Do EMF Blocking Cellphone Cases Work And Why?

Do EMF Blocking Cellphone Cases Work And Why?

You can find several varieties of EMF blocking cellphone cases on the market, claiming that they can protect you from harmful EMF radiation. However, how far can they protect you?

Tests by independent researchers qualified EMF blocking cases as genuine EMF shielding equipment. However, not all EMF blockers adhere to their claims, and some can even increase your EMF exposure.

Therefore, before purchasing any EMF shields, we recommend reading the customer reviews and any papers that tested the equipment.

If you want to know more about how EMF blockers work and which one can you trust, keep reading!

EMF In Daily Life

Radiation from Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) is everywhere, and the sun being the primary source of radiation. Other sources of radiation in our daily life are electrical appliances, electrical wires, and devices (especially mobile phones).

Humanity has continuously evolved under a range of radiation sources, but our exposure to EMF radiation has significantly increased with the introduction of technology. Radiation is energy emitted in the form of waves.

For example, heat is one form of radiation. Each type of radiation has these standard features:

  • They are waves that can move even in space.
  • They travel amazingly fast; 300 000 km per second.

There are seven components known collectively under the umbrella term “electromagnetic spectrum”.

Below are the waves that fit the above description:

  1. Radio waves
  2. Microwaves
  3. Infra-red light
  4. Visible light
  5. Ultraviolet light
  6. X-rays and
  7. Gamma rays

While all the waves mentioned above emit radiation, the amount of radiation emitted varies according to their frequencies and wavelengths. Radio waves, for instance, do not emit much radiation.

In contrast, microwave, infra-red, and visible light emit small amounts of radiation, thus the name non-ionizing radiation. While they are considered harmless in the medical field, recent papers show that prolonged exposure to non-ionizing radiation can lead to health issues like cancer.

However, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays are classified as dangerous waves since they can change your cell’s DNA, even at low exposure.

How do EMF Blocking Cases Work?

The radiation emitted from cell phones is blocked by incorporating metal sheets or metallic fibers in mobile phone cases. The inner lining of EMF blocking phone cases is made of metal, forming a metal cage around the cell phone.

The metal cage prevents any EMF waves from escaping since they are reflected into the phone case. Innovative EMF blocking companies like DefenderShield follow the “Faraday’s Cage Principle” to design their mobile phone cases.

The company claims that their phone cases can block up to 99% of EMF radiation, including 5G phone networks. Their technologically advanced phone cases are among the first ones on the market to tackle the new 5G EMF radiation.

5G is considered a worse alternative than 4G and 4G Lite since it uses EMF waves with shorter wavelengths for a more rapid connection. It implies that more 5G towers will be built in residential areas, increasing acute exposure to EMF radiation.

Additionally, our body is more prone to absorb EMF radiation with shorter wavelengths.

Should you consider an EMF blocking casing?

If you are concerned about EMF radiation on your body or are sensitive to EMF waves, you should consider buying an EMF blocking phone case.

By using the phone case 24/7, you are significantly reducing your daily EMF exposure. If you are also interested in other EMF shielding products, you can try laptop cases and EMF blocking clothing to protect the vulnerable parts of your body, namely your hands, neck, and head.

Cell Phones And EMF

Modern mobile telephones use radio waves with varying frequencies (RF) to transmit data. An antenna is used to capture the frequencies emitted by your communication network provider.

Since the length of the antenna used is directly proportional to the frequency of wave used, modern mobile phones have tiny antennae and have grown incredibly discrete.

When switched on, a mobile phone sends a coded RF signal that is then received and transmitted by relay towers. All the relay towers are linked to the service provider.

A supercomputer from your service provider assesses the strength of the signal and connects your phone to the nearest relay tower.

You are also allocated a unique RF to use for communication between you and your service provider. Due to the various concerns about RF and EMF radiation emitted by a mobile phone, an index has been formulated called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

The SAR measures the energy absorbed for each kilo of body mass by a human body in one second when exposed to an electromagnetic wave.

Mobile phones tend to have low SAR values to comply with regulations by the FDA. Yet, several researchers have appealed to decrease the regulated SAR value.

Recent studies show that even at regulated levels, EMF waves can impact our health, even at regulated levels.

Potential risks from EMF

While the effect of EMF radiation on our health is a polarising subject in the scientific field, several studies show a positive correlation between EMF exposure and cancer.

The International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified RF radiation as a possible carcinogen for humans (Group 2B) in 2011.

Moreover, the World Health Organisation followed suit and called for caution when exposed to non-ionising radiation. The organisation has even started a massive study of the impacts of non-ionising radiation on daily life.

Other research papers found that long-term exposure to EMF radiation resulted in several health problems, namely:

However, it should be noted that EMF exposure is not constant across all countries, even in developed countries. Reports show that third country populations have less exposure to EMF waves due to limited development and little resources.

Since EMF exposure differs according to your location and environment, you can get an EMF meter online to measure the exact amount of EMF waves in your surroundings.


A lifestyle without a cell phone is complex. Since not having a phone is not an option many would like to consider, we must learn how to use it without risking any downfalls.

One of the best ways to limit your EMF exposure from mobile phones is to use an EMF blocking cellphone case. You can order them here.