Is there higher radiation from cheap earbuds?

Is there higher radiation from cheap earbuds

For the past few decades, our society has rapidly become digitalized. One of the products of this era is the mobile phone.

Most people having a mobile phone usually listen to music, audiobooks, or watch videos on Netflix or Youtube. To entertain ourselves without disturbing others, earbuds provide the best of both worlds.

Yet, our mobile phones emit electromagnetic fields, also known as EMF. Research has shown that EMF could cause significant damage to our health when prolongedly exposed to the waves.

Concerns have also arisen about whether the earphones could emit EMF. Keep reading to understand whether the claims are true and what could be done to protect ourselves from those impertinent EMF waves.

So, is there higher radiation from cheap earbuds? Regular cheap earphones can emit higher EMF radiation, and it is especially dangerous due to the close proximity to the brain.

Can Cheap earbuds emit EMF radiation?

The wired headset is directly connected to your phone with a cable. Cheap earbuds have a 100% wired connection meaning that sound moves up the wires to play directly into your ears

They do emit radiation, much as any current-carrying wire does. The current caused by the movement of sound along the cords emit RF-EMF. These RF-EMF waves are emitted from the cords and the speakers of the cheap earbuds.

There is a high possibility that standard headphones release radiation that is then absorbed by the brain.

What earbuds can we use instead?

With increasing concern from the public regarding earphones, companies like DefenderShield have created air tube headphones (find the latest price here).

EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones

They significantly reduce the emission of EMF radiation. Wired and air headsets are different in the way the music is conveyed to your ears. Similarly, in a typically wired headset, the audio flows up the cable, which transmits EMF, as well.

While the wired earbuds are completely made up of wires, the air tube earphones are created with a hollow and bendable component.

The tubes replace the traditional wires that were connected to the microphone. They deliver sound perfectly and reduce up to 99% EMF radiation.

Instead of a current that transmits sound to the speakers, sound waves travel from the mobile phone to your ears. The absence of a loudspeaker in the earphones implies that EMF radiation does not reach the ears and the brain.

Also, since the source of radiation, meaning the phone, is further away from the brain, the intensity of the EMF waves decreases by a massive amount.

According to recent research, any device that can drastically reduce EMF radiation is worth the investment. This is because crucial health problems can be avoided in the future from those prevention measures.

What is EMF radiation?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are also referred to as radiation, which is connected to the different sources of electrical control and artificial and natural illumination. EMFs usually fallare usually fall into two broad groups based on their prevalence:

  1. Non-ionizing: perceived as safer
  1. Ionizing: have the ability to disrupt the cells and DNA of those exposed to it.

EMFs occur on a spectrographic; the wavelength and frequency of the field determine its position on the spectrogram. When you speak of electromagnetic fields, you are referring to two types: electric and magnetic.

In ionizing EMFs, examples such as fields of X-rays and UV light have a greater frequency and shorter wavelength. EMF radiations of this sort may eliminate atoms, including water molecules found in living organisms.

This disrupts the chemical bonds and thus affects cell metabolism. Unstable atoms or free radicals can be produced after high energy levels of ionizing radiation penetrate the human body.

Any sources of ionizing radiation include gamma rays, which cure cancer. At the center of the spectrum, visible light represents the boundary line between ionizing and nonionizing radiation. Radio waves (RF) have different properties than ionizing waves and may or may not be energetic.

Non-ionizing electromagnetic fields have a longer wavelength and a lower frequency. It is impossible for these radiations to crack chemical bonds in a short exposure.

Non-ionizing fields are used in both the wild and synthetic varieties. Non-ionizing radiation includes communication equipment, is a type of non-ionizing radiation, as in particular radios and microwave transmitters, ovens, tanning therapy (the use of UV rays to produce a tan), mobile phones, WiFi modem, and mobile networks.

Long exposure to those non-ionizing EMF radiations is now considered as a possible human carcinogen associated with brain tumors and sleep disturbances.

The effect of EMF radiation on the brain

It has been hypothesized that exposure to EMF can lead to a number of possible neurological symptoms owing to the proximity of the cranial nervous system to mobile phones.

Thus, a lot of attention is placed on the possibility of cancer of the brain being caused by exposure to RF-EMF. An epidemiology study in 2005 discovered that cell phone use for one hour a day for ten years could raise the risk of tumors.

Furthermore, people who use mobile phones have an increased risk of malignant gliomas, particularly those who have acoustic neuromas. Studies have also shown that RF-EMF has a direct association with brain tumors.

A study exposing RF-EMFs for long hours discovered that DNA oxidative damage occurred in the mitochondria, and DNA strands broke in neurons.

The studies indicated that this could be in lymphocytes exposed to different radio frequencies (RFs). Often, RF-EMFs exposure has been confirmed to cause genetic abnormalities and changes in gene expression.

Such toxic effects have been identified in the brain. Conversely, it has been discovered that sensitivity to RF-EMF radiation raised the risk of an abnormal number of chromosomes.

This can result in a number of genetic abnormalities and can also lead to mutations and cancer.

Some studies have also shown that the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) that filtrates and provides nutrients to the brain is greatly affected by EMF radiations.

The continuous pulses of EMF waves increase the BBB’s permeability. In 2010, research confirmed this theory. It stated that exposure to RF-EMF might change the BBB properties. Homeostasis the process in which the body regulates its temperature.

RF-EMFs are shown to affect homeostasis, which results in an increase in permeability of BBB. This could lead to neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.

Bottom line

Regular earphones emit EMF radiation, and it is especially dangerous due to the close proximity to the brain. Fortunately, air tube earphones from companies like DefenderShield shield people from EMF waves without compromising sound quality.