Can EMF Radiation Cause Hair Loss in Women

Can EMF Radiation Cause Hair Loss in Women

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) have been a source of concern among the population due to the rise of technology.

EMFs were initially a natural phenomenon like sunrays and the world’s magnetic pull.

However, man-made EMF was created through our shared intelligence to design a modern and comfortable lifestyle. Electricity, electrical appliances, radios, and mobile networks fall into the category of man-made EMF.

With technological advancements, more people are aware of the possible dangers that EMF can have on our health. Some women suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) shared common symptoms including hair loss.

Many have stated that their hair loss had affected their mental health and self-esteem. The feeling of helplessness towards this physical symptom has been detrimental to their happiness and wellbeing.

Sources of EMF

Man-made EMF can be divided into two categories, low-frequency EMF (ELF-EMF) and Radiofrequency (RF).

ELF-EMF is emitted from high-power lines and electrical appliances while RF-EMF comes from antennas of wireless communication such as mobile networks, TV satellites, and radios.

Another important factor of man-made EMF is the polarization of the electromagnetic fields compared to all-natural EMF.

This polarization increases the effects that these forces have on our bodies. Several studies have presented evidence on ionic forced-oscillations and their changes in cells and DNA.

With the emerging 5G mobile phone networks, our body becomes more susceptible to EMF. This is because of the higher frequency that 5G uses to obtain faster and unbreakable connections.

The main sources of man-made EMF are:

  • Electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, fridges.
  • Radio communication devices including radios, TVs mobile phones, WiFi modems, and emergency radios among the police, ambulance, and firemen.
  • All electrical cords are found in homes, buildings, and especially high-power electrical stations.

Several studies have presented reports stating that with the advancements in technology, EMF exposure will increase drastically. The past two decades have been confirming this theory with increasing anecdotes of people suffering from EHS.

Despite the continuous cry for help from EHS patients, healthcare professionals cannot accept it as a medical diagnosis. This is due to the conflicting results and the gap in research towards EMF radiations.

The overall effect of EMF on women’s health

Whilst some scientists are still not convinced about the effect of EMF radiation on our health, various studies have shown that long exposure to EMF radiation could cause severe harm to our well-being.

For instance, a study in 2018, proved the positive correlation between ELF-EMF and cancer. Scientists have found that ELF-EMF limits the production of melatonin, a hormone that suppresses the formation and development of certain tumors.

Moreover, researchers have found evidence that exposure to EMF radiations at night affects sleep quality. The same hormone, melatonin, is also crucial in regulating our sleep cycle.

The use of mobile phones before and during our sleep deeply impacts melatonin production by the pineal gland thus leading to sleep disturbances and insomnia.

WiFi routers are also kept on during the night which increases the exposure to EMF radiations, exacerbating the problem.

The proximity of our mobile phones to our faces and hands causes several skin problems in these targeted areas. ELF-EMF are known for their aging properties on the hands and faces that causes skin cells to age prematurely. Several studies have also suggested that ELF-EMF could decrease collagen production, especially in women, which reduces the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

EMF waves are also known to affect the cognitive ability of the brain for its long-term memory. New evidence was found that the EMF radiations affect the nerves and synapses that are important in the temporal lobe.

The temporal lobe is the region of the brain where episodic memory is captured and stored.

Effect of EMF on hair loss

Recent studies have shown that EMF radiations are responsible for hair loss in women.

The Journal of Cosmetology and Trichology has published research in 2016 that studied hair loss due to EMF exposure. The patients, 95% women, reported that there were unusual patches of hair loss on their scalp close to their ears.

The strands of hair were fragile but were still firmly anchored in the scalp. The problem appeared to be the thinning and slower growth of hair strands.

The common theme across all patients was the heavy use of mobile phones for calling in their daily life.

According to the study, the patches had thin and shorter hair while thick terminal hair was found at the borders of the patches.

The researchers concluded that EMF radiations emitted from mobile phones during frequent calls caused the breakage of single-strand DNA and altered hormonal regulation.

They also found that antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can help the recovery of damaged cells. However, they stated that it would take several months, even years, for the hair thickness and scalp health to get back to their initial situation.

One of the obvious remedies is to limit the usage of mobile phones, especially for calling since this activity increases the proximity of the phone to the scalp. Or use an anti-radiation cell phone case that will stop the radiation.

How to prevent Hair Loss

Fortunately, some companies have heard the cries for help and created EMF radiation blockers that protect people from those waves.

The products are guaranteed to block up to 99% of EMF waves. For women interested in protecting themselves from hair loss, here is a list of products that would greatly help you.

EMF protection beanies are made up of a blend of natural fibers and metal mesh, sometimes silver or aluminum, to protect your head from EMF waves.

They appear like normal beanies and are very fashionable. These beanies can be used both during the day and at night to maximize your protection.

These companies have also developed innovative phone cases that block 99% of all EMF radiations emitted from mobile phones. The phone cases are a genius invention to protect your body, including your hands, face, and brain, from EMF waves.

We recommend checking out DefenderShield since it is one of the leading companies supplying EMF blockers. They provide a great selection of beanies, phone cases, laptop shields, and even blankets to optimize EMF protection.

Their products offer up to 99% guaranteed protection and are available at affordable prices.

The Bottom line

Several studies have shown that EMF radiations may cause hair loss, but fortunately, various products on the market can minimize our exposure to EMF waves.