Do Crystals That Protect Against EMF Radiation work?

Do Crystals That Protect Against EMF Radiation work?

In our 21st century, the planet is rife with TVs, tablets, mobile phones, and electrical appliances. These electronic devices are draining our mental and physical health by emitting EMF (electromagnetic fields).

Studies have shown that EMF radiation may have a significant impact on our wellbeing during prolonged use. Consequently, EMF shielding devices are a must.

During the past few years, crystal EMF blocking trends have been growing and attracting a lot of attention from the EMF community. People were both intrigued and skeptical about their ‘magical powers.’ Could there be a merge between the science-based EMF radiation and the mystical energy of crystals? Let’s get started!

How can crystals protect against EMF?

Crystals have become a trend that various people now believe in. They are currently serving as one against EMF pollution. According to crystal experts, those with high iron content are particularly effective at blocking and protecting the body and soul from EMR.

In addition to their high iron content, crystals may also balance the chakras and take in general toxicities, airborne energies before they reach the body.

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People believe that crystals have long been used as a defensive power, whether to ward off the paranormal or to keep you safe from EMF radiations. Like those with high iron content, certain gemstones are better able to block and protect the body and the soul from external EMF influence.

Some people believe that selecting crystals help to strengthen the Feng Sui of their room, thus connecting and aligning the chakras. As crystal experts claim, crystals also remove high-frequency EMF, thereby protecting your aura and aura’s energetic centers.

However, the effects of crystals on EMF are not backed up by scientific experiments. The crystals experts cannot ensure that EMF crystal blockers can shield up to 99% of EMF radiations.

EMF blockers vs. crystals

EMF blockers like computers, tablets, and mobile phones lower the sensitivity to EMF. Knowledge source: It is backed by lab research, which shields against up to 99.9% of the EMF radiation, including 5G wireless.

Various EMF blockers also have an FCC Certificate label, certifying that they follow the Federal Communications Commission regulations.

The guidelines strive to reduce the degree of RF interference between electronic devices. All EMF shielding products have a regulating body that assures the quality of their shielding. The certificate also means that it is under the safety limit for ionizing radiation.

Conversely, testing the EMF blocking properties of crystals is complex. An EMF meter can be used to assess the high-iron content crystals, but there is no certainty that the crystals can protect your aura and energetic centers from EMF.

Despite using EMF blocking crystals, it is recommended that an EMF device is simultaneously being used to maximize EMF protection.

By having the best of both worlds, crystal believers can feel their aura protected and physically shielded from the impertinent radiations.

Where can I buy EMF products?

Various companies have integrated EMF blocking technology in their products to shield up to 99% of radiations. The advanced technology has been molded to stop EMF waves’ emission from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and even clothing for adults and children.

One of the pillars of the EMF industry is DefenderShield. They provide a large variety of EMF blockers to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences at affordable prices. DefenderShield guarantees that its radiation blockers stop up to 99% of EMF waves, including the 5G emission. Find all of DefenderShields products here.

What is EMF?

EMFs are made from both magnetic and electric fields. The greater the flow of electric current, the greater the magnetic field generated.

Although no current is flowing through the electric cables, there will still be an electric field. This is a crucial EMF property that exacerbates the presence of EMF radiations everywhere. EMFs can be classified into two broad categories: natural and artificial sources.

The Earth’s magnetic field creates a north-south orientation for the compass needle. Aquatic animals and birds use the Earth’s magnetic fields during their migration from one region to the next.

Natural EMFs are generated through intense electrical charges, creating thunderstorms. The magnetism between the moon, the earth, and the sun contributes to natural EMF.

In contrast, X-rays, radio stations, cell phone base stations, and TV antennas are human-made radiation sources. Every electrical socket emits electromagnetic waves.

One of the primary attributes of an EMF is its frequency or wavelength. Aromas and fragrances have various impacts on body chemistry. Electromagnetic waves can be envisioned as a sequence of very regular waves that fly near the speed of light speed.

Frequency describes the number of cycles or oscillations per second, while wavelength describes the separation between successive waves. Frequency and wavelength are interdependent: thus, the shorter the wavelength.

How is EMF harmful?

Generally, the skin and superficial tissues receive thermal radiation from cell phones. There is evidence that exposure to the thermal EMF radiations increases free radical production in cells.

Many illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer, are caused by free radicals. Studies have shown that free radicals can change reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the body.

ROS is suggested to alter cellular chemical activities, and cellular health can significantly depend on whether ROS is present. EMF can cause high levels of ROS, leading to excessive oxidative damage to proteins and lipids.

Eventually, enzyme activities and the DNA are heavily impaired, leading to multiple conditions, including diabetes, arthrosis, cardiovascular disease, anorexia, dizziness, and a stroke.

Moreover, some studies show that exposure to EMF may contribute to a substantial increase in metabolic and hormonal problems, such as an elevation in blood glucose, cardiovascular (CV), and neuro-regulation (hormonal control), as well as a decrease in testosterone, in male.

It may also influence the nervous system significantly since research has shown that exposure to EMF can disrupt our sleep patterns.

Bottom line

While EMF blocking crystals do not promise complete shielding, people can combine both crystals and EMF blockers for a win-win situation.