was not tested enough to understand the health impacts that it will have on our health and wellbeing.

A study from the Journal Environmental Research and Public Health analyzed the potential effect of 5G communication technology on human health.

They found that at higher frequencies of 6-100 GHz, the risk of developing cancer is greatly heightened along with the possibility of developing local heat on small surfaces, such as the skin or eye.

However, the researchers also concluded that there is not enough research on 5G technology since it is still new. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately undergo a safety assessment on the 5G invention.

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