Phone Radiation Blocking Running Armband full review

Phone Radiation Blocking Running Armband full review


We have, once again, realized the importance of our health during the past year with the pandemic. However, we often do not realize that our health can be affected by our every day habits when using our devices.

The EMF radiation blocking cell phone running armband is one of the best sellers from DefenderShield. It can protect you from a wide range of EMF waves, including the 5G radiation, Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), and radiofrequency (RF). However, the protective abilities of the running armband will not affect your service or connection.

We have often talked about DefenderShield on our blog. In this review, we will analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the cell phone running armband as an EMF blocker. Let’s get started!

The Features

The DefenderShield cell phone running armband stands out from the competition due to the different technologically innovative features.

You can keep your hands free from holding your phone during your workouts or runs and reduce your EMF exposure.

1.   Shielding Technology

The armband has a shielding technology that is found at the back of the armband.

The EMF blocking equipment can shield you from up to 99% of all wireless EMF emitted from your phone.

Even if your phone uses the 5G connectivity and emits radiation of up to 10GHz, your armband can fully protect you from all the harmful waves.

You should note that the armband is so advanced that it can block the waves without affecting your cellular signals!

2.   Neoprene Water Resistant

By using a neoprene material, your phone is protected from any weather conditions during your runs, including rain.

The armband assures that your phone is kept dry while still enjoying the full touchscreen feature. Besides, who doesn’t sweat while exercising!

Your phone is kept dry and clean from any form of liquid that can come across your way during your runs. Neoprene is also a very durable material that cannot be easily stretched out or torn.

This ensures that you will be able to use your armband for years to come.

3.   Full Touch Screen Functions

Despite having your phone in the armband, you can still open your phone with the fingerprint scanner and touchscreen functionality despite the thin plastic covering.

This is a convenient feature if you need to use your phone quickly.

4.   Built-in Key Holder

If you do not like having your pockets full of keys or cards during your runs or workouts, the armband provides a secure built-in key holder that will prevent you from losing your key.

Also, you can also store your cards in the card pocket at the back of the armband if you need to buy some things on your way back home.

5.   Reflective Stripe

DefenderShield has not only emphasized the EMF blocking abilities of the cell phone armband but also on your safety.

The reflective stripe will improve your visibility for your night runs. Also, it is important to note that the reflective stripe is of good quality according to the reviews.

6.   Headphone And Charger Sockets

The armband also allocates for charger and headphone cutouts if you want to listen to some music or keep a power bank in your bag during your workouts.

Compared to other competitors, the armband provides headphones sockets if you have not converted yet to the Bluetooth earphone trends.

How Does It Work?

You only need to slide your phone through the top slot of the armband. The slot is compatible with different device sizes because of the elastic bands on each four corners.

The back of the armband that is in close contact with your arm contains the EMF blocking equipment that will shield your body from any EMF waves emitted by your phone.

You can tightly secure the armband by using the velcro strap. If you require additional length to secure it around your arm, you can use the additional strap extender that comes for free with the armband. The thin touch-screen plastic window allows you to use your screen without any delay or affecting your screen sensitivity.

In just one swipe, you can control your phone without removing it from your armband. You should also note that the armband is one of a kind due to its broad spectrum blocking coverage of up to 10 GHz.

There is no other similar equipment on the market that can protect you from all the waves emitted by your device, even if you are using the 5G network technology.

What Could Be Improved?

Based on the positive reviews on DefenderShield’s website, the armband has been a useful EMF blocking tool for multiple people across the globe.

However, there are a few recommendations that customers wished that could be improved. For example, a few people stated that they would prefer a buckle or a zipper instead of the velcro for a more secure grip on the arm. However, other people argued that the velcro enabled them to attach the extender safely and securely.

Also, some people stated that their phone could not fit through the slot nicely. To prevent any of these from happening to you, we recommend that you measure the dimensions of your phone and compare them to the dimensions of the slot.

Final Verdict

The cell phone running armband from DefenderShield is worth the price as it offers up to 99.99% protection against EMF radiation.

While it is important to be physically fit through exercises, we also need to analyze the different factors in our daily life that are affecting our health. At the end of the day, they will balance out and all the efforts may be in vain.

Therefore, choosing the armband to block all EMF waves from entering your body is an important step towards protecting your health and body.

Also, all the other features such as the compatible plastic window, the reflective stripe, and the neoprene water-resistant material make it comparable to other normal armbands on the market. Our review is also supported by the hundreds of positive reviews by other customers on the DefenderShield website. So grab your armband and happy running!

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