Can Air Tube Headphones protect children from EMF radiation?

Can Air Tube Headphones protect children from EMF radiation

Children growing in this modern era are exposed to mobile phones, computers, and tablets since birth.

Even if we know that mobile phones should not be used as a distraction for our children, we are all guilty of applying this bad habit as our last resort.

Yet, those devices emit radiations called Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiations that are known to negatively impact the health of the younger generation.

It is especially important to protect their brain against EMF radiation. Let’s take a look at the effects of EMF on children’s brains and what can we do to minimize the risks of this impending problem.

What is EMF radiation?

EMF radiations were initially present in nature. Sun rays, natural light, and the Earth’s magnetism (the force that attracts a compass’s needle to the North) are examples of natural EMF.

However, there are also man-made EMF radiations that come from all electrical devices or cables. Electricity helps us live our comfortable modern lives but simultaneously produces polarized EMF radiations that impact our wellbeing.

Natural EMF is not polarized compared to man-made ones. Man-made polarized EMF can be divided into 2 groups; low-frequency (ELF) EMF and high-frequency EMF.

Researchers have proven that high-frequency EMF radiations are absorbed in the body and directly change the structure of our cells and DNA.

Fortunately, the exposure to high-frequency EMF for the average person is very minimum. On the flip side, ELF-EMF surrounds us everywhere we go.

Our mobile phones emit Radiofrequency (RF) radiations that have been linked to damage of the central nervous system and even cancer. Now imagine the impact of EMF on the developing brain of a child.

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Can Air Tube Headphones protect children from EMF radiation

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The effects of EMF on children

Guidelines regarding EMF radiation had been introduced in 1981. However, they have not updated the guidelines with the current research and do not consider children’s safety.

The effects of RF-EMF have greater impacts on the health of children than adults. A child’s head is significantly different compared to an adult’s head. The most evident anatomical differences are the skull and its bone marrow.

Compared to an adult’s skull, the child’s skull is much thinner and smaller. This increases the vulnerability of the bone marrow to RF-EMF. The brain grows rapidly from birth till the age of two.

Long and frequent exposure to RF-EMF during this time frame could easily damage the neurons in the brain.

In May 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) stated that RF-EMF is officially categorized as a Group 2B human carcinogen.

They decreed that RF-EMF is a possible human carcinogen. Scientists are even suggesting that it should be classified as a ‘known carcinogen’. The technology industry is using 5G mobile networks that use a higher RF.

This means that our bodies will be more susceptible to EMF radiations. A study done by Falcioni in 2018, found that there is a positive correlation between RF-EMF and cell tumors.

New research has also found that RF-EMF can impair memory, cognitive function, and learning in children and adults. Fortunately, several companies are specializing in the production of EMF blockers for children. One of the newest inventions is Air Tube Headphones.

How can Air Tube Headphones protect the brain?

Air tube headphones are an amazing tool to minimize your child’s exposure to RF-EMF. It must be noted that the effect of RF-EMF decreases significantly when the distance from the source increases.

With that in mind, the innovation of air tube headphones immediately makes sense. Regular headphones have a 100% wired connection. Sound moves up the wires to play directly into your ears.

The current caused by the movement of sound along the cords emit RF-EMF. As the name suggests, the special feature of the headphones is the air tubes. They are hollow and flexible and transmit sound to the ears.

There is a great chance that regular headphones attract surrounding EMF radiations and transmit them directly to the brain. The child’s brain development can be more at risk.

The hollow tubes rectify this problem by using sound waves to bring sound to the child’s ears. The air tubes also increase the distance from the wires to the brain.

This significantly reduces the risk of RF-EMF radiations by 99%. There are multiple companies that supply Air Tube headphones to the market. One of the best is DefenderShield’s EMF radiation-free kids headphones.

The headphones have been specially designed to merge high sound quality and optimum EMF blockers.

Downsides of Air Tube Headphones

There are a few downsides to Air Tube headphones but the health benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. In general, the air tube feature is made of rubber which is less durable than metal wires.

The headphones must be handled with care or else the air tubes may be twisted, bent, or damaged. Twisting and bending affects the shape and surface area of the air tube which result in poorer sound quality.

Depending on the brand, sound quality may also be affected. It may not be comparable to regular headphones because of the way sound is transmitted from the phone to the device.

The small speaker in the air tube headphones is further away from your ear. Some sound waves are lost during the transmission which decreases the sound quality slightly.

However, according to several reviews, the headphones from DefenderShield are known for their good quality for both sound and EMF radiation blocking.


EMF radiation can be very hazardous to our health. There are still debates surrounding the topic because of the various gaps in research.

Yet, there is a big chunk of numerous studies that analyze the effect of RF-EMF radiation on children’s brain. The potential risk that it represents cannot be easily ignored. Parents are encouraged to minimize the exposure of RF-EMF radiations for their children who are growing in a technological world.

Air tube headphones are very efficient at protecting the kids’ brains. If you are concerned about the effects of  EMF radiation on your child, air tube headphones is a simple and efficient way of reducing your exposure.