Is sleeping with a cellphone under the pillow dangerous


Is sleeping with a cellphone under the pillow dangerous? I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

We all have the habit of sleeping with our phones. It’s the last thing we see at night and the first thing we check in the morning.

A study by Pew actually found that phone addiction is a bigger problem in America than the whole opioid epidemic combined.

It affects more than 200 million people in the country and is cause for major health hazards like accidents yet there is little done to address and combat the crisis.

Cellphones, while being noble in their technological innovation, are terrible gadgets to have around in the context of health.

They help us stay connected to our loved ones and let us browse the web regardless of where we are yet the benefits of cellphone users do not size up with the potential dangers it poses.

The cellphone revolution

Cellphones were designed to allow us to communicate on the move. A brilliant tech invention of its time, the cell enabled people to make and receive phone calls practically anywhere regardless of their geographical location.

This solved a major problem with the yesteryear landline phones and effectively helped connected the whole world in what is now known as the first technological wave.

With time and rapid developments in silicon technology, the design of the cellphones was improved upon to make it more appealing to the eyes and miniaturizing in a way that it looks clean and sophisticated.

With that, cellphones transcended technology to become a thing of art and manufacturers started coming up with more and more unconventional designs to stand out from the rest.

The second technological wave happened in 2007 when computer giant Apple unveiled its first phone called the iPhone that featured a touch screen instead of a traditional keyboard.

Soon it became all the hype and other manufacturers started pumping out similar-looking touch screen cellphones that relied on capacitive touch response for its operations.

This was a huge thing for Apple because they had essentially pioneered the concept of smartphones and created a whole market that didn’t even exist before the launch of the iPhone.

However, what Apple chose not to disclose was that this mammoth technological feat was achieved by sacrificing health and safety concerns.

Apple was able to fit all that functionality into the iPhone by miniaturizing the circuit board and relying heavily on the newly developed more powerful silicon chips.

The only problem with those was that they emitted a boatload of radiation while running which could potentially be very dangerous to the phone user.

Cellphones and health dangers

The motherboard of the phone (which is the main circuit board that controls everything) is tightly packed with thousands of electrical components that are miniaturized to fit into that small space.

However, passing electricity through them creates EMF radiation. The EMF radiation created further multiplies because of radiation induction and the phone gives out this radiation at all times that the phone is turned on.

There are other secondary sources of radiation as well. Take, for instance, a reception signal. Your phone is able to take calls wirelessly without an antenna because of a TxRx system built into it.

TxRx is simply a transmitter-receiver system that allows the phone to receive transmitted radiation from the air that is directed to your phone and send radiation to the nearest cell tower to pass on to complete the cycle.

This is also called a ‘handshake’. Your phone is programmed to look for radiations intended towards your phone at all times and send a radiation of its own to make sure everything is working alright.

The signal bars on your phone are informed by this handshake. Your phone does this a couple of hundred times per minute and continues the cycle for the duration of it being turned on. Therefore you can imagine the massive influx of radiation your phone will attract.

Another important source of radiation is the wireless internet. These days everyone seems to be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and while it is wonderful that technology allows us to be connected to the internet wirelessly, it is also a bane for our health. Same as reception signal, Wi-Fi also banks on continuous handshakes to operate seamlessly.

In fact, your phone and your Wi-Fi router ‘talks’ almost twice as much as a reception signal per minute. So if you are connected to the internet wirelessly and have a cellular signal on your phone, your immediate environment is literally swamped with radiation, all of which you are getting exposed to.

Radiation exposure can have mild to serious consequences. Exposure is so common and so prevalent that people often complain about obvious signs of radiation exposure without even realizing it.

People who use their phones too much often complain about the loss of focus and an inability to sleep. Some folks can also suffer from a loss of appetite and fatigue.

These are extremely common and quite short term in nature. However, with continuous exposure, people can develop some serious health complications including chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular stress and even cancer.

How does radiation impact our health?

Radiation, simply put, is energy frequency. They are small enough to not be detected by our eyes and powerful enough to mess with our bodily functions.

Radiation can easily pierce through physical obstructions which is why our biological protections such as skin, bones and muscles are useless against it.

When the body is enduring radiation exposure, it is put under a lot of stress. The body destroys the thermally damaged cells with new ones but with such added pressure, the cells often do not copy perfectly.

The imperfect cells are now even more susceptible to radiation exposure until it produces one cell that becomes cancerous.

Your immune system is already under stress so there is a possibility that it does not recognize the cell as such and it keeps multiplying thus expediting cancer throughout your body.

Our bodies are totally capable of dealing with radiation but it needs time to fix itself. If we constantly expose ourselves to radiation, the body does not get the required time to heal and thus starts compromising on its job.

Radiation while sleeping

Sleep is the most peaceful activity of your day. While you sleep, your whole body goes into repair mode and the cell and tissue damages are healed from within.

Your brain too shuts off most of its operation and just works on consolidating memories and analyzing everything you learned throughout the day.

From a health standpoint, sleep time is when a person is the most vulnerable because your body’s natural defense systems are turned off. This is the reason why a large number of deaths occur in sleep.

It is therefore quite evident that at such a vulnerable time with all of the bodily defenses shut off, radiation can really wreak havoc on our bodies.

Therefore it is advised that no electronic devices be kept in the bedroom when you are sleeping. This includes not only smartphones but also computers, laptops and Wi-Fi routers.

Radiation best practices

The best thing to do while sleeping is to keep all your electronics in a different room. In fact, you should try and make your bedroom absolutely radiation free.

This means keeping every electronic device out that can mess with your body on a microscopic level. This will not only help you sleep better but also significantly improve your health and quality of life.

With regard to cellphones, you should try to limit how much you use it and not go beyond 2.5 hours per day. Use it sparingly and make an effort to only limit the cellphone to calling.

You have a computer for surfing the web and a camera for taking photos. Utilize them instead of using your cellphone’s browser and camera.

This will not only give you enough separation from radiation so that the body can heal itself at night but also reduce your daytime exposure significantly which is great for your health.

You should also look into some anti-radiation products such as cellphone cases and laptop covers.

They are really helpful in bringing down your exposure levels and can be a lifesaver if you work on the computer for extended periods of time. If you are interested, we have a detailed article on anti-radiation products that you might want to consider looking into.

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Related questions

Is sleeping with a cellphone under the pillow dangerous?

Yes it is very dangerous and you should never consider doing it. We are at our most vulnerable when we are asleep and being exposed to radiation in that environment can really take a toll on the body in a way that is irreversible.

Also, putting the phone under the pillow puts us in direct contact with the brain and exposure from cellphones can lead to brain damage that can range from short term memory loss to swelling of the brain to even tumors.