Best EMF Radiation Protection Gloves

Best EMF Radiation Protection Gloves

For the past decade, the gap between the two opposing sides of researchers on electromagnetic fields (EMF) evidence has widened.

There has been a constant debate in the research field about the effects of EMF on our health. Scientists once thought that non-ionizing EMF was harmless but it all changed after World War II.

Nowadays, various studies point towards uprising symptoms and illnesses caused by the increase in EMF exposure. These include cancer, sleep disturbances, cognitive damage, and skin conditions.

There are various products on the market that claim they can protect us from EMF radiation. One of them is EMF protection gloves. Below, we discuss the efficiency of EMF gloves and what are the best available on the market.

How do EMF gloves work?

EMF especially affects people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Although it is not recognized in the medical as a diagnosis, these people cannot have direct contact with EMF radiation, including electrical devices such as computers and mobile phones.

EMF gloves are made up of materials that absorb the radiations, thus protecting us from them. The materials used are usually of a metal nature such as copper, silver, nickel, or aluminum mesh.

Although they do not provide 100% protection from EMF radiation, there is a significant decrease in EMF exposure. The process of decreasing the force of EMF is called attenuation.

When the radiations are absorbed by the gloves, there are is a gradual loss in the energy of the radiations.

The gloves are used to provide a protective barrier between the person and the electrical device being used. This greatly benefits EHS patients in their daily lives at home and work.

Nowadays, the market has made EMF protection gloves fashionable and inconspicuous. No one would know that they have other purposes unless the person chooses to disclose the information. The gloves boost EMF protection because of the direct intermediary between the device and hands.

The direct protection of EMF gloves shield the hands from most EMFs and are more efficient than an EMF necklace blocker. Even brands like apple have recommended a minimum of 5-millimeter distance between the device and parts of the body in its manual.

This reason alone prompts various people into questioning the effects of EMF on our bodies.

What are the benefits of EMF gloves?

The EMF gloves blockers are one of the most efficient EMF blocking tools that can protect you from EMF radiation coming from your device, including laptops, computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Some people are also using the motto ‘Prevention is better than cure’ in regards to EMF protection. From children to the elderly, many are buying EMF gloves, not because of EHS but as a prevention measure from the impacts that could arise in the future.

Another reason is the practicality of EMF gloves. Contrary to what we imagine, EMF gloves do not have a strange appearance that stands out to the general public.

Instead, they appear like normal gloves because of the thin metal mesh that lines the gloves. If you are concerned about the appearance of the gloves, companies have done a great job at integrating the technology in ‘normal’ looking gloves.

What are the effects of EMF on the hands?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency that falls under the World Health Organization (WHO), stated in 2011 that radiations coming from phones, WiFi, electrical devices, and mobile networks could be potential carcinogens.

Scientists have discovered, in the last few years, that cells can build and retain an electric charge. If they lose this electric charge, the cells quickly age and die prematurely.

This discovery correlates with the studies that reported a change in cell activity when they were exposed to long periods of EMF radiations. They have also concluded that EMF radiations produced from phones and communication networks could change the human DNA in long exposures.

Granted, the levels of EMF studied are far above our everyday exposure to EMF. However, with the modern lifestyle, we are exposed to EMF radiations day and night until the day we die.

The accumulation of EMF radiation in our bodies could result in considerable health effects on our bodies, including our hands.

Skin cancer is a big concern among the EMF researcher community. The parts of the body most vulnerable are our hands, our brains, and our face. This is due to the everyday use of our mobile phones with proximity to our hands, face, and head.

Recent studies have also reported that the increase in brain tumors has a significant relation to the use of mobile phones. Our phones are close to our face and head every day, from waking to turn off the alarm to the evening when we sleep with our phones next to us.

According to the most recent research, people suffering from EHS whose hands were exposed to EMF radiation would feel the same symptoms as arthritis and musculoskeletal pain.

Their hands would be red and even swollen sometimes. The pain would radiate from their fingertips to their forearms which would impact their participation in their daily activities. The use of EMF protection gloves would be a saving grace to their suffering.

Best EMF gloves on the market

Companies are now supplying EHS patients and anyone who wants to shield themselves against EMF with products that guarantee up to 99% protection.

One of the best EMF radiation gloves is from DefenderShield. They have one-size-fits-all gloves that are made from stretchy fabrics that contain silver fibers. You can still use your touch screen phone, tablet, or laptop even with the gloves on.

The selling feature is the guaranteed protection even against 5G mobile phones. The higher frequency (300 Hz-10 GHz) emitted by 5G mobile networks is absorbed faster by our body, resulting in bigger potential damage.

The gloves also contain anti-microbial, anti-static, and anti-odor properties that improve their longevity. With all of these amazing characteristics, it is obvious why DefenderShield’s gloves have an astonishing 4.9 stars out of 5 from customer reviews on their website.

EMF Radiation Protection Gloves