Do Google Nest Devices Emit EMF Radiation

Do Google Nest Devices Emit EMF Radiation

Do Google Nest Devices Emit EMF Radiation? I have looked into this for many hours and here is my opinion.

We live in the age of tech. The innovations and advancements that humankind has made in this field are truly astounding.

It is quite fascinating to think that only a hundred years ago, the only form of long-distance communication was letters – written by hand and taken several days to deliver – and yet today we can communicate with our friends across the world in real-time just by the push of a button.

Long gone are those postage stamps and envelopes, the crazy wait times and lost mail, our quantum jump in technological advancement really has given us an edge over all of our ancestors who’ve walked this planet.

Our lives are infinitely better because of tech, whether it be the advancements in medicine or our innovation with robotics.

Perhaps nothing speaks more of the ease of life we have now than smart home assistants like Google Nest which are becoming more and more commonplace.

However, an easy life is not always a better life. In this article, we focus on understanding what this smart device is, the advantages and disadvantages of owning one and whether or not it poses a health risk to us with regards to EMF.

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Understanding Google Nest

Google positions its Nest devices as an all-in-one home assistant that exists to make your life easy.

As you will be aware, the tech giant Google has a plethora of applications available online for use, and with this smart device, they aim to bring all those apps under one roof for you to utilize.

Unlike smartphones, the Nest does not have a display. Rather it is operated by voice. Google is betting big on voice as the next big thing and Nest is their attempt to adopt that technology first.

The Nest is powered by their revolutionary AI system which they’ve very humbly named Google Assistant. The assistant works by accepting your voice commands, running operations based on that, and then reporting back to you by voice.

This is an insanely sophisticated system running multiple operations simultaneously to not only figure out what you’re saying but also understand the accent, context, and respond accordingly.

From natural language processing to human-machine interaction to AI, the all-encompassing cutting edge tech that powers it is astounding.

When it was first released back in 2011, the voice assistant was more of a novelty than anything else.

You could ask the assistant for things like the temperature or date and it would fetch the data and read it out to you.

While it was very futuristic at the time, no one really took it to be a real game-changer in terms of tech innovation. However, Google begged to differ.

During their annual summit in 2019, Google unveiled its new assistant and left the world in awe when it dialed a restaurant, spoke to the receptionist, and booked a dinner reservation.

People gushed over how close to human the AI has gotten in phrasing its sentences and spacing out words.

This is a testament to the hard work Google has done behind the scenes to push out a system that is close to flawless. If you were not told that the assistant made the call, there was no way you’d have guessed it’s an automated call.

While Google is yet to release the updated assistant to its smart devices, the things that the AI is capable of right now is still pretty stunning. It can pretty much do anything from scheduling meetings to playing songs, controlling lighting, and more.

With Google Nest, the company is hoping to give you a holistic experience of having a personal assistant at your every beck and call.

The concerns of smart tech, Google nest devices and EMF radiation

There are several concerns that have been raised about these smart home systems for quite some time.

From data protection to invasion of privacy, there are major concerns that need real attention before we can truly integrate these devices into our everyday lives.

There have been cases of the Google Assistant recording voice in the background even when they were not running which is a major privacy concern. Also, what Google does with the data is a cause of worry.

Google is effectively building a huge portfolio of all of us and tracking every move that we make.

Essentially this means Google knows everything that’s happening in our lives and for one company to have so much power over such a massive population is really scary.

That aside, there are significant risks of EMF exposure from these smart devices. Home assistants such as the Nest work by responding to your call. The call is often a special keyword.

In Google’s case, it’s OK Google. So, every time you say the phrase Ok Google, the AI fires up and is ready to run operations on your behalf. But think about this for a second – how does it know when you’re saying the phrase?

It knows that because the mic is constantly recording and analyzing any voice that’s in its periphery. Google promises that none of this ‘metadata’ is recorded but we really don’t know.

After recognizing the keyword, the device preps for your query and then uploads it to its cloud server where the operation actually takes place. Once the operation is run, the results are downloaded and read back to you. This indicates two things, namely:

  • It is constantly connected to the internet and transferring huge loads of data to make the operation seamless, and
  • It is generating a ridiculous amount of EMF because of its high wireless activity.

As you can probably imagine, exposing oneself to such high degrees of EMF radiation can cause serious stress on the body and have a negative impact on our overall health.

Sure the radiations are non-ionizing, meaning that they cannot spilt the atoms, but this high level of radiation does take a lot out from our body, especially if we expose ourselves on a regular basis.

Why EMF radiation is bad for us?

Radiation is a high energy frequency that can easily penetrate physical objects and travel for fairly long distances before fading out and tapering off.

The high energy makes them especially dangerous and since they can penetrate physical objects easily, our bones and tissues are unable to stop the onslaught of these rays on our cell structure.

Now, these radiations are mostly non-ionizing, meaning that they don’t have enough energy to break down our cells into its atomic and molecular parts. However, that does not make them any less dangerous.

We have research that shows that continuous exposure of our cells to these types of radiation can put them in such stress that they end up replicating poorly and form imperfect copies. These imperfections can result in a weakened immune system and leave our bodies compromised.

This has been shown to expedite chronic illnesses in people such as diabetes and heart diseases. In some extreme cases, the cell is so badly split that the new one turns cancerous.

Because of a weakened immune system, the body cannot defend against such cancerous cells, thus quickly falling prey to the deadly disease.

Now, we do not have any cases as of yet they’ve shown cancer development directly linked to radiation; however it has been proven to be the case theoretically and tumors often take 20-25 years to develop in any case.

Since technology is only about 10 years old, we just do not have enough data to confidently say anything. But, personally, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

Side effects of EMF radiation

Radiation can have a whole range of side effects from short term ones to deadlier, longer term ones. The most common short term side effects include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Hypertension
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Fogginess
  • Irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of focus

Interestingly, people whose work primarily revolves around computers often complain about these symptoms.

While the list might seem manageable, radiation also does produce some really bad consequences for the long term, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

As you can tell, exposure to radiation can do severe damage tour health if we do not proactively check our exposure levels at all times.

Therefore it is important that we take all the precautions we can to safeguard ourselves from this menace.

Precautions and solutions for EMF radiation

The best way to deal with radiation exposure is to simply eliminate the source of it. You do not require your home to be ‘smart’ and absolutely don’t need to speak to your fridge about what you want for dinner.

Your old appliances are fine and do not produce even a fraction of the radiation that these smart devices do. Therefore the most potent advice from me would be to simply get rid of the devices that emit EMF in such humongous quantities, to begin with.

If throwing out your Google Nest is not possible, there are several anti-EMF products that you can try.

There are some really good Faraday meshes that promise to keep out radiation from you which I’ve written extensively about if you’re interested. There’s also anti-EMF paint which you can choose to opt for and paint your wall adjacent to the Nest device.

This paint is EMF absorbent and promises not to reflect back any radiation coming from the smart device. If you’re interested, I’ve written about them too.

These aside, there are a bunch of other really cool protective devices that you can use which I think would make your life easier in dealing with radiation exposure. I’ve dedicated several posts to just them and they are all available for your perusal.

Does Google Nest emit radiation even when it is turned off?

Because of the nature of its make, the Google Nest does emit radiation even at off state. This is because the device needs to be ready at all times to pick up the command keyword.

It does so by capturing all noise through its mic and analyzing each data byte for the keyword. The analysis often happens on the cloud because the Nest device isn’t powerful enough to do it locally.

This means, there is constant upstream and downstream of information from the Google servers. This creates a huge radiation field that you are continuously getting exposed to, even when it is turned off.

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