Do Wireless House Phones Emit EMF Radiation

Do Wireless House Phones Emit EMF Radiation

Do Wireless House Phones Emit EMF Radiation? I have spent many hours of research to give you the best answer in this article.

In all honesty, there is as yet a huge part of the populace that despite everything have landline phones in their home.

In spite of the fact that cellphones are notorious for the threats of EMF radiation that they pose, cordless phone radiation from home phones is as yet a noteworthy hazard.

Numerous people consider getting a home phone explicitly to decrease their exposure to EMF, yet you unquestionably need to be cautious about what kind of phone you buy for your home.

In the event that you figured you could tackle the issue of mobile phone radiation by going back to your cordless phone, reconsider.

Studies show that cordless or wireless telephones transmit radiation amounts that are equivalent to cellphones.

Funnily enough, sometimes cordless phones are more perilous than cellphones in terms of radiation produced.

Everybody is aware of the possibility of mobile phones causing brain tumors. In any case, phones discharge RF Radiation in full blast when sending out or getting a call.

A cordless phone base unit, just as every one of the handsets, transmit their maximum measure of RF Radiation all day, every day, at whatever point they are on.

There are many studies like the one here connecting this radiation to malignant growth. Indeed, even the World Health Organization records this kind of electromagnetic radiation as a “potential cancer-causing agent”.

In this article, we’ll talk about the various types of cordless phones, why they are dangerous, and basic and viable ways you can decrease your radiation exposure.

Why are our wireless house phones can be dangerous?

To comprehend this we have to talk a bit about how these phones generally work.

Most importantly, practically all cordless phones utilize an innovation called DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) technology.

With DECT, both the cordless handset and the base station both continually produce a lot of radio frequency (RF) radiation, a type of electromagnetic frequency radiation.

This is perilous in two different ways.


First of all, much the same as with mobile phones, the vicinity of our head to the wellspring of radiation is an immense risk. With regards to EMF radiation, we use something many refer to as the backward square law of material science.

This law just expresses that as we twofold our distance from the source of radiation, we quarter our exposure to it.

So when we gain distance from things like smart meters, dimmers, cell towers, and so forth we see exponentially lower risks with increased distance

With a wireless, or for this situation a cordless home phone, there is no separation among us and the wellspring of the radiation (the headset) thus we don’t profit by this law by any stretch of the imagination.


The subsequent issue is the manner in which the transmission work. Both your voice, and the voice of the individual you are conversing with must go from the headset to the base station, and afterward on through the network.

This implies relying upon your direction and distance from the base station, those transmissions may need to literally travel through your brain to get to the base station.

The further you are away from that base station, the harder the phone needs to work to transmit that data.

One approach to consider it is to consider Apple Airpods (which are risky as I would like to think).

These Bluetooth earbuds don’t both transmit to your phone simultaneously. One earbud gets information from the phone and afterward passes it to the next, directly through your brain.

Cordless phones work basically in a similar way, contingent upon where you are holding the phone in regards to the base station.

Potential dangers of wireless house phones

In spite of the fact that we basically link EMF radiation dangers with cellphones, an investigation done in 2006 found that cordless phones and cellphones both produced EMF radiation, and both expanded the dangers of certain malignant growths in the brain.

Swedish researchers considering the connection between cordless phone use (explicitly DECT phones), mobile phones, and malignant growth, found a critical relationship.

The researchers were stunned to find that the cordless phones discharge a shockingly enormous measure of EMF radiation in any event, even when they are not being effectively utilized. This adds to the general EMF contamination of your home.

Landlines vs cordless vs cellphones

Prior to having cordless phones, we had standard telephones where you had a wire from the headset to the base station and a telephone link from the base station into the divider and onto the telephone post.

This permitted the phone to both be grounded, and not transmit anything wirelessly, making its EMF outflows basically zero.

Notwithstanding, when these phones were supplanted with cordless phones, and in the long run powerful DECT phones that generated EMF radiation, we were essentially excessively blinded by the accommodation to try and see the risk.

Nonetheless, when mobile phones picked up ubiquity, it brought to the open consideration that these gadgets may really represent a genuine threat.

Looking at it today, when we have an abundance of studies and information indicating that steady long haul phone use expands our danger of things like glioma (a sort of brain malignant growth) and other health dangers.

This likewise causes us to comprehend the peril that cordless phones present.

Are cordless phones more damaging to health than cellphones?

Truly, it is in certain conditions. With EMFs, vicinity to the wellspring (of the EMFs) and length of exposure are two significant components.

Anyway in this day and age, regardless of whether we have a cordless phone at home, we will in general be on our cellphones undeniably more frequently.

This is in light of the fact that all phones available in the market today are smartphones. Which means we use them for email, messaging, games, applications, skype calls, and a hundred different things.

This implies we basically tend to utilize our phones undeniably more regularly.

In addition, mobile phones transmit something other than RF radiation. They likewise produce magnetic and electric field radiation from the hardware inside.

Although cordless phones can be more dangerous especially in the event that you sleep directly close to a cordless phone. Since both the headset and the base station transmit EMF radiation, the mix in closeness to your head could be critical.

This is getting less normal however. Altogether progressively regular is sleeping close to our mobile phone, or in any event, sleeping with our cellphones under our pillow.

Are landlines safer than cordless phones?

Truly, totally.

Much the same as we discussed previously, since both the headset and the base station are wired, the EMF emanations are far lower.

The machine will be grounded, and the information transmissions will be through the telephone wire or ethernet link for all intents and purposes, thus disposing of your exposure.

My best bet would be to just switch to an old-school corded phone for maximum safety.

In any case, appliances, when they are wired in, are generally more secure than their wireless counterparts, regardless of whether that is a wired mouse, console, headset, internet, or whatever else

Low EMF cordless phones

There are a few phones available today that are showcased as “low EMF” or “eco-DECT”. These claim to utilize less power and transmit less radiation.

Utilizing a low EMF corded phone (in other words a model which has an inbuilt speakerphone and jack for corded headset) will diminish your EMF exposures considerably.

The basic model is perfect for the vast majority, yet increasingly advanced corded telephones are additionally accessible with answering machines.

Another option is to attempt to locate an old simple cordless phone. They are not as sheltered as a corded phone, yet they are viewed as a lot more secure than the DECT innovation. They work at a lower frequency and do not generate pulsing EMF.

Diminishing exposure risks

In this section we will take a look at some of the things that you can do to reduce your risk of exposure from your cordless house phone.

Get an EMF Meter.

One of the main things I would do however is to get an EMF meter. I realize this doesn’t promptly decrease your radiation exposure, but having a quality EMF meter is one of the most significant things you can do if you care about the perils of EMF radiation.

In addition to the fact that it allows you to effectively monitor the EMF radiation in your home, it also encourages you to dispose of it by recognizing the biggest culprits of EMF pollution.

The EMF meter will allow you to understand the total amount EMF radiation your cordless phone is generating. Considerably more critically however, this is a priceless apparatus in your excursion to bring down your general exposure to EMF radiation.

Disconnect the phone when not in use.

In the event that you do have a cordless phone, essentially unplug it around evening time. This will significantly bring down the EMF exposure from the gadget.

Notwithstanding, be cautious that you don’t leave the headset near your body in any event, when it is unplugged.

As the headset consistently attempts to restore a connection with the base, it can discharge a huge measure of radiation.

Place it away from your bedroom.

Do whatever it takes not to have your cordless phone in places where you spend most of your time.

It isn’t unexpected to have the base station on a side table close to your chair, or on your end table close to your bed. Rather, make an effort not to have the base station or the headset inside around 8 feet of where you rest.

Find our post on how to protect your bedroom from EMF radiation here.

Use the phone speaker.

An extraordinary method to decrease your exposure to cordless phone radiation is to utilize speakerphone whenever the situation allows.

Rather than holding the headset directly against your head, turn the speakerphone on the base station on. This gives a decent measure of distance among you and the source of the radiation.

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Related questions.

Is cordless phone radiation ionizing?

No, just like its cellphone counterparts, cordless radiation is non-ionizing. However, as we discussed in detail above, these phones release a ridiculous amount of radiation which can put a lot of stress on the body and ultimately be a health risk.

Radiation has been linked with chronic conditions such as diabetes and cancer, therefore if you are regularly getting exposed to these radiations, it is still quite worrisome despite the radiation is non-ionizing.